The Real Way to Honor Jim Rohn

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I was conducting a leadership training over the weekend for my team in Stockholm when I got word of Jim Rohn’s passing.   As with many public figures of late, the first word came down on Twitter.  Jim was one of the true giants of personal development.

And he had a strong connection to our profession of Network Marketing, making a difference for many.  And predictably, there has been a lot of sadness, mourning and tributes to Jim.  Well deserved, but I don’t think that is what he would really want…

Jim would want you to be great.

That is the real honor – the real tribute, you can pay to Jim, Og Mandino, Napoleon Hill, or anyone that has influenced your life and dared you to achieve.  Continue their legacy.

Take what they taught you and apply it.  Pay it forward.  Go out and become the person you are most capable of becoming.  Go out and be great.

Are you up for that?


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102 Comments on “The Real Way to Honor Jim Rohn”

  1. Edward says:

    Thanks Randy. I totally agree!
    I’m up for it. See you at the top!
    God Bless,

  2. Gale Bates says:

    I couldn’t agree with you more Randy! A very succinct and powerful entry. Thank you for sharing. gale

  3. I agree as strongly as I can.

    Thank you Randy.

  4. Tomoe Cooper says:

    Yes, I am up to it. Jim told us that nothing is better than being part of someone’s testimonial. I’d like to honor Jim by being better, doing better, and becoming part of someone’s testimonial.


  5. Margaret Hockaday says:

    That is the best way to do it. Keeping their legacy of information and teachings by doing it. Thanks.

  6. Bill MacMunn says:

    That is exactly what Jim would have said!!
    Go Play the Music that is in each one of us.
    Take the teachings that have been shared by the Leaders of yesterday, time tested and proven results and make a difference in someone elses life..
    Go now and change one life at a time because you are a winner!
    Thank’s Jim Rohn for giving me the food to feed the seeds of greatness that were placed in me years ago..

  7. Really insightful, Randy. Although I never had the chance to meet Mr. Rohn, I have been influenced by his recordings. I’m glad he left such an archive of treasures and I intend to pay it forward.

    Mark Schnitzer

  8. Pauline Hamilton says:

    Thank you so much Randy, Jim Rohn has been such I big part in me not quitting. In network marketing. And reaching for my dreams. He has been a great mentor to me and always well be. He will be missed.

    I will take what he taught me and apply it. Pay it forward. I will go out and become the person I am most capable of becoming. I will go out and be great.

    Yes I am ready for that!

    Yes I am
    Thank you
    Pauline Hamilton London England

  9. Ron McLean says:

    Jim Rohn has my #1 business and personal philosophy mentor, drawing on the Bible as his source. Than you Jim and may God bless your family.

  10. I once heard an audio of Jim Rohn’s years ago. Having been a ” cow milker” myself I felt as though he had lived my life, I guess in a way he has. After applying the precepts and concepts to my life long improvement, I am now seeing my dreams and asperations come to fruition…I will always hold Jim in high reguard. Sadly my dream to meet him in person has now been dashed, his legacy WILL live on forever.

    Farewell friend and mentor.
    Thayne Shively

  11. Holly Powell says:


    I could not have said it better. Go out and be all you can today.


  12. Rick says:

    Thanks Randy.
    I listen to Mr. Rohns’ cd on Building Your Network Marketing Business daily. Great life lessons that I will always use in both life and in business.
    ‘Find a way to serve the many, because service to many leads to greatness’
    Gotta love that.

    Thanks again,

  13. Dan says:

    Amen – he left us some mighty fine shoes to fill or step into and fill. I would like to have met with him sometime and I believe I do each time I listen to his unique insights, directives and wisdom. Yes that farm boy from Idaho left some good shoes to fill and with the inspiration he left behind I will do my best to leave a measure of wisdom in his remembrance too.

    Yes – I believe carrying forward his legacy is one of the best ways we can honor him.

  14. Gene Pomerants says:

    Well put Randy!

  15. John says:

    As usual, you are right on point!! That is the reason they gave their entire lives to the enlightment of others… that they too may find the rewards that comes with seeking a higher place in thought, life and spirit.

    You are a warrior……a peaceful one!! Thank you…..

  16. Anonymous says:

    Thank you so much Randy, Jim Rohn has been such I big part in me not quitting. In network marketing. And reaching for my dreams. He has been a great mentor to me and always well be. He will be missed.

