The Red Pill or the Blue Pill

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In yesterday’s post on the importance of dreams, Jeffrey uses the analogy of the Matrix.  It’s one I use a lot.  I joke with seminar audiences that it is actually a documentary.  But there is something that’s no joke.

Millions of people are trapped in a Matrix-like prison.  Or to use another Sci-Fi analogy, they’ve been assimilated into the collective by the Borg.

These poor tortured souls desperately need what we have.  But don’t expect them all to realize that.  In fact, you can pretty much expect some jealousy and ridicule as soon as you announce your dreams and begin offering the business to others.  That’s why yesterday I said this will recruit the people who will help you, and expose those that would undercut you.

And that’s okay…

If you’re not facing some rejection, you’re not really working.  If you’re not facing some ridicule, you’re not really working.

Four feet to my left is a plaque I had made.  The top of it is the first email rejection I got when I got back into the business.  Right beneath it is my first month’s check, for $11,111.40.   Which is about what the guy who rejected me makes in about 8 months.

Do me a favor please.  Go out and do something today to get rejected or ridiculed.  Because it means you’re working and you will eventually break through.  Are you up for it?

As Steve Jobs likes to say, “It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.”


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25 Comments on “The Red Pill or the Blue Pill”

  1. rene says:

    Most of the time I don’t even get a rejection but a gentle ‘no, not interested’ since I make sure my prospects don’t feel they have to defend themselves.
    Maybe seeing ‘no, not interested’ as I rejection is a limiting belief?!

  2. Randy you are awesome. You make me laugh as usual. This is so true

    • Larry olson says:

      You are right as itell the team. The more rejections the sooner a yes
      be positive, believe- in yourself, others, the product, co
      any, and the industry. (John kalench)

  3. Ronald Cheek says:

    Randy this is why I enjoy reading your blog, the great words of wisdom you share are priceless. Thanks

  4. Carol Barrett says:

    I want the red pill Randy.

  5. Hey There Randy,

    All I can say is: I sure am GLAD I CHOSE THE RED PILL.

    Using the movie The Matrix:

    Weather those who reject us ever get it, here is some truths…

    We all have questions in life.

    We will all come to a time where we will and must choose.

    We will all need to follow precisely what needs to be done to continue

    We all must come to trust in someone and something.

    We all know what and where certain paths of life will lead us to. Do we want it? If Not what will we do instead.

    We must always be honest to ourselves and others.

    We all have been blinded by the world and we really know deep down we do not like it.

    We all are a prisoner or our mind, we need to see it for ourselves and be willing to change.

    We will all be tempted to go back and we must be prepared to fight against falling.

    We will all learn that the truth will never be easy to hear

    We all will find the longer we WAIT to change the harder it will be. ( Programed )

    We all will find that we must not THINK we are but KNOW we are able.

    We all will have to walk THROUGH the door on our own choice.

    We all will at some time be betrayed by our own. Go Forward anyway..

    We all have our gifts and we cannot continue to wait for something…big, we just need to proceed thinking and acting different than the masses

    We all will find that knowing the path and WALKING it, is the difference maker.


    Be Blessed,


  6. What is the Matrix? Sadly, many people don’t know that they are part of “the system” that works for others goals and dreams. I’ll take the RED PILL please.

  7. once again RG you are spot on … we know which pill you took!

  8. Murphy Witherspoon says:

    A great understanding point you toward success….NO PAIN NO GAIN

  9. Karen Cane says:

    In answer to your question – Yes I’m up for it.

    I’ve had plenty ridicule & rejection, especially this month – but then I’ve shown 41 people the business in that time so I’ve also got some that said “OK lets do it.”

  10. Juan Fernando Gutierrez says:

    Already taken the Red Pill

  11. Someone I am currently in conversation with wrote me today:

    “when you go apply for a job and you get hired you don’t pay anything so why do you have to pay anything when you want to work from home.”

    Taking how many blue pills a day?

    Once upon a time there were entry level jobs, like gas station attendant, bagger at the grocer, [hey check out is now your job in the USA in many places!] and all the those jobs are gone! IF you want a job go pay for the training and education first and providing you qualify and pass ‘the can you produce enough to pay your way and three others and support the enterprise’ PLUS love doing what you’re doing with a positive attitude then we will keep you. PS one negative erases 1000 good job comments. Two negatives and we replace you.

    I live in paradise doing what I enjoy and take no pills.

