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Wow what a response we had on the post about honoring Jim Rohn. It shows what an amazing impact he has had – and will continue to have – on our profession.   Take a look at all the comments and people’s commitment to continue his legacy.   They show why we are different than any other profession in the world.

Because the basis of what we do is duplication, and that duplication comes from helping other people reach success.  I know of no other business set up this way.  In fact, most are quite the opposite…

In many, your success comes from holding people back, competing against them, or even outright sabotaging them.  At every level of achievement the number of positions gets smaller.  In network marketing it’s all about self-development, empowerment, and helping others create the same or even greater success.

Is it any wonder people are flocking away from the corporate world and traditional businesses to build their dreams in our profession?

Let me give you an interesting exercise.  It will help crystallize why you’re in the business, and learn some powerful information from your peers:

When we train people to do testimonials in our group, we have them follow a basic formula.  After they introduce themselves, they state the job or business they do (or used to do before MLM), what the problem in that is (was), and how MLM has fixed it, or is going to fix it.  I think it might be helpful to all of us if we shared this information here.  Are you game?

Here’s are a couple examples:

My name is Mary Smith and I’m a nurse.  The problem with that is the job is high stress and low pay.  I joined network marketing because it’s low stress and offers unlimited income.

My name is Ronnie Jones.  I’m a long haul trucker and that takes me away from my family for long periods of time.  I joined the business so I can be there when my kids get home from school.

Please share YOUR testimonial below.  It will help you refine your own presentation, and the accumulated power of everyone’s will help us all understand what we really have, why we have a better way, and how to present it more effectively.


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49 Comments on “The Power of YOUR Testimonial”

  1. Mike Mills says:

    My name’s Mike. I lived overseas for nearly 60 years and found that I was unemployable. My introduction to Network Marketing changed my life, brings me in a decent income and allows me to do what I love most – help other people towards success in their lives.

  2. TG says:

    I had a “great corporate” job paying close to seven figures when I was taken out back and shot (figuratively) due to downsizing. Of course I was enjoying a good lifestyle but it certainly was an eye opener when you lose that much income. The lesson learned is that you absolutely need a Plan B or income insurance and there is no better or quicker way than network marketing!!

  3. John says:

    I am a very blessed cancer survivor who sees my cancer journey as a gift and my mission in life as blessing and serving others. Network Marketing provides a perfect win-win way to bless and serve others.

  4. Aileen says:

    I had several businesses all with hard work and the worry of employing others plus the red tape involved. Network marketing eliminates that problem while benefiting me with the joy of working with great people.

  5. Bill O'Neal says:

    My wife and I had a successful traditional business. Traditional meaning lots of overhead like a building lease, a truck, inventory etc. And we still were not able to survive the economic downturn in our industry.
    Thankfully we had started our network marketing business on the side and it is recession proof. My new career in network marketing is far more rewarding as well. To borrow Eric’s phrase, “we have a better way”.


  6. My name is Dorene. I have years of experience in business administration, real estate, and I’m a paralegal. A few years ago my husband had an accident and became disabled and wheel-chair bound. I have to care for him and he has many medical appointments. Network marketing has been a blessing in my life because I can take care of my husband’s needs and work from home.

    Besides, I have come to realize that network marketing is the best business structure in the world. In what other business to you get to work with and help friends, have time freedom, and make good money to boot!! It’s truly been a blessing.

  7. Peter Bryson says:

    I work offshore in the North Sea just off the coast of Scotland, which takes me away from my family for 6 months of the year. My son is a promising athlete aged 16 and I miss a lot of his racing. My daughter is 14 and training as a dancer and I also miss her dance recitals. I joined NEtwork marketing to enable myself to be hereand not miss any of this.

  8. Tomoe Cooper says:

    I used to be a corporate executive with great pay but I worked 24/7 and in one night I lost my job when the company went bankrupt after a bad merger. Network Marketing has been a blessing as it helped me pay my bills when I lost my job, and now it is my main income, helping me build a secure financial future without having the time constraints.

  9. I was a stay at home mom for 20 years. To help with the bills I started grooming Golden Retreivers in my garage. When I decided to move on and leave my home, and my husband, I also left my only source of income. I had no career to fall back on. A friend introduced me to network marketing. This business has changed my life!! I now live my dream life; I don’t worry about money, I have time for family and friends, and I have the opportunity to travel!!

  10. Jeffery Yong says:

    My name is Jeffery Yong. I’m a CPA by profession and I’ve been in management consulting for the past 12 years. The income was great, but I came to a point where I was sick and tired of money telling me what I can or cannot do – when to wake up, when I can see my wife, how much time I can spend with my children. I joined network marketing because it can give me financial freedom and time freedom.