    I will take what he taught me and apply it. Pay it forward. I will go out and become the person I am most capable of becoming. I will go out and be great.

    Yes I am ready for that!

    Yes I am
    Thank you
    Pauline Hamilton London England

  17. Jef Welch says:

    Some of Jim’s speeches on the power of our attitudes were absolutely the most inspiring words of wisdom I could ever receive. I have become not only a better leader because of Jim Rohn, but also a better person. I trust I have and will continue to pass his legacy on with my actions and my integrity in leadership. We will all miss you Jim.

  18. Norman says:

    from my experience to date and as a teacher i have realised that human beings can only learn ONE new thing at any one time… how fast they learn it gives the illusion of brightness/ignorance…

    “human beings can do remarkable things no matter what happens”… Jim Rohn believed in this and all of us are here to prove him right, yes…? who’s game? … we WILL succeed, ONE thing at a time…

    …together! let us all support each other in our industry, in our lives and in our endeavors to make the world a better place… in any way i can give my contribution to this movement, please let me know…write to me…i’d love to hear from you…

    Norman from Malta

  19. Sergio Quintana says:

    A big leader has died, a GREAT legend has born last saturday. I think that the best way ever to honor such a great personality, to me, is to adopt him as a roll model, and become the best possible edition of me. If I were a book, I must become a Hard Cover Special Anniversary Edition of my self. There´s no other version.
    Thank God for the Jim Rohn.

  20. Anonymous says:

    thanks Randy, I am thankful for Jim, Mark Hughes and my sponsor for introducing me to our industry. I was in Jim’ s audience several times, not one of the folks in the rolls royces rolling up to the event,,,, the farm boy from Idaho will be remembered by many forever. thank you Jim and thank you Randy, and all the great mentors that carry Jim’s torch, ron g

  21. Yes, I totally agree!

    Let us do, what he taught us.

    Best wishes


  22. Enrique Cazares says:

    I´ve just read something in facebook about someone who admire Mr. Jim as many of us, and it is that he will make sure his kids will know and learn from Jim Rohn. I think it match very well with honoring Mr. Jim as I agree with you, we must honor him.

    I remember heard Jim said in one of his recordings “kids don´t lack of capacity, they lack of someone to teach them”. If we do our thing with kids to make them grow as persons and professionals, I am sure they will know about Jim.

    Enrique Cázares.

  23. Dr. Ken says:

    Randy I had the pleasure to spend a little time with Jim around dinner and conversation. This was during the TPN days. He changed my life and the life of my family. I will miss his way of speaking, that unique rhythm… he will always live on through each of us that have been influenced by him.


  24. Absolutely! The best way to honor him or others who have influenced you is to
    become the great person they taught and inspired you to become.

    Right on Randy!

    Take care,
    Dorene Pierceall

  25. Melody Johnson says:

    Right On Randy! .. the trust tribute to a great legend is to pass it on.

    Thank you

    “We must all wage an intense, lifelong battle against the constant downward pull. If we relax, the bugs and weeds of negativity will move into the garden and take away everything of value.” – Jim Rohn

  26. Mary Speller says:

    Thanks for that Randy. I have been feeling sad since hearing the news, but I do need to remember that we had many years when Jim was spreading his message. if he had not followed his greatness, we would not have that. Success leaves clues, and Jim Rohn’s success has left many clues.

  27. right on, randy… let’s dare to be great!

  28. Luz Schuk says:

    We have to keep our dream and goals alive. What we think we are. Our future
    life will be exactly what we decide to make it.

    Thanks Randy,

    Luz Schuk
    McDonough, Ga

  29. Terre Johnson says:

    Jim – as the voice in the back of my mind. Never saw him. Only heard him. Will
    take a long while to fully appreciate the great words. his encouragement
    trancends his earthly precence , for me.

    • Bill Cottle says:

      You’ve captured my thoughts precisely. I can not count the number of 1 on 1s I’ve given when Jim was my “Jiminy Cricket” perched on my shoulder and feeding me powerful lines.

  30. Randy,
    I think the greatest thing one can do is to continue a legacy that is beneficial.

  31. Well said, and well put, this a perfect example of a leader not being just a leader but making his life shine and light up other individual’s life. A true Leader in my life and an anwesome LEGACY JIM ROHN AS LEFT US!

