The Multi-Level Mindset

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Across Network Marketing, you will find a lot of diversity.  Skin care companies, cosmetics, diet programs, nutrition and wellness.  Binaries, breakaways, unilevels, matrixes and enough hybrids to make you dizzy.  Yet you also find striking similarities in the ultra-successful people in all these companies.

We’re talking about mindset…

Because there are ways of thinking that transcend product lines, comp plans and other variables.  These are the common traits, which are the prerequisites for long-term success in the business, and you find them in all top leaders across the profession.  Let’s look at them:

Everyone in the group is a dreamer. They stopped buying the gloom and doom of the masses and reconnected to the vision of greatness we all once had for ourselves.

If Morpheus were to offer them the red pill or the blue pill, they would always choose the trip down the rabbit hole rather than the safety of the Matrix—because they know that in today’s economy, safe is the new risky.  They know that those who choose being “safe” become the worker drones in the collective. The people who are willing to take what the herd would perceive as risks are the ones who reap the reward of a life worth living.  Bold is the new safe.

Everyone in the group is a critical thinker. They reject herd thinking and practice discernment. They are curious by nature and open to challenging their most deeply held foundational beliefs. They are not cynics, but they are skeptical of conventional wisdom, they question authority, and they want to know the reasoning behind a premise. They know that any beliefs they have that serve them will survive a healthy skepticism, and any beliefs that don’t stand up under scrutiny need to be replaced.

Everyone in this group is a worker. They don’t look for the free lunches and get-rich schemes. Far from running away from work, they wake up, throw the sheets off the bed, and actually look forward to work! Being a network marketing professional means welcoming challenge, growth, and adventure and helping others while helping oneself. So they love what they do, and don’t need a weekend, a six-pack, and ten DVDs to escape from their “job.” They have discovered how to balance work and life and bring meaning to both.

Everyone in this group is a good teacher. They recognize that real duplication comes from their possessing good teaching skills much more than selling skills. They follow a formula that allows large numbers of people to replicate their actions.

Everyone is this group is also a student. They have a passion for lifelong learning and set aside daily time for quiet reflection and self-development. It’s important that you continually sharpen your saw. Books, DVDs, CDs, or online seminars—the medium is not important. What matters is that you dedicate yourself to always being a little better today than you were yesterday.

When I first started in the business, my biggest mistake was thinking that success would come from changing others. I soon learned that success would come from changing myself. The actions you take and the examples you set create a ripple effect that impacts everything around you in a positive way. To change the world, you must first change yourself.

Everyone in this group is a leader. They weren’t born a leader. Nobody appointed them to the position, and they couldn’t care less about titles, hierarchy, or conformity. They are called to lead from the small, still voice in their soul.

So how are you doing on these?

We looked at six qualities in the mental makeup of leaders.  How do you rate, and where do you need to get better?  Because the answers to those questions are where the breakthroughs are!


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24 Comments on “The Multi-Level Mindset”

  1. Faouzi Daghistani says:

    This is a great summary of the mental attitude all the MLM leaders share. I couldn’t say I am where I would like to be with each one of these…but I know for sure I’m way ahead of where I was this time last year, and I’m definitely moving forward and getting better every day with all of them :)

  2. Bob Shehan says:

    Excellent article Randy! I see these traits with the leaders in my company and I see many of these traits in myself. But I also see the places where I can improve. Like everyone says, success leaves clues. And if we watch and model the leaders before us, whether they are in our own company or not, we can become the leaders that we need to be…

  3. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    Every leader has his personality,but there are some qualities which are common to all of them.Some of these qualities which you wrote in this post.The others additionals qualities are, Belief, Enthusiasm,Passion,and the mental readiness
    to be successful and a leader.I haven’t enough any of this qualities .There is always need to learn and self development for to bebetter

  4. AskRonReed says:

    Once again Randy, you came through with flying colours….. The word “leadership” is being thrown around a bit loosely these days. Lots of people are parroting the term but only a few have actually read the books, listened to the tapes, attended the seminars, etc., to learn what leadership really is and then make it a daily practice and a habit of thinking and of doing.

  5. chandrashekar says:

    i like this article yes what ur telling is really true safe is new risky, i saw your vedios which was motivated me a lot i beleive in you and network marketing and myself i succeded in network marketing becase of your teaching thank you very much randy.

  6. Jack says:

    Good post Randy. How about taking it a step further and suggesting where and how people can attain the multi level mindset. Books, events, etc.

  7. Paul Kemp says:

    One of your best posts, Randy! We get enough Doom & Gloom from the media — People want to follow someone with a vision of a pragmatic way to achieve the things we all want in today’s world. Leaders can’t help but lead. They see work that needs to be done and they get busy doing it.

    Wouldn’t you agree that a leader empowers others to become leaders, rather than creating dependents? Leadership is the most needed, wide-open business opportunity of the future.

    Thanks for your clear vision and showing us all what’s possible, Randy!

