The Power of Hope

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The fastest way to end a conversation with me is to say something like, “Don’t get your hopes up.”  You can be sure I will politely and deliberately find someplace else I need to be.

Of course I’m going to get my hopes up.  Because that’s what will pull me forward to do more, have more, and become more.

Want to be successful in Network Marketing?

Become a merchant of hope.


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9 Comments on “The Power of Hope”

  1. Paul says:


    Thanks for the reminder! Hope fuels the actions to success.



  2. Hope and a mustard seed of no doubt has taken me from the coldest, snowiest place you’d want to live in the lower 48 to paradise.

    The question is it possible to generate hope in others or do they have to bring it and feed it themselves? Sometimes I have lit the pilot light and the a whoosh of fire and energy… to never hear from them again???… My ingrained thinking is to look to what I could of should of done different or better… [The first step in eliminating this particular virus is noticing it] Finding ways to get out of the comfort trap we all seem to build our lives into is job one. Hope is clearly needed for people to take the first step… and then another..

    Thank you Randy.

  3. Jirina says:

    I think that’s true in life, not only in network marketing.Hopes up, nobody can take us, but we can lose. So, as you say, do not stop get your hopes up.
    Thank you Randy

  4. wencel says:

    Thanks for remind, I can`t live without a hopes and trust to realization of my dreams .


  5. Gabesuarez says:

    Thanks Randy! Excelent!!

  6. Sean O'Shea says:

    Hey Randy, it’s interesting, I always felt vaguely uncomfortable in the past when confronted with this kind of statement or mindset, but it wasn’t until I immersed myself in self development that I understood why. Now when I bump into this kind of stuff, I take a quick peek at the person’s overall energy vibe/outlook, and what their life life is giving them…and I always find someone who is struggling in some way and unhappy. And then I high tail it out of there! Your books/blog/videos have had a lot to with this awareness. Thank you sir!

  7. Victoria Bowring says:


  8. Ivanka Dobreva says:

    Hello mr.Randy..Thank you for the reminder.Hopes and trust to realization of my dreams..Want,Believe,Hope…Get.. thank you and happy from Greece..

  9. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    Hope fuelsmost the activiies, and gives the meaningful to life.
    There is always light in the end of the tunnel.

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