  32. Lisa Saline says:

    Randy, you are correct. The best way to honor Jim Rohn is to keep using the knowledge he shared with all.

  33. Natasa says:

    Yes, by manifesting his work through his disciples, he will live forever…

    Love, Natasa

  34. cass says:

    Yes, Randy, that is just what I wrote on the tribute website, we need to take all that he has taught us, his legacy, and have the courage and determination to deliver the message to the world that we get to choose how we want to live and if we share, and care it will be big and beautiful no matter what the circumstances.

  35. Mark Dana says:


    Wow, there really are no coincidences in the universe. I am sitting here on my laptop waiting to present my opportunity to a group of medical professionals. A couple of days ago, I pulled out Jim’s book 7 strategies for Wealth and Happiness, which had been sitting on my shelf for a few years. I was prompted to read it again last Saturday. I had the great priviege of meeting Jim on at least 2 occaisions, and even won a complete set of his materials at one seminar he did about 15 years ago with Tom Hopkins on LI. I had no idea he had passed until just now as I was checking my email and reading your posting. Jim’s voice, writings, and concepts have played a HUGE part in my life. As I was reading the book, I could hear him saying, “of Course” and “It’s easy not to do” and so many other things he taught me. I am just at the point where my business is really starting to take off, and I think it apporpriate that the best tribute to Jim would be to dedicate myself to actually applying all he taught.
    Goodbye Mr. Rohn. Well done. Not only did he not die with his music still inside him, he led the orchestra.

  36. Paul Sorgi says:

    The ONLY Way!

    Your Friend,



    The impact was huge. The impact was far reaching. The impact can be seen yetersday, today and tomorrow. The impact is Jim Rohn

  38. It is up to us to continue what they started, make this the best of this industry.
    Be positive, truthful and encouraging.

  39. Lucas Baror says:

    He was my most humourous teacher, standing on his shoulders with the help of his tapes and printed materials has been very rewarding

  40. BC says:

    I appreicate you e-mailing me about Jim Rohn passing,I felt sorrow,joy and a
    tear roll down my cheek .Jim, inspired me so much another great leader gone.
    his legacy should live on. I’am very happy I have a library of his work alone
    with other great motivational speakers . I would recommend all new network
    Marketers to read The Five Major Pieces To The Life Puzzle , The Season
    OF Life, and the CD The Art of Exceptional Living. I just love to listen to him
    he was funny and very inspiring. W e should keep his Legacy alive.

    Thank you,Love,Peace and Happiness!

  41. ruben escalante says:

    That is the best way to honor such a great person, to continue the legacy.
    his work will continue for ever.

  42. Mike Yusko says:

    Randy, As I write this, I can hear Jim’s voice saying those magical words as only he could say….His words will stay with me for the rest of my days….
    God Bless Jim Rohn.

    Mike Yusko

  43. Christine says:

    Yes, I’ll honor Jim to be strong and achievable person

  44. Roy D says:

    Thank you Jim Rohn for all your wisdom and words of encouragement over the years, you passed on your knowledge to us as it was passed on to you from ‘John Earl Shoaff’.

    It’s a shame I never got the chance to meet you in person and enjoy your Charisma which everyone always spoke off, you are one of my most admired mentors alongside Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill and of course Randy Gage (we’ve met), but will sure meet you in the next world :)

    This missed chance has been such a drive for me to get a move one!

    I was upset when I first heard the news from Jerry Clark but like he has taught us, no good deed goes unrewarded, which from all the good deeds he has accomplished during his lifetime, he will be rewarded for eternity!

    Come on folks, GET a move on with your life!

    • Goke says:

      Thanks Randy for the opportunity. Jim was a legend. Just about 3 weeks ago I brought out a copy of Jim’s “Building Your NWM Business” CD to play regularly in my car. I can still hear him as I write “Profits are better than wages” “If you do something often enough a ratio will appear”. What a motivating Speaker. May his gentle, loving and very caring soul rest in perfect peace. Adegoke. Lagos, Nigeria, West Africa.

  45. Kim says:

    Yes I am! :)

  46. Wong Yut Shing says:

    Yes, I am up for it. To take what they taught you and apply it, pay it forward, go out and become the person you are most capable of becoming and go out and be great! Wow, this is most inspiring!

  47. Peder P says:

    We will miss you Jim – you was a true gift to this world.

