The Struggle for Victory

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A great response to yesterday’s post on what would make you quit. Obviously some very determined people, and one or two crusaders desperately trying to convince everyone else to quit.  Which was kind of fascinating to me…

If you left network marketing, why would you keep going back to network marketing blogs?   I’m just saying…

Anyway, to continue the discussion:  What if it wasn’t supposed to be easy?  Is it possible you are meant to be challenged for things of real value?

Aren’t the challenges the stepping stones that allow you to build character, making the final victory all that much sweeter?  They sure were for me.  What do you think?


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34 Comments on “The Struggle for Victory”

  1. Nam says:

    Hello Randy,

    I believe the challenges in our profession are all worth it. I’ve been in this business for 10 years and have had many ups and downs but at the end of the day…don’t know anywhere else we can meet such determined people…people who won’t quit…people who are loyal…awesome people! and the personal development…the person you become…it’s all worth it to me! Who cares if you struggle or get through it easier than others…the bottom line is we who believe and commit to this profession end up with True Freedom! No job. No boss. No income limits. Just free to do whatever. And for that…it’s definitely worth sticking around and paying the price.



  2. Ellis Hubbard says:

    I totally agree. I believe that God (The Universe, the Most High, etc) does not “give” you anything. When you pray (or dream, or plan or whatever you want to call it) for the things you really want in life, you are “given” the OPPORTUNITY to go get it and the opportunity always comes with the trials and hardships to achieve it.
    When you want a burger, you MUST get up, get some money, drive to the place (or walk, etc) and then give them your money in order to get that burger.

    I know that was a really crude and simple example, but the process is still the same for everything else you want. If we want network marketing success, there really is a process that we must follow and it is NOT: sit at home, send off tons of emails, wait for responses, badger our Facebook friends with requests to join, repeat and then get mad when they don’t.
    We MUST do 1on1’s, learn to invite, 2on1’s, home events, learn how to sign people up, learn how to do presentations, spend money and take people to regional and national events, create meetings, missions, and learn leadership and team-building. If we don’t then we will not have the money and free time that comes once these processes are built and taught to our teams. THERE IS NO OTHER WAY. I think that that is what we are supposed to go through to get success. THAT is the path and it is quite hard, but simple and true.


  3. David Gelkin says:

    If network marketing was easy we would not get paid as much ;) separates the chaff.

  4. Mohammed AlRasheed says:

    The people on a football ground will be excited to see the players struggle to the goal. Then they will call it victory. At the end every man has his own story on the rocking chair. The more the challinges the more the story will be strong and it will relay to more people. The stature told the complaining stone on the ground:”if you can bear digging with nails on you,people will take your photos, not they will step on you”
    And that is victory in anything anybody will do desiring Excellence .

    • Ana says:

      Network marketing successs depends on teamwork of your leaders and members.I dont consider myself a successful marketer yet,but Ill be going to that. Whats important is I continue learning and doing al l my best determined to succed.Only the Almigty Creator has the final thing to do out of it.But HE said Askes and I will give Remember me and Ill remember you and do good deeds so Youll be successful in this life and the hereafter.

  5. L W says:

    Randy, keep these messages coming, I appreciate all of them. I am currently in the struggle but have great support around me and have no intention of not reaching my goal of time freedom. I’ve read your story and listened to your inspiring CD’s. I am meeting fabulous people in the process and it’s such a growing experience. I can see the end result and it’s great!

  6. I believe that you value something more if you had to work hard for it. Most people who are handed something don’t appreciate it. In other words, don’t know how to handle it.

    Just think about the number of people who where broke and then won a large sum of money in a lottery for example. Often times, a few years later they are again broke.

    From another perspective, let’s take the same broke person, but, in this case they decide that they are going to change their mindset and their life. That person finds a mentor, reads book, listens to audios, and starts to use what they have learned. As a result, they are now a multi-millionaire. This person will most likely continue on a successful road because they have the knowledge and experience of building the wealth. Therefore, they appreciate what it takes to get there.

  7. Lene Hansen says:

    Sure you are ment to struggle! That is what makes you grow as a person, and makes you good at what you are doing. I do not believe that what you get “for free” or without struggle would be appreciated or valued the same way as if you yourself really “made it”. The struggle ofcource have to be for something you really want.

  8. Michael Head says:

    I think about when I learned to snow ski at the age of 32. I was a tri-athelete at the time and in the best physical condition ever. I thought I’d just go out to the mountain with my friends who were expert skiers and just get a few tips and be on my way swishing down the slopes. Well my brain had no idea about how this sliding down a mountain was a good / fun thing so I just found myself eating , wearing, and rolling around in ice and snow all day. I finally decided that I needed to take lessons so I started at the beginning, on the bunny hill. I even lost control there and wiped out a whole line of kids who were at the bottom of the bunny hill. After the 3rd day of lessons something clicked in my mind and from that point on I could ski quite well. I still take lessons each time I go on a ski trip and now I’m a great skier but in the begininng it was quite a struggle.