  11. Jim says:

    I had my retirement job early….. I owned and operated charter boats in Hawaii. Even fun jobs must come to an end as I got older, as much as I loved my work, I began to worry about the physical drain on my body. The dangers became greater as I got older and moved slower as the large fish we brought to the boat and released wanted to Kill you! Now I work for a living!

    I found net work marketing years ago and slowly moved my income producing activities to less physical and more financially rewarding activities. I love the aspect of showing other people ways to have fun in life and earning a reasonable income at the same time.

    I still love fishing, the ocean, and sharing my knowledge with people i meet.


  12. Felix Lopera says:

    I´ve been an English teacher for 28 years now. I currently work independently as a tutor and guess what? I, necessarily need to be present to all my classes or else I don´t get paid. Network Marketing has opened the door to free myself to a world where I can do and achieve whatever I want, and give my family the lifestyle we deserve.

  13. Patty Gale says:

    I used to be a corporate securities trader. All I knew was that I didn’t want to put my newborn daughter in daycare. My wake-up call was when I discovered that the young, no experience, 21 yr. old was making the same salary as I was… and I was his manager with 17 years experience.

    This profession has been an amazing experience and blessing for me and my family. My daughter, now 9, has never seen the inside of a daycare center and I control my own financial security.

  14. Fathur says:

    I’m Fathur from Jakarta. I used to worked for a big goverment commercial bank for 13 years before joining network marketing. My one-month-salary was just enough to feed my family for a half month. But, after 24 months in network marketing my income exceed 10 times comparing to 13 years working for big bank.

  15. Bill says:

    My name is Bill
    Spent 25 years as a General Manager building someone elses Business. I was Introduced to an opportunity that has transformed my life. today I spend my time building a life,network Marketing creates its own economy and its not dictated on what the markets are doing.Its always a great time for freedom and it’s the same opportunity for all.
    Lifting others up creates my success.

  16. Dena says:

    My name is Dena and I worked for 25 years in Corporate sales and marketing in software companies. I left my J.O.B. 3 years ago because I couldn’t take the stress anymore, being I am also a mom to 5 kids who actually need their mommy sometimes! About a year ago I was introduced to a Network Marketing opportunity and after 8 months of sitting on the fence I decided to Just Do It. I am a people person and I love getting out and interfacing with people. I enjoy helping others achieve better health and a better financial situation. I think that it’s a shame that this industry has such a bad name. I think it’s the greatest.

  17. Douglas says:

    Hello, My name is Douglas.
    I’m a retired firefighter. I was injured on the job and the ******* products saved me from surgery on my neck.
    After I retired I was looking for a new career, yet I was use to having fun and helping people. After 25 years in the fire service I really didn’t have a job. I was blessed to get up and do something I loved and I didn’t want that to change.

    I had a strong belief in the ******* products and then learned the business. I’m still having fun and helping people and making good money.

  18. Alex W Fraser says:

    Hello, my name is Alex W F

    I have been self employed for years. In 1998 when I was driving across the country I came across some automotive products, I have used them ever since which lead to getting acquainted with network marketing starting my educational journey, which also lead to a steady monthly income these past 7 years. It has offered a different freedom and has allowed us to travel and enjoy our life experience more. I still have lots to lear.

    This offers a learning curve for those who choose to stick with it, potential possibilities beyond what they can presently imagine. To me, this journey has been worthwhile with better things to come.

  19. Matt Wells says:

    My name’s Matt Wells; I’m a house buyer (flipper). The challenge with my real estate business is if I don’t sell the next house I don’t get the next profit check. Which I didn’t even realize was a problem until about mid 2007 when my business took a dramatic downturn and houses quit “flying off the self”. I joined network marketing because I recognize it as a great way to create financial consistency in my life.

  20. My name is Alfredo Rodrigues and I have allways looking for something more. Working for others and not doing what I love the most, which is relating with others was the strongest reasons I joined Network Marketing. There is nothing that fulfills me the most than helping others to open their minds for new opportunities to get true freedom.

  21. Donna Bradley says:

    My name is Donna Bradley: I owned a house cleaning business for 18 years. The problem with being self employed is you can never take a vacation or get sick if you still want to get paid. I joined Network Marketing to replace my income and have FREEDOM & CHOICES. Well I have achieved that & so much more! My entire life is completely transformed because of this industry, the incredible income, and the personal growth.
    You can create a life beyond your wildest DREAMS with Network Marketing!

