The Power of Dreams

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We talk a lot about dreams in our business.  This is necessary, because it is our dreams that will cause us to find the time, face the fears, and persevere through the challenges.  So let me share a few more thoughts on them with you today…

You must be willing to fight for your dreams, against the negativity of the herd.  Reduce your time with the dream stealers.

Be the number one investor in your dream.  If you don’t invest in yourself, it’s probably a bad investment for anyone else.

Feed your dream on a daily basis. Spend more on your self- development than you do at the coffee shop.

Build your own dream instead of borrowing others’.  Feel it, see it, smell it, taste it.  Build a dream so compelling it pulls you toward it.  Then use affirmations and prosperity maps to keep it in your consciousness.

Your dream needs to be as big as you are.  And if you make it bigger, it makes you bigger.

Making a public declaration of your dream will recruit the people who will help you, and expose those that would undercut you.

So don’t be afraid to state your dream below,  Because I believe in you, and lots of other people in our profession do as well.


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38 Comments on “The Power of Dreams”

  1. Jack says:

    Yes, dream big — really big. It would be an excellent idea when people in our business create their business plan, they budget for continuing education. Create goals, form an accountabilty group with others in your company, create a mastermind group where you get together either in person, conference calls, skype, whatever, and brainstorm ideas. You’re right on the money here Randy — There are several tools available to help in the learning process and make anyone’s dream a reality. JL

  2. Carol says:

    My dream is to work my business full-time and support myself, my home and the lifestyle that I desire.

  3. Karen says:

    Thank you for this glass of cold water in my face! Somehow I’ve let my dreams slip into a fog. If I’m not looking at those dreams daily, they start to slip away.

  4. Eddie Hernandez says:

    One of my dream is to be able to have the financial freedom that allows me to purchase and enjoy goods without having to look at the price tag.

  5. John Fogg says:

    Uncle Walt was right: “A dream is a wish your heart makes.”

    Btw, for the overly “critical thinkers”: WISH means to feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable.

    If your dream IS easily attainable… probably don’t have a big enough dream

    Thanks Master Gage.
    I appreciate you.

  6. Mike Mills says:

    My dream is to take my country from near the bottom of the global league in 2009 to the Top 10 by 2015. I thought it was about time that I had a bigger dream!

  7. Mary Thayer says:

    My perfect day is to wake up in the morning feeling refreshed after a good nights sleep. To get my three girls up and ready for the day. To cook them and my husband a good healthy breakfast served also with the freshest fruit there is available for the season. To have a great family discussion before we dispersed for the various activities of the day.

    To then go look out my window at the incredible view of whatever season it might be. Be it the first signs of Spring with the new grass sprouting up or the warmth of summer and the lushness all around. Or the vast array of colors that the Fall displays so beautifully or a soft white blanket of snow that drapes across the landscape.

    Then to go about my day helping others to achieve their dreams. The best days are the ones where I get notified of my teammates having success and earning commissions. What could be better than building my dreams while putting the blocks of my teammates dreams in place as well.

    The best ending of this great day is of course a great family meal to sit down and enjoy together or even better with friends or extended family. To lay my head down that night knowing that I made a difference in the world in the eyes of my children and husband and whoever else I had contact with……

  8. Delaware Dale says:

    “Dream lofty dreams, and as you dream, so shall you become. Your vision is the promise of what you shall one day be.” James Allen.

    Dreams are just that unless you get off your duff , take action and make them a reality.

  9. My dream is to become one of the greatest trainers in the world like Randy Gage.

  10. Cliff Boxer says:

    My dream is to be able to pursue my work unencoumbered by a 9-5 job. I left a comfy corporate job to get this. I have been living this dream for 13 years. I am thankful and remind myself almost every day as I leave the house and look to the mountains silhouetting against the morning sky. The early morning traffic has subsided, its quiet and I am so grateful that I am living the life I want to live.

  11. corina says:

    you are right. must do something to bring the dreams in reality. I have a lot of, but I don’t know if I have the time and the possibilites to realize this.Do you think that if I am 60 old I shall succeseed?

    Thank you for all


  12. Galina says:

    Спосибо Ренди ,за мечту которую вы мне дали, она начинает потехоньку сбыватся, это только начало.Спосибо за ваши уроки, за ваши книги.УДАЧИ ВАМ И ПРОЦВЕТАНИЯ.

  13. Sean Breslin says:

    Your right Randy Dreams and aiming high are important!

  14. Patricia Jackson says:

    My dream is to get paid on a million customers each month consistently and perpetually.

  15. I think this says it all in the song from 1965 and still holds true today!

    To dream the impossible dream
    To fight the unbeatable foe
    To bear with unbearable sorrow
    To run where the brave dare not go.

    To right the unrightable wrong
    To be better far than you are
    To try when your arms are too weary
    To reach the unreachable star.

    I’m starting over at 54, making dreams come true and lovin it!

  16. lea sedan says:


    Ibelive in the power of the dream, It’s an old saying:
    anything the mind can conceive, it can achieve,the sky is the limit.”
    I believe that:
    Thoughts become Things.

    Thoughts become Things!

  17. DH Harvey says:

    My dream is to become the Consultant of a large customer base with regular repeat orders and the Leader of a thriving, productive, nationwide Sales Team!

  18. Carl says:

    As I read other’s comments to see who else’s dream emulates my own, I was surprised to not find any.

    My Dream is to help as many folks as I can, who are sincerely interested in making changes in their lives to become financially free, relatively soon.