  48. Maru Albor says:

    Thanks Randy. Very inspiring words. I’m up for going out and become the person I am most capable of becoming. Will go out and be great!!.

  49. linda freeborn says:

    There is no doubt how wide jim’s mentorship and touch has spreaded,even here in Nigeria.i will never forget one of his quotes,”Profits are better than wages”.i belive strongly in continuing jim’s legacy.

  50. Rachel Henke says:

    Absolutely. I listened to one of my favourite tapes of ‘ building your network marketing business,’ and at the end he said ‘I take you with me,’ and it made me really cry. However Jim’s words never failed to uplift me, since the first NM event I attended where he was speaking and I feel he has helped to keep so many of us in the business.

    We will continue to quote him and to pass on his message of greatness.

  51. Stella Webber says:

    You are so right here, Randy! Thanks for mentioning it.
    We have to act like Jim taught us to act! That’ll be the way to the top and by reaching the top we honor him the most!
    Kind regards

  52. Danny van Nispen says:

    You’re right Mr. Gage. We have to pay it forward….

  53. n jour Je me appelle Rui et je suis peintre et sculpteur en France et j’ai une petite Entreprise que j’ai ouvert en 2008 que soufre énormément de la crise j’ai étais obligé de licencié mes salariés et je ne arrive plus a faire face aux charges pour manque des clients.
    Je suis en plus un papa de trois enfants et propriétaire de une maison .
    pour le moment je cherche a me faire connaitre pour mon activité de peintre et sculpteur ce vous de une façon ou de une outre pouvait me aider a réaliser ce rêve je vous laisse mes cordonnés et le lien pour voire mon travaille.
    Borges da silva adresse le Banny 37110 Villedomer

  54. Thank you !
    Even our heart is sad, we know that the only way to the success is to follow our vision and a mentor. Jim was one of my mentor. You are another one, Randy….
    Wishes for all Jim family and to God !

  55. korosh says:

    hi randy
    i am so sad that we lost him,he had a meeting in thailand to our leaders but he was sick, doctor and any one advised him to rest but the only man who want to attend was jim rohn. God bless

  56. GERALD says:

    Let others lead small lives, but not you. Let others cry over small hurts, but not you. Let others leave their future in someone else’s hands, but not you , be all you can be , become great and leave this world better than you foud it . >>>which he did , we are blessed to experience such a wonderfull powerfull man. God bless his family, friends and all who celebrated him , he was and is great example of treu succes!!!!!!!

  57. Lynn says:


    I’ve read your post on twitter and now from your email and it rings so true in my heart. Mr. Rohn’s death has touched me like no other. He was like a dad to me in my car, telling me stories, making me laugh, making me reflect. I wish I had the opportunity to meet him.

    I work everyday at paying it forward, especially to my kids in special education. His quotes have blanketed the chalk board and will continue to do so.


    He will live on in my life and in my heart…..

  58. Hortonal says:

    Agreed. I met Jim Rohn and have some of his books. And the authors mentioned I have read and applied their principles to my life especially when I was a novice teacher. Today I need to truly pay tribute and become the me I know I can be in MLM.

  59. Heloise says:

    That’s my opinion too, anyway Jim isn’t dead, he lives through us and the least when can do is respect what he taught us, saw in us and awakened in us, so let’s go out live life, stretch ourselves :-)

  60. Jack LaCava says:

    Excellent point Randy. The best way to honor anyone one admires is to live your life as they tuaght it. Thanks to Jim and other leaders I live my life on purpose every day. Jim was an inspirational man, the type of man people enjoyed listening to. He had a way of capturing his audience’s attention and holding it. I remember at the end of one of his seminars, he said that when we leave we bring him home with us through our notes but he also brings us home with him. He was one of the great ones for sure.

  61. Sara and Jaime says:

    Yes absolutely agree!!!
    We are and we will!!!
    Thank you Randy!!!

  62. Ngoc Tran says:

    I do agree with you that continuing his legacy is the real honor we can pay to him. Thanks Randy for your wise advice!

  63. Alex Tita says:

    His consciousness will forever expand.
    With love!

  64. vidyanand shetty says:

    it was gr8 loss for our industry. but he leaved a legacy. lets follow his footstpes. Shetty, Uganda

  65. Nyambura says:

    You are absolutely right. I love the way Jim was able to pass on a very important message and juxtapose it with humor. I hope more people in Africa and in particular Kenya where I come from will become students of Jim. Every time I think of the two girls who went to him with candy and he could not afford 2 dollars to buy any, I realize that anyone can get out of their situation so long as they have a strong enough why. Thank so much Jim.

