The Seeds of Opportunity

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As a student of personal growth, you know that every challenge has in it the seeds of an equal or greater opportunity.  But here’s the catch…

That opportunity is only there if you choose to seek it out.  And most people won’t.

Did you ever mess up a presentation?  Of course you did.  We all did.  But the successful people learned from that and made a commitment to getting better.   They looked for the lesson the universe was sending them.

It’s not when everything is going great that your breakthroughs happen.  It’s when things are going horrible!

When your top leader quits and goes to another company….  When you get rejected six times in a row…  When there’s negative publicity about your company…

That’s when you grow.  That’s where the breakthroughs live.  But only if you make the decision to grow and learn from the challenges.  Write this affirmation out and put it on your computer screen, refrigerator or bathroom mirror:

I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.

Remember a dry spell causes a tree’s root to go deeper. The things you get from success are great.  But the best reward is who you become.  That’s what this journey is really about.

You up for it?


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16 Comments on “The Seeds of Opportunity”

  1. You are absolutely correct Randy.

    ALL breakthroughs are preceded by a breakdown. You have to continue the action at the breakdown… to break through…

    All success is preceded by failure. You increase your chance for success by doubling your failure rate.

    If you want to add some fun to this, program tasks where the design is to fail and if you can be with it, big if, you will discover some amazing stuff. Insure you look for places to fail everyday… and providing you get the lesson… you can move onto bigger failures, more humongous breakthroughs.

    A goal is an object or event toward which play is directed in order to score…. Play and the appropriate attitude about failure makes the day a lot of fun regardless what the fly on the wall has to say about it. [or anyone else]

  2. Gonzalo says:

    thanks randy,

    i just needed to hear that today… lots of challenges this past week

    i’ll take them as a platform to get better

    thanks again,


  3. Yvonne Hudson says:

    Thank you, Randy! You’re at it again! I like network marketing I am growing! It’s wonderful AND I love the people I meet in this industry because they are the ones who have the courage to take this journey! Life is difficult so we might as well enjoy the ride! This business allows me to keep my dreams alive. As Jim Rohn says, “Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.: I look forward to getting “me” right! That’s the greatest reward of all.

  4. I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.
    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.
    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.
    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.
    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.
    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.
    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.

    Got it! Thanks!

  5. Leslie Esperanza Espaillat says:

    Yes, “I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.”

    May I add that no matter what happens, I must remember that I am a spiritual being having a human experience. Therefore, falling is good because it lets me create another strategy.

    Have a GREAT weekend!
    “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”~Lao-Tzu

  6. Randy I love this topic. This is something I wrote on my blog. Thanks for all you do.

    “It is all part of the process

    Many times on our journey for success we get upset when things don’t go

    well. Its all part of the process. A seed must sit in the dirt and the mud for

    some time before it can rise up into a tall and mighty oak. After a forest fire

    the ground is scorched. The ash will bring nutrients to the soil to birth new

    growth. Why must the fires take place? That’s all part of the process. A tall

    and mighty oak would have a thin and week trunk if it was not for the strong

    winds trying to push it over. You see it’s the adversities that make it strong.

    It’s the challenge of the butterfly struggling to get out of the cocoon that

    allows it to fly. We all must endure the struggles to know how to fly with the

    eagles. I know at some times you feel like you can’t take anymore. You just

    don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel and you feel like quitting, but you

    are a winner so you trudge on one more day because that’s what winners do.

    Winners grow and strengthen themselves with every adversity and through

    that adversity you develop a root system and the next time a storm blows

    you’re strong enough that it doesn’t affect you as much. You just made it

    through one more adversity and you are one day closer to your dreams and

    goals. You must trudge on towards your dreams because that’s what

    winners do. You are a WINNER- Vincent StLouis”

  7. Thanks Randy, I have it written out, and will refer to it often.

  8. Igor Ilyinskiy says:

    Hi, Randy!

    “When your top leader quits and goes to another company…. When you get rejected six times in a row… When there’s negative publicity about your company…”

    Written about our company in Kazakhstan. But after every fall will open even more opportunities … We must stand up and keep going to the goal.

    Thanks, Randy!

  9. Magomed says:

    I celebrate my challenges, because they are my stepping-stones to enlightenment.

  10. ZITA LIM says:

    what a timely message!!thank you so much,no more words to say,just continue to share your knowledge and be a channel of blessings to every individual who take positively the things you ve been sharing.GOD BLESS!!!

  11. Michael says:

    Thanks Randy
    It the high time those people who pulls you down and saying you cant do this or that to prove them wrong and let them know what you are made of.

    I love challenges they make us better networkers and business people

  12. Karunika says:

    Frustration? No! Setback? No! Challenges? YES! I 100% agree with you, Randy. I celebrate my challenges,because they are my stepping stone to enlightenment. (Even writing this comment is quite challenging,as I’ve a poor command of English)

  13. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy

    Life is full of obstacles, we need to overcome on them and go on for to get the success.
    ““Life is a process of becoming, a combination of states we have to go through. Where people fail is that they wish to elect a state and remain in it.”- Anais Nin, Author
    There is a good book which we can to learn how to overcome the “No”, the failer:
    Go for No! by Richard Fenton & Andrea Waltz $12 http://

    This book will show you how to harness the power of “NO!” as a positive tool. Because when you do, then success is not just possible—it’s inevitable! Learn more >>>

  14. Setbacks are only steups & stepping stones to greater levels of success in life.

    I know because I failed miserably twice in this industry before achieving the levels of success I experience.

    By that I mean, I now earn EVERY month more than lots of people earn in a year at their job .

    That would have never happen had I quit when things were not growing or going as fast as I wanted them.

    Great post.

    – Warren Little

  15. Oleg says:

    Thanks Randy!
    Very very oportunety for us.
    We celebrate our challenges in Argentina, because they are our stepping-stones to real enlightenment and pogress of our group with ATeam Sistem.

  16. so true! I always focus on finding the value, the lesson, in the challenges in my life. It’s how we grow. What a shame it is, a sin if you will, it is when we don’t allow our challenges serve us.

    We’re so free to choose, we can even choose to allow our challenges to enslave us. Serve or enslave, either way the choice is ours. Of course so are the results.

    great post sir! :)

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