    I believe we all can get whatever we want in Life, by helping others get what they want in their lives…

  19. Ronald Cheek says:

    I have posted at the top of my dream/vision board…

    “Build Your Dreams, or Someone Will Hire You To Build Theirs”

    That’s this first thing I look at daily. Along with our new dream home we are going to build, the garage full of classic camaros, etc. I add to it consistently or update it, and go bigger.

    Remember dreams are what keeps your hopes alive. Dreams keep that drive alive in your heart to have, do and be more than you currently are or have.

    If you don’t believe in your dreams no one else will….

  20. Daniela Orrico says:

    Thank you Randy,
    for your lessons.
    I’ve more dreams :)))
    And step by step I build my dreams.
    Hi and see you soon.

    Have a great day. Daniela.

  21. William Lee says:

    Dreams are more important than I realized. I was shying away from meetings and presentations that focused on the ‘same old same old’ of trillion dollar business; we’re #1, etc. I’ve always felt that Randy’s presentations – which I’ve only seen online and on video – were one of the main reasons for his success, duplication aside. Randy triggers the desires in people that make them overcome the challenges in this business and keep on going. Since I’ve tried to incorporate more of the dream aspect into my prospecting and ‘presenting’, with as much integrity as I can, my business has changed, and my comfort level has dramatically increased.

  22. Tess Katz says:

    My dream is my foundation for children Brio Dream Foundation, I co-founded it with my partner, Ricardo Guimaraes from Brazil, and we have taken over an orphanage in Brazil. Our ultimate goal is to help 10 orphanages around the world, preserving hope, kindness and a future to needy children.

  23. Bob Canner says:

    Always lead with BIG MONEY and FREE TIME as benefits from this business.
    It takes a big dream to FIRE UP men’s blood.

  24. Jeffery Yong says:

    My dream is to free myself from the Matrix, then laugh it up at all the people who said it’s a dumb idea, and then go help as many people as I can to escape.

    I have taken the red pill, now tumbling down the rabbit hole and lovin’ it! :o)

  25. Rob says:

    With the high tech cell phones that we have today, you can go on the internet, find your dream car, dream home, dream whatever, and take a picture of it with your phone and make it as wallpaper so you see it all the time! If your phone has more than one screen for wallpaper, you can put other pictures of dreams on them!

  26. There is a cartoon character over in UK called Hager the Horrible. In one cartoon he sits next to one of his fellow “vikings” and says ‘when I was young I was going to set the world on fire’ His friend replys “What happened” and Hager says ‘Somehow, life took away my matches’ . That is so true for all of us. Life takes away our dreams and goals IF we let it. Focus and never quit. You will get there in the end if you truely believe you can. And when you feel like “Life is taking away your matches” Read Think and Grow Rich. and Attitude is Everything. That always brings me back into focus. Thanks RG always wise words.

  27. Right on Randy, And this line; “Making a public declaration of your dream will recruit the people who will help you, and expose those that would undercut you.”, WILL save many people time in figuring out which of their “friends” in their current core group are the dream stealers. Also I would ad that many people have asked me how do they figure out their dreams. I tell them to start with the dream they had as a young adult at the end of high school and just going into their first J.O.B. This is the point where most folks loose sight of their dreams and into learned helplessness.
    Great post.


  28. […] 25th, 2010 ShareIn yesterday’s post on the importance of dreams, Jeffrey uses the analogy of the Matrix.  It’s […]

  29. A appreciate, I really do, how you continue asking me to write this down.

    While dreams are powerful, it is my experience that many people have dreams that are other people’s nightmare. Hitler had a dream called the Third Reich and the dream lives today. His dream of no unemployment, national healthcare, abortion on demand, an elite group that is in charge vs. the rest of us did not die with him.

    Real dreams, powerful ones live on, long after you and even your children’s children. If the dream is powerful enough it will take on a life of its own.

    My dream is a world that works for everyone, with no one left out or left behind. What does that look like? First what it does NOT look like.

    There would be no left or right, conservative or liberal, no democrats or republicans, no national or international anything. No need for anything with an ‘ist’ at the end. All of those things only exist with an opposing and just as worthless viewpoint. What people do with, for and because of their ‘religion’ would disappear. The planet does not need saving. It was here before human and will be here long after human disappears. If there is a flag it’s the flag of individual sovereignty.

    We live on a planet where food needs to be a human ‘right’ long before healthcare or any other agenda. I don’t know the real how or why of what this human experiment is all about. I do know in a world that works for everyone each of us will have a complete say about how our individual experiment will go.

    Network marketing is the last best vehicle for anyone to acquire their dreams. What is the dream all your dreams come in? Are your dreams someone else’s nightmare? Do you even care?

  30. DeeDee C. says:

    My dream is to be successful just enough so I can use the money I make with my PT biz to start paying more on my student loans and to be able to start a college fund for my 6 month old daughter.

    But in tough times.. you just have to stay positive!

  31. Fernando Rosiles says:

    I Dream of Becoming The nunber ONE Earner in the Industry!

  32. Joe says:

    Always you hit me had.Its the truth in our industry Dreams must be of essence and BIG ones.Thanks Randy

  33. is says:

    I never visited this site before, dear Randy. You’re simply one of a kind and is awesome and incredible to all, and I like you very much. You give so much hope to people and to the world. I only wish I could reciprocate what you’re doing to the world in any way I know how..but I simply pray that God continues to fulfill your needs. I love you. -nonamesi

  34. Ravi Birman says:

    I want to have freedom to play and practice basketball in USA.

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