  8. suzanne says:

    Randy, if I remember correctly, you said that one has to create leaders not followers only. Yes, I certainly like this post. Thanks vm

  9. Great List Randy!!

    Hitting all six cylinders makes for a smooth running engine. Most people who begin this business are lucky to have one cylinder working. Recently it occurred to me that no lists of success requirements include one single ’cause’ for success among them. This list as well lists the ‘symptoms’ or the ‘effects’ of success. They all come afterwards. The more success the more they grow.

    Knowing how to do the extremely few money making activities and doing them uber efficiently is nice but virtually guarantees failure. It’s fine if you are a super salesman working on commission incentives with a support team around you to pick up all the pieces. There is not a single MLM in the industry that does that. This point alone is a long blog post I will write.

    Knowing how to teach the extremely few moneymaking activities so people actually know how and actually do the work is a rare commodity. Likely, the number is under 4 percent. Yes, it is your sponsors fault! But, he or she had a sponsor to blame too.

    The top one percent teaches others to teach.

    Something is not working however. The trouble is a few key beliefs that are myth. Something about the various laws is wrong. Either the teaching or the laws are mistaken. Whether you believe in gravity or not, whether you have ever heard of it or not does not change the law of gravity. People tell me daily that truth is a personal belief and just because it’s true for me doesn’t mean it’s true for everyone. Sorry that isn’t true. That is an opinion.

    If you are overweight, the problem is not exercise. You eat the wrong food. Eat the right food and you will lose weight. The exercise will happen.

    If you are promoting anything to real people and they all say no, it is not them! You are saying the wrong words and believing the wrong stuff. Before I got into network marketing virtually everyone said ‘yes’ to me. I believed it was normal. I began doing the work in this industry. After an initial blush of success it was a long long streak of no, failure, no, failure and more of the same. MLM Sucks doing it the way I was taught.

    I’ve changed. The changes will soon explode. The money I have to spend from the last two weeks is more than I have received in the last 5 years. How much I have earned in the last two weeks I will not know for a long long time, if ever, because it hasn’t all been paid yet!

    PS People duplicate, Systems do not! If people do not duplicate they fail.

  10. Randy Randy Randy

    Highly appreciate your work. My power is in my mind. I’m able to see you whn you were busy thinking and writting this great post. Someone would think its an easy task. What we do is read & critisize instead of learning.

    A word LUCK must not exist in a mind of network marketer. This is sign to mediocrity. This profession wil teach nothing but success = work ( action ) luck = wish ( no action )

  11. Success leaves clues and this post very clearly points them out!

    Awesome post!

  12. Holly says:

    Good thoughts — lots of generalizations but good! I don’t think it’s ever wise to by implication say that those who are not involved in MLM’s are NOT any of those things at isn’t true. While those qualities may make up a large portion of us who are in them we by no means have a lock on those things

  13. Merab Muligisa says:

    Challenging post Randy. Having all 6 qualities definately means success. we need 2 improve in all the six. Thanx

  14. MLM Software says:

    Thanks for your article.

  15. MLM Software says:

    Thanks for your article. I will try to use your methods.

  16. subas says:

    Thanks for your article.

  17. I do network marketing for Personal Development. I look forward to becoming the leader people desire to follow… I am growing myself… I think this is one of the best journeys a person could take. I am becoming a better me! Thank you, Randy! Thank you for helping me learn how to lead me! My plan is to get good at it; then, watch out world!

  18. Jared Brown says:

    Very valuable information in this article you have here! Having the correct mindset is more important than anything else. This will make your path to success much easier.

  19. JOHn Klarskov says:

    what if you are high ranking good post Randy

  20. Not certain this will get posted. How about the most important quality that wasn’t even mentioned here. Honesty!! I joined with you. Listened to the tapes and the videos that I bought directly from you. I even got them autographed. I flew down to Atlanta for the big launch. I made the calls did the demos and what did I receive for my efforts? I was forced into bankruptcy because I spent every last dime on a dream. Both you and I know that the company was complete fluff. I admit I bought into it hook line and sinker. Don’t get me wrong, I am not bitter. But it would have been the honorable thing to do by coming clean about the company and stating true facts. THIS IS NOT WORKING OUT AS WE HAD PLANNED!! Remember you saying you would be retiring in 18 months?? I am no longer involved in mlm because I have lost my faith completely in the industry. My ledger reeks of companys closing – not paying bonus checks – product problems you name it. How could I be passionate and Honest about something when no one else seems to be? Just my 2 cents. Gerry

    • Randy Gage says:

      I am sorry to hear you lost your faith in the business. I’m also sorry to hear that you think me and the company I work with are “fluff.” That is your opinion but the market would appear to disagree, as we are both quite successful. It doesn’t appear that you are taking any personal responsibility for your results. No one following my system should ever file for bankruptcy because they “spent every last dime on a dream.” As you know, I always teach to start the business part-time in 10+ hours a week, keeping whatever job or business you have. You say “My ledger reeks of companys closing – not paying bonus checks – product problems you name it.” I’m not sure what kind of deals you joined, but that certainly doesn’t sound like legitimate Network Marketing companies. I do wish you success in whatever other business you enter instead, as it does sound like MLM is not for you. -RG

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