  12. Angelina Kovacevic says:

    Rejection comes in many forms and it is a bitter pill to taste.. even people in our own families offer us that bitter pill.. How we deal with that rejection is crucial to our continuing in our path to achieving our dreams.. These people are toxic to us so sometimes we need to cut them from our life… and just keep going irregardless..they are dream-stealers! I embrace rejection…

  13. Ivanka Dobreva says:

    Zdraveite Mr Randy Gage , Vie ste prekrasen.Ne mojax da razbera kakvo oznachava da ochastvas v blog.Iskam da komentiram za sanistata.Za men tova e nai prekrasnoto nesto,priznak che chyvstvas,ysestas,jivees,mislis,sastestvyvas….Strannoto e che sanistata mi se sbadvat ,no naposledak mnogo ne sanyvam, sigyrno malko mi e vremeto za san,no obicham da mechtaia.Obicham da se trydia,otgovorna sam pred postavenite zadachi.Ne zavijdam ,a se poychavam,zastoto znaia kakvo znachi da postignes nesto-yporitost,bezsanie ,tryd..i nai veche mnogo jelanie…Nadiavam se i primen da se pokaje slantseto.. Kontaktyvam s mnogo xora,tarseiki xorata koito ste mi poviarvat,ste me posledvat.Vse edno tarsia igla v kypa seno.Trydno privlicham xora za distribytorska rabota.Polychava se govorila sam na niakoi za tozi biznes,a te sa se zapisali pri dryg sadrujnik.Ne se otkazvam,polzvaiki produkti za dobro zdrave ,chyvstvam se dobre i viarvam che ste nameria xorata s koito ste izgradim mreja.Xaresva mi da pomagam na xorata i da govoria istinata,mislia che tova e vajno za distributora..Iskam da sam na 10% kato vas,stom pri vas moje ,znachi triabva da se poluchi i pri mene…prodaljavam s mnogo tarpenie.Jelaia vi yspex i vasite yrotsi sa dostapni i poychitelni super tochni s yvajenie ..

  14. I hearby proclaim myself to be a RED pill popping pirate of the Matrix.
    And I raise my right hand and swear on the Manifesto to acquire my dreams in the name of MLM.

    Besides who really wants to get up and do all that stuff by 5:00 AM anyway’s
    But I’m really glad they do that to protect me.

    Thanks for the inspirations

    Gary McElwain

  15. Margaret Hockaday says:

    Each rejection takes you a step closer to continuing towards your goal. The ridicules are jealous people who don’t want you to leave them behind. I say, leave them behind and achieve your dreams. Take no’s and keep on pushing on.

  16. Cliff Boxer says:

    You are right Randy, most of us are sheep. We are told what we can do and what we can not do so often that we believe it ! Then guess what, we don’t try anymore. We go through the motions and live in a a self imposed prison. It really takes guts and fortitude to break out, because we have been so conditioned to conformity.We brave ones are screaming and yelling and pointing that we know the way and the androids instead of following, all they want to do is stifle us. We have an obligation to lead only. When enough of us do that, they will come!

  17. I love how you’re “RANDY GAGE”… ya know, a name, a real player in the game; someone who’s not only proven that you can be successful in the MLM game but someone who’s one of (if not the) the most respected, admired and loved men in the space and yet, when you’re out there prospecting even you get rejected. There’s an awesome lesson there for all of us.

    Come on people! How could any of us possibly let a little rejection make us feel like maybe we can’t do this after all!?!?!? Seriously…

    oh and just a little side note. this is the first time i’d heard of the amount of RG’s first check after he got back in the field 4+ years ago. I would have to say that little $11k check should shut up those who want to believe that he took some sweetheart deal when choose a company and got back in the game.

    just wanted to get that off my chest.

    Randy you’re the man brother! I appreciate you more than you know! Please keep doing what you do!

  18. Ade says:

    What you said about the matrix makes sense….
    Most people think network marketing is a scam, but 500-600 years ago, “most people” thought that the earth was the center of the universe.
    “Most people” are often wrong, and it takes courage to hold to your own thoughts and beliefs, and break away from the herd..
    I choose the red pill :). The pill of freedom, and thinking for me….

  19. Thanks for nudge, good timing!

  20. lea sedan says:

    Hey Randy gage,

    “Here is the ONE THING holding you back.

    Your stubbornness.

    It’s your blessing and your curse.

    See, entrepreneurs always find a way to keep

    They can never give up on their businees.

    They might as well give up on life itself.

    That’s their blessing.

    Their curse?”
    About th saying “It’s better to be a pirate than to join the navy.”There is a saying
    inth same meaning: It’s better to be a “tait”(metafora) tothe leons, than a leader of the rats.

  21. Laurynas L. says:

    Thats a great post Randy :D
    Be rejected, it means you are really working :)

  22. Edmond S. Tonido says:

    Your blog is really full of wisdom. I am using it to encourage my downlines. It’s really effective. Hope you continue what you are doing because it’s great help to us who are new in this kind of business. Thanks again.

  23. Natasa says:

    I can’t be assimilated because I believe that as long as we live, everything is possible. The majority doesn’t believe that now but right because of this personal belief I think the day is coming when the world will vibrate only positive thoughts forever.
    With years of experiencing rejection, doing a suggested or self made training in overcoming it (without escaping back into my cocoon, abusing pills, drugs or alcohol and without hanging myself), I almost don’t experience rejection anylonger. Just once and a while a person appears in my life that can’t join my freedom and prosperity mission. Very rarely he/she leaves the site of the meeting as soon as possible with an ugly comment or a fielty oath (but it is not inflicted to me any longer, because I wear my invisible luminous sward and the energy vampires sense that!). In most cases rejection is nothing more scary than a polite apology and an obvious determination o these people to walk their own way. And all of them make room for the majority of those who understand and join.
    Have a great day!
    Love, Natasa

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