  22. Randy Gage says:

    Very good so far! Glad you guys are participating! Just make sure you talk about the problems with your current job, and how network marketing solves them. there are always people in the audience that will relate to that.


  23. Ruben Escalante says:

    My name is Ruben Escalante,
    I am an Optician I work for an ophthalmology practice and I own a optical lab, I love my job BUT….I am always working, I make glasses from early morning to late nite I help people see better, which is good but I’m always working. MLM gives me the time freedom i need to spend more time with those I love, best of all I am helping others make there dreams come true,

  24. Ray Suarez says:

    My name is Ray Suarez and I have been working for the federal government for over 26 years now, all on the night shift. Yes, while I am away working my family is home sleeping. Network marketing offers me a way to change all of that and finally be home with them.

    The employer I work for is losing approximately $18 million a day. I see the writing on the wall and it is not pretty. Unlike the great majority of my co-workers, before the pink slip gets to me I have decided to do something about it. And, that is where network marketing comes in.

    I have finally found a way out. I have finally found a way to allow my wife to quit her job and for me to quit mine. There is no other vehicle out there like network marketing and it is our job to let others know just how awesome this industry really is.

  25. Laurynas L. says:

    My name is Laurynas Liniauskas and I’m a carpenter, or use to be one. I’m from Lithuania. My sister introduced me to MLM just this year and now my life is completely different. I fell in love to NM and I like everything about it. MLM gives me everything what I wish – travel, money, friends and the most valuable thing – time and freedom!
    P.S. Never ever give up ;)

  26. Tony Scarcia says:

    Hi, I’m Tony.
    My business is in the entertainment industry and although I love what I do, if I stop for a second the income stops, and that gets really tiring.
    I am doing network marketing because in my spare time I can build a stable second income that will take the pressure off and allow me to have more time to do the things I love with family and friends.

  27. Angelica says:

    Привет! меня зовут ANGELICA, в сетевом Маркетинге всего 1 год, и оценила возможности этого бизнеса. 15 лет работала, но финансовой свободы не было. Сейчас у меня много свободного времени, много друзей.
    Желаю всем успеха, процветания и счастья.


  28. Anonymous says:

    All I can say after reading all these comments, is there’s never been a better time to take a hard, serious look at Network Marketing. It is by far, the best part-time job you could get without a large business investment. And show me another form of business where you stand an excellent chance of succeeding by working it part-time. Notice I said “chance”. Nothing is guaranteed, but committ to working your business and you will succeed more than you ever thought possiblel.

  29. Frank Garcia says:

    My name is Frank Garcia I’am a inspector at a Industrial Plant. My wife and I started Network marketing to find finacial freedom. But what we have find is we are People helping People reaching GOALS and DREAMS together.

  30. Eileen says:

    Hi, I’m Eileen Burns… in my first 17 days in the business I made $1200 part time and I am a real estate broker by trade. My real estate business is transactional. Once I put two parties together and conclude the experience, I must find additional parties to make more money.

    In my network marketing company Once I sign up members this month, the following months the money continues to flow. How many members will it take to replace my monthly or annual income when I work this network marketing as a business…unlimited!

    Should I choose to leverage myself and build a team, I can multiply my income tenfold. This train is leaving the station…all aboard

  31. Margaret Hockaday says:

    Hi my name is Margaret, I work for a union for 14yrs in the finance department. I was introduced to the world of network marketing over a year ago. It has open my eyes to wonderful possibilities and income that can be generated through this profession. It is a shame how people have closed minds to different opportunities thinking that they are totally safe in the corporate world. I am working diligently to free my self from the corporate chain and spend more time with my family.

  32. Rene Verburg says:

    Hi my name is Rene’
    The 2 reasons way I started MLM is that I bought a very big house not so long ago with a large sum as down payment, whit no money left to start my own business , this business with a minimum start-up cost was the perfect solution!
    The other reason is that the Japanese government job I have was always very trust worthily and stable. Now with this economy they cut on every little thing possible. Every employee is worried and crying what will happen with their
    future. I’m happy and laughing and knowing I will take some of them with me to the top of this fun and great profession!

  33. Rene Verburg says:

    Hi my name is Rene
    The 2 reasons way I started MLM is that I bought a huge house some years ago whit a large down payment, and no money left to start up my own business what I always wanted.
    Whit the minium start-up cost with this business was this the ideal solution!
    The other reason is that the Japanese government job I work for who was always reliable and stable but now with this economy is cutting down every little thing they can find. All employees are worried and crying what will happen with their future. On the other hand I’m happy and laughing because I know I will succeed and take some of them with me to the top of this fun profession!

