The Second Thing for Your Bedroom

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Ok last week I asked you to keep a prosperity manifestation map in your bedroom, so you see it every morning first thing, and every evening before you go to sleep.  Now let’s talk about the second thing to keep there…

A map of your organization structure.  Get a poster board from the office supply store and draw out your group.  Put the first circle at the top, put “you” in it, and map out your team.  Once your group gets large (or if it already is), you can just draw out the key people such as your Directors and new personal enrollees.

We want the prosperity map up because that programs your subconscious mind.  Likewise having a map of your structure causes your subconscious mind to have linkage between the two things.  This will keep you focused and empower your motivation.

And seeing it grow is positive reinforcement.  And when it isn’t growing, you’ll have to be looking at it every day, keeping you honest.

Putting up these two posters can make a huge difference for your results.  Are you willing to do it this week?


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8 Comments on “The Second Thing for Your Bedroom”

  1. I like it! We have lots of walls too.

  2. Enrique says:


    I spiritual,and physical dream board but I never thought about putting a group board for my NM business?
    Do you place names or the numbre of people you need to have in one your legs to get the income you want to achieve, let’s say in 90 days?

  3. Jamie says:

    Ok this, I haven’t done in a long time. Will do it and get my team to do it too. Thanks!

  4. Rachel Henke says:

    Great stuff. I prefer to have it in my office though as I’m already hyper! Like to have relaxing things in my bedroom :)

  5. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy Gage,

    Great idea,I like it ,i will do it and get a map for to remember where everyone live.

  6. JT says:

    I saw in lesson 6 that you listen to subliminal programming CDS, can you recommend a place to buy and which ones. Love all of your info!!

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