  66. Anonymous says:

    Well said Randy!!!

    God Bless Jim Rohn, he is my first mentor in MLM, and he will continue to live in our harts, now lets go do life, and honor him with our actions!!


    Jim Roberts

  67. Becca Mutz says:

    Jim was a wonderful mentor to so many. Thanks, Randy, for posting this message. I totally agree.

    God Bless,

    Becca Mut

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  69. Yes Randy! I agree 100%. Dreaming big and setting the mark high for 2010!
    It’s going to be a fun and productive year!

    Tracy ‘Power Gal’ Monteforte

  70. Well said Randy. You’re right on the money as usual.

    Jim Rohn had such a positive influence on the world, and on our industry in particular. You can tell that by looking at the amount of heartfelt posts on this and other MLM blogs that mention his passing.

    We all have to keep working harder on ourselves than we do on our business.

    That’s what he’d have wanted.


  71. CFA says:

    Yes Randy.

    Jim lived a great life and its now up to us to be the best. I am up for it and working my to the ultimate goal. Thank you Jim – R.I.P.

  72. I can not forget what he said in one of his CD, “the secret to greatness is to serve the many.” He will always be an inspiration to the world.

  73. Sten Robert Netteberg says:

    I am sure you´re right there. Jim said many things that inspired thousands around the world. Aming them – me. Thank you Randy! I had the pleasure of meeting you and shake your hand in Stockholm. Thank you for many fine advice and good hints to all of us who were there. It sure was an event to remember…

  74. Gloria says:

    Thank you Jim Rohn for so much inspiration I got from God through you. You changed my mindset and made me understand that I’m fully equiped to achieve my dreams.

  75. CEsar Solis says:


  76. Tamooz Sami says:

    He was a real star ,as he always will be, and we will continue to lead till we catch our great dreams .SUCCESS FOR EVER

  77. I agree 100% live our legacy is the best thing to do.

    Jim will be always with us I can’t count how many times I have listen to
    his cds.


  78. I saw Jim Rohn live about 15 years ago in Massachusetts. I had his tapes and to see him live was a magical moment for me. To me, he is self development. I know he has moved on because we never die, his spirit is alive and well….can’t wait to see him again!

  79. Javed Iqbal says:

    Jim Rohn has not PASSED AWAY!

    He LIVED, LIVES and WILL LIVE with ME and Millions of People!

    “Do not stand at my grave and weep
    I am not there, I do not sleep
    I am a 1,000 winds that blow
    I am the diamond glints on snow
    I am the sun on ripened grain
    I am the gentle autumn rain
    When you awaken in the morning’s hush
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled light
    I am the soft star that shines at night
    Do not stand at my grave and cry
    I am not there; I did not die”

    The QUOTE that changed my Life!

    “Success is not something you pursue. It’s like chasing a butterfly, you can’t quite catch it. Success is something you ATTRACT by the person you become.”

    – Proud to be a life-time student of Jim Rohn –

    Javed Iqbal
    Educator | Empowerer | Entrepreneur
    Lahore, Pakistan

  80. Thanks for the reminder Randy!

    Gotta live by his philosophies with passion and service to many.

  81. Will Adams says:

    For as long as I can remember, I have always been able to improve my attitude, strive for higher achievement, and grow into the best human being I can be simply by listening to what Jim Rohn had to say. Thank God for the books, audios, videos that Mr. Rohn created through the years. And thank God for the life of Jim Rohn. His timeless message will live on through his friends, family, and followers.

  82. lightness says:

    Thanks Randy!!
    I agree, he was my mentor, and i wish to meet him but i couldn’t so i’ll walk with him by practicing his skills!! i’ll help the many to reach the greatest!! Looking forward to become an inspirational speaker!!
    God bless you all!! and see u at the top

  83. Vance Harvey says:

    Of course Randy you are absolutely right…..

    When I heard the news on Sunday I did feel quite sad as I considered a friend and mentor had passed on; but as Jim always used to say…whoever he spoke to or met then he left his energies with them.
    So I only have to think of his numerous sayings – or see him on a dvd – to know he is still here helping and guiding me and anyone else who wishes.
    I feel priviledged to have been able to share in the knowledge and wisdom that Jim Rohn shared with anyone who wished to partake….and his legacy will last for ever :)

    Vance Harvey

  84. Randy, I am up for it too and I totaly agree with you. There was a reason why Jim shared his message and teached so many people. We just need to learn from him and become at least a little bit better.

