The Moment of Truth

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There is a pivotal moment that happens in the presentation that every prospect sees.  And it is in this exact instant that 99 percent of the time determines whether or not the prospect joins your business.

And it’s probably not what you think…

It’s not your product line, or infinity bonus that pays down 287 levels deep.  It’s not how slick your PowerPoint slides were or how pretty your flipchart is.  And believe it or not, it has nothing to do with the price of your products, how much the initial kit costs, or whether they “have enough money” to start. It really comes down to a simple realization…

Your prospect either realizes he or she can do the business, or they can’t.  And of course that’s totally about their perception.  Whatever they perceive is the truth to them.

If they are thinking they could do it they will start to mentally construct a list of the people they would like to sign up.  If this happens, they join.  If it doesn’t happen, they don’t join.

Now the reasons the give are actually distractions…

They may say they don’t have the money, the kids are in school, the kids are out of school, the timing is bad, their spouse doesn’t approve, they’re too busy, the products are too expensive or any one of a thousand others reasons.  But the real reason is the one I said above.

Do you really get that?


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20 Comments on “The Moment of Truth”

  1. CLB says:

    I agree that the decision making factor is the “I Can Do This” factor. I believe, it all boils down to whether or not they can get past their FEARs.

    Fear of … failure, success, ridicule, the unknown, change, etc.

    If we can effectively present the opportunity in such a way inspires the “Me Too” factor, and the prospect can bypass their fear just enough to make that affirmative decision, congratulations — you have a new business partner!

    I’d love to hear your thoughts on this Mr. Gage.

    Many thanks,

  2. Annette says:

    You are so right. That is exactly why I joined Avon after being asked/offered a dozen other companies. I could do Avon around my family and health problems. No quotos, no pushing, just me and what I could do.

  3. Dick Beglinger says:

    Yes Randy, the number one reason we do not make a decision; lack of belief. I feel you could really focus on this issue in upcoming blogs. So, so important to all of us.

    Keep the faith,


  4. Lene Jytte Hansen says:

    You really got a good point there! I will start a Preferred customer tomorrow, because she badly needs the FLX, but I’m certain that she will upgrade, as soon as she has the money, because she already yesterday when I talked to her, had started to make a list, and asked for more material she could give to a friend, that propably would be interested too. Felt really good :)

  5. Luciano says:

    That is the only reason.

    If they don’t believe in themselves, nothing else matters; not your free trips, free car allowance, not your rings…etc..

    They must believe that they can do the business-period.

    Pyramid, scam,, not for me..good luck, are all translations for “I can’t do this..”

    Thanks RG,

    Keep bringing on the good stuff…

    Northern Cal

  6. Faouzi Daghistani says:

    This is an excellent point, and one many of us can easily forget. We fall into the trap of thinking a better explanation of the comp plan, more doctors promoting the product or our company opening another market is the key to the prospect getting involved. Which is of course, never the case.
    A prospect simply has one question in their head as they look over everything; “can I do THIS?” If there answer is yes, nothing gets in the way of them getting started. If they don’t believe they can, it becomes exactly what Randy has shared, they will come up with any excuse not to get started.

  7. Laurynas L. says:

    This is, without the doubts, the best blog post I’ve ever read!
    Thank you for this great message Randy :)


  9. Mike Snow says:

    So, how do you instill belief in a person to help them realize that they can do it?
    Or will those that don’t believe they can do it never join?

  10. Tammy McCarthy says:

    Great Post! What influences them believing they can do it?

  11. Faouzi Daghistani says:

    Wow, talk about timing. This is my second post on this subject (see above) but I just experienced a great example of Randy’s message.
    A friend of mine had prospects looking at her business, and gave her the all too common ‘no money now’ objection. She respected them for that and moved on to others in her pipeline. Two days later, she finds out they are joining another company at DOUBLE the start up cost!
    Did the sponsor tell them what they WANTED to hear or what they NEEDED to hear? My guess is the other guy just had them hearing what they wanted to believe so they can get started NOW no matter what the cost. They simply believe that investing the money will bring them the results…and **PRESTO!**, by magic the money was found :)

  12. Evoking in the prospect “I can do this” and what’s even better… “If THIS guy can do it, I can do this easily…” Creating that with conversation, questions and the companies product and marketing materials is the job. Excitement, relevant stories and being yourself does 90% of the work.

    Thank you Randy for putting it back in focus.

  13. Judy O'Higgins says:

    SO TRUE!
    I think so often as network marketers we focus on the wrong things, say too much, get into “convincing” mode and make our presentations too complicated in an effort to sound persuasive.. You just made all that irrelevant. Thank you!

  14. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy.

    The moment which the prospect decided to join us, happend when they realized that it can work for them

  15. A better question is how do you make someone believe that they can do a business when most people know that most people can’t do the business? With a measly .2% of people who join a business reaching the top level this is a monumental task at best.

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