  34. Poh Li Wong says:

    My name is Poh Li. I was a PR Consultant for 15 years and then decided to go into business on my own. Though the money was good, I had no time and no life. I was constantly pitching for project after project and, after 6 years of not being able to take a holiday, I finally realized that the business owned me.

    Network marketing has given me a whole new perspective on how to work smart by leveraging on team effort and system. I am now truly my own boss because I decide on the hours I work and the people I want to work with.

  35. Happy Kanyenda says:

    Hi, my name is Happy. I am a Workshop Manager working in a foreign country, away from my family, I am building this business just tobe withmy family and for options just in case another recession hits then I have a recession proof income.

  36. Kim says:

    My name is Kim and prior to network marketing I worked 60 to 80 hours week working in agovernment job and in hospitality most nights and weekends. Now I work 20 hours a week, earn more and have more want to’s in my life. I now work to live, not live to work.

  37. Stella Webber says:

    My name is Stella and wasn’t able to work at all, before I started using products of the NWM company, I eventually joined, I was sick almost my entire adult life (I’m 58 now!) and I feel like I finally started living the way I’ve always wanted! I use all the products, I help and train other interested people and earn my own money. Imagine: A grandmom of 58 who finally starts living and earning own income and who trains other people to do the same! Like a miracle to me!

  38. Edward says:

    My name is Ed Elliott and I am an Engineer. I am co-founder of an 11 year old technology company that has grown to 60 people but now owned by someone else. I joined network marketing for to bring Freedom and Choice to my family and to bless thousands of others with the same.

  39. Enrique says:

    My name is Enrique and I worked in a Supermarket. I joined a network marketing company to created a passive income and return to school to get my doctorated in history.

  40. […] guys did a great job on the testimonial post! I hope you studied them all.  Learning how to structure a compelling testimonial is one of the […]

  41. Anonymous says:

    Hi, my name is Sohan. I’m a ‘Voice & Accent’ trainer which is cool but it doesn’t challenge me to personally grow. It doesn’t give me financial freedom. I joined network marketing because it helps me grow and develop personally. After all, as Jim Rohn says, “It’s not what you get that’s valuable. It’s what you become that’s valuable. I joined network marketing to be financially independent.

  42. Rachel Henke says:

    Hi my name is Rachel Henke. When my girls were babies I used to hand them over to someone else to take care of them at 7am so I could rush to my administrative job. I started Network Marketing because I saw a way to work from home around my girls. Over the past years Network Marketing has given me the freedom to be around for them everyday and I no longer have to ask anyone for permission on how to schedule my life!

  43. Pam Shaw says:

    My name is Pam Shaw. When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease, I wanted to retire from my full-time government job in order to care for her and to avoid nursing home placement. My network marketing business has given me the financial freedom to retire early, the additional income to provide my mother with quality care, and a flexible schedule that lets me spend quality time with her.

  44. Sonny Carter says:

    My name is Sonny Carter and i’m a systems engineer, i worked long hours and often get home tired and have little time to spend with friends and family. I joined network marketing so i can have the freedom to do what i love the most, which is to inspire others to greatness, and help others become successful and getting rewarded for it.

  45. Hi, my name is Iwan Karlsson and I was a cabdriver. I worked 40 to 60 our-weeks with a low to avarage income. When I was introduced to Network Marketing I was sceptical and I only used the products to begin with. They helped me make this decision to start the business and today I know that this is going to create a lifestyle for me and my family that most people only dream of.

  46. GEME says:

    MY name is Gemechu Jemma,I was a government employee.I was totally i dissatisfied to go to work in the morning back to home …go to work back to home and i could not imagine my whole life trading my time for a very low pay .i joined network marketing because it offered me the opportunity to get control back of my time,my money and what I wanted to achieve in life.

  47. Tracey Hall says:

    My name is Tracey and I have worked in residential treatment facilities since 1992. (with adults and then kids) When things go south for the state, the first programs that are cut are these facilities. It is heart-breaking. I lost a good job in 2007 due to “lack of funding”. I have been on the internet since before that and am just now starting to break out in my business but even if I never made a dime, I can’t even believe how much I have grown personally. No matter who you listen to, personal development is first and foremost on their lists of what is critical to success in their businesses. I am definitely not the same person I was six months ago or maybe even yesterday!

  48. Ravi Birman says:

    I m ravi from India and right now i m doing engineering and joined network marketing becoz i never wanted to do job after my degree…so i started early at 18.

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