  85. suzy hayden says:

    As a single woman with a dream to be a successful business owner I have chosen 3 mentors to help me in that quest. Jim Rohn was one of those 3. His common sense teachings helped me become very successful in the mlm industry.. and to keep me very aware of what the industry is really about. It is about doing good and helping others achieve their dreams! It is NOT about me.. but about others. His foundation of faith is the comfort we can all take with us at his “going home” … he knew who his strength came from and he shared that with us in his recordings. I will cherish every recording I have and share them with as many people as I can. Jim Rohn lives on in all the actions and successes of the many “students” he had… I am grateful to have been one.

  86. Alf Andersen Stockholm says:

    The corp of Mr Jim Rohn is no longer with us of natuaral reasons.
    We others can live the rest of our lives with his powerful qoutes and empowering work.

    I met Mr Rohn in Sarpsborg Norway 2000.
    Sometimes when things feels diffucult I can recitate his words – Dont wish it was easier , wish you where better.

    I love to be in the NWM industry and I feel so excited about where it is gonna take me and who I am gonna be. The last few months specially the last week after the event In Stockholm with Team Marina and You , Randy has really changed me to a better person in the most matter.

    Thank you Randy and all other inspiring people for letting me be me.


  87. Alf Andersen Stockholm says:

    “Dont wish it was easier , wish you where better “. Mr Jim Rohn said that from the stage when I met him in Sarpsborg Norway 2000.
    Mr Rohn corp is no longer with us but we can live the rest of our lives with the qoutes to empower ourself and our enviroment.
    There are times when I feel things are difficult.
    – Dont wish it was easier wish you where better.

    The last weeks has been so overwelming for me if I lokk at my business increasing and I have been changed in many ways . Specially after the event in Stockholm with Team Marina and you Randy and therefore many things are easier.
    Thanx Mr Rohn for your words and thank you Randy for your demonstration of leadership.

  88. Thank you.

    I’m writing from Russia. Jim Rohn was a verry special person for me. I’ve been reading his books since i was 8 or 10 years old. Noq I’m 21/ It’s such a big loss for all of us. I remember we’ve been celebrating his birthday in India in 2000 or 2001. It was the last time I’ve seen him.

    Randy! I reposted your post in my blog with translation for my russian readers.

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  90. DSP Selvam says:

    Well said Randy.We should prove to Jim.He was the MASTER in his field!

  91. Donna Imson says:

    I couldn’t have put it better. Thanks Randy!

    Jim’s legacy will carry on as we ourselves live lives that will outlast our lifetimes.

  92. JassAndrew says:

    Wow! You said it the way it should be! Straight to the heart!
    Totally Agree! A piece of Jim from our live well lived to the fullest of our potential!
    A right thing to do! The only thing we must do!

  93. Randy,

    You make a lot of sense and as you mentioned. Mr. Rohn would want exactly as you stated it in this post. The best way to continue Jim Rohn’s legacy would be to become great. Achieving greatness is what he wanted for everyone.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and it was well received!

    Dave and Dawn

  94. “Find a way to serve many-service to many leads to Greatness.”~Jim Rohn

    Thank You Randy

  95. Carol says:

    Well put, as usual. Jim Rohn was a great man and his influence will be felt for years to come. Thanks, Randy. Carol

  96. Aby Sofer says:

    Absolutely yes! Let’s do it…
    Thank’s for ever Mr Rohn
    God job Randy

    Aby Sofer

  97. Well, it’s my honor to thank you first Mr. Randy Gage for this important information.
    This name Jim Rhon to me is a new name but as it is mentioned by you and as I read comments from fellows I agree that we lost someone important in our wonderful MLM industry.
    But the most important thing is to honor him by exercising what he wished us to be and all his teachings for those he shared with.
    May The LORD bless us all.
    Paul Kashaga.

  98. Jass andrew says:

    I just went through some of Jim’s training CD. what an amazing guy

  99. Noah says:

    Jim is a real mentor. his qotes and mastefull way of multivating people are great, i will want to be great like him and mln lies the seed of greatness.thanks Randy. and goobye Jim.


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