The Reality of Attrition

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Say you’re a real estate agent with a loyal client list.  They’re loyal until their sister, brother-in-law, or best friend gets their real estate license.  Then they’re gone.  If you’re a hairstylist you have your loyal customers that come only to you.  Until they move to another neighborhood…

People move, people change, people even die.  They get divorced, they have babies and they change their mind.  Every business in the world has attrition.  And the successful ones always have a pipeline bringing new people into the business.  Network Marketing is no different.

So what about you?

You say your business isn’t growing because your sponsor is a jerk, the products are too expensive, the economy is bad, your recruiting video isn’t sexy enough, or a new competitor has a better comp plan.


How many people did you sponsor in the last three months?  How many new retail customers did you develop in the last three months?

I’m just saying…


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21 Comments on “The Reality of Attrition”

  1. Nam says:

    It’s work ethics. It’s how effective you are at creating results! It’s the people you surround yourself with, the books you read, CDs you listen to, seminars you attend, etc… And the best part is that you get to CHOOSE!!! =)

  2. Sidereus says:

    What is paying the company at the low level is critic factor.
    No words or promises can substitute it.

    • danilo says:

      true. actually my company recently updated its marketing plan to address the exact point you just made. well done!

  3. Ivanka Dobreva says:

    Hellooo mr Randy G.Zdraveite i s uvajenie ot greece.Kompaniata e silna i dobra i v dvata sluchaia..Sponsora e vajen ,ala ne e podxodiasht za srabotvane i taka sama sam si sponsor.Obuchavam se ot vsiakakav vid informatsia.Blagodaria i za vashite temi ,vaprosi,video..Vie ste mnogo dobar uchitel,sponsor..thank you..V posledno vreme imam 5 choveka..Ikonomikata v greece e trudna,niama pari..Xorata imat nujda ot zdrave.Trudno viarvat i niama pari..Sabujdam interesa na xorata i kakvoto mogat praviat..Thank you…I like you..

  4. Jim Sereney says:

    So true, Randy!
    Personally, I never make excuses. I ALWAYS say my business isn’t growing because I haven’t been working it. I KNOW I need to get off my butt and get out there. LOL!

  5. Gabesuarez says:

    Hard but true! Thanks

  6. edgar facundo says:

    I would like to have all your books and videos in Spanish. Is there any way?

  7. Always comes back to work ethic. The one thing staying in the personal sponsoring & customer getting mode does for your business that no other type of team motivation can do is keep people’s belief high. Your personal example keeps people that are not getting results in long enough until they eventually get results.

  8. Kanuda J. Paul says:

    It’s like not part of the topic but it’s very important to me, my new champions are calling me asking how to follow up their prospects, because they make powerful one on one presentations, prospects get excited but few days later they don’t pick up the calls, and the few who respond, seem to be disappointed and finally they don’t sign up.
    Hallow Randy, can I know the powerful techniques to make follow-ups? I’ll be happy if I can get answers to this before I start saying anything to my champions.
    Much thanks for creating the ongoing discussions.

  9. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    People stay and are loyal in a organization if they feel belong to,and making can make in progress and prosperity.

  10. Marita says:

    The products are excellent, Cd is professional, the best line of sponsorship. We don’t speak about product, about opportunity. Economy goes down, that is good for our business. There are no excuses. Seems that we could do explosion every day. No one excuse.
    I am easy with meeting people , I can find common language with everyone. The team is excellent and stays motivated for long time. No one excuse! But growing is very slow. Like Kanuda tells -prospects get excited but few days later they don’t pick up the calls or they are not going to make decision. Or they are going to find money for starting and never come back.
    I feel like a butterfly, which flies to the light but continually strikes the window. Where is the fine boundary when glass changes into fresh air flow?

  11. Kaycee says:

    Thanks Randy, am simply going to work on it.

  12. Great message. Very true. I am continuing to sponsor new people! Thanks Randy.

  13. Marita says:

    Always the “BUT” after the decimal point, it denies our dreams, good intentions and courage, which has just been made ​​in the first half sentence. And always this “BUT” seems so important. I continue to be monitored every thought and “BUT” that comes to mind say as a future possibility. For example, instead of “…. but growth is slow ” I could think ..”What I can do better for my team to grow faster?”

  14. Sponsoring new people is like bringing new blood into your business. You cannot reach a higher level with old partners only. Our mentor Ata Mamedov teaches us so.
    Randy, I’m looking forward your training in Moscow in July 2011. Everybody in my team will be there.

  15. Divinenature says:

    I actually think Life and / or Business is about reaping what you sow.

  16. Merab Muligisa says:

    On a daily basis am getting a number of new people but my problem is how to approach people that i do not know. I fear i may run out of friends to sponsor.
    I need to develop skill of making more friends. Merab

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