    So I believe we struggle in direct perportion to the skills we currently have as it relates to the skill being performed. Some of us struggle more than others.

    • Terrie Foley says:

      Oh my goodness, I loved your ski story. So many people come into this profession thinking they should be great at it from the get-go! Your illustration of tri-athlete to snow eater (without lessons) was brilliant!

  9. You nailed it with this comment Randy.

    That’s because what most people fail to value is what happens “to” you along the journey to success in our business.

    Robert Kiyosaki’s book , “The Business School for People Who Like Helping People…The 8 Hidden Benefits of Network Marketing Other Than The Money” is a great read for anyone interested in delving into this subject deeper.


    – Warren Little

  10. Enrique says:

    If you left network marketing, why would you keep going back to network marketing blogs?
    When I was in college, I took a course in political philosophy. My teacher who taught Marxism-just because someone reads Marx doesn’t make him a Marxist– advise me to read conservative and liberal sources in order to understand another point of view.
    I haven’t quit NM but in order to succeed in it- a person needs to become a professional and acquired a different mindset and skills which are different from a traditional business.
    NM is not the only way to become a millionarie,I was in the Silicon Valley and I went to eat the “best” taqueria in San Jose. The owner started with one taqueria 20 years ago, now he has nine. He is a millionarie.
    I believe there are 1,000 or so billionaries in the wolrd. The only 2 billionaries from NM are the owners of Amway or as it is call now Alticor.
    I wish leades would tell the truth that in order to become a substancial amount of money in NM. First, a person needs to challenge his limiting beliefs and as important as changing those beliefs, they to learn a new set OF COMMUNICATION SKILLS.

  11. Jim Hammons says:

    The struggles, trials and tribulation are neccessary for Growth and Strength.
    If it were easy everyone would be in then I would have to work with a bunch of people I don’t care to be around, LIKE the ones that keep coming back to the blogs that are in denial that they failed because they were not strong enough but mostly they just didn’t work. JH

  12. i agree with all the comments and it is so true, in order to get to the top of the mountain, you have to walk and sweat and struggle, then you have all the benefits. It s a law of nature. In network marketing it s certainly the same thing. It s certainly not easy but so worthy. I have the dream to be at the top and i am on my way, learning and growing and it is an AMAZING experience. Even if i haven t make the money i want to earn yet, Network marketing brought a lot of GREAT things in my life. Thank you all for your comments and thank you Randy for being a great leader.

  13. Mary Thayer says:

    As a mother of young children I can relate to the struggle. My 2-year old is in that “me do it” stage. She wants to put on her own shoes and zip her own coat and dish out her own food. She struggles with each of these tasks but she is determined to learn them and continually lets her voice be heard “Me Do It!” With each of her struggles she gets better and better.

    For some reason when we become adults we think that the struggles should be done. That is why the masses go on automatic mode and let someone else tell them what to do, when to take a break, and how much they are worth. Those of us that are in network marketing know that the greatest things we will accomplish in life will come after the struggle. Without the struggle it would not be worth much. Make sure you celebrate the small successes just like you do for your little ones. It provides the fuel to keep you reaching higher!

    Have an outstanding day!
    Mary Thayer

  14. Wow…what great posts!! Good job Randy!

    Let’s remember that it’s called Net “Work” Marketing. It is a business and most people don’t treat it like a business, probably because they have never run a business before. Most people just want a J.O.B.

    Many people struggle with their jobs, and many businesses struggle to get profitable, so struggle is just part of life. It is only those that press on who are rewarded. It does appear that some people have it easier than others, but perhaps they have worked on their skills or have learned the proper techniques along the way.

    Read the book “The Outliers”. Everyone is required to put in 10,000 hours to become good at something. One of the great things about this profession is that you only work alone if you choose to be alone, there is always someone willing to help you.

    Enjoy the journey everyone!!



  15. Anonymous says:


    It seems a tragedy, so many folks just don’t have what it takes to be successful in this business.

    Is it just me, or is this the reality of our New Era?

    Farewell to “can do”, “will do” American toughness.
    Are Americans up to today’s challenges?

  16. Rick Voisey says:

    12 years of struggle so far, ( since my understanding of Network Marketing shifted from misperception to realization.).
    12 years of wondering how do I make this work for me?
    12 years of hearing, ” That doesn’t work”!
    12 years of fearing, ” This can’t work”!

    12 years of rejection!

    12 years of retreating.

    12 years of asking, ” just one Lord, just one person who I can work with who believes in this as much as I do”!
    12 years of reading books about belief, religion, spirituality, economics, nutrition and self.
    12 years of dreaming
    12 years so far! Got what I believe to be a solid foundation now.

    What I am most thankful for is that I spent these last 12 years living and growing and dreaming. When I discovered what this industry really is, I cancelled my cable subscription.

    12 years so far!

  17. Sean Breslin says:

    Challenges do build character and give you some great stories to share with the team… more challenges equals more stories and usually a bigger team!

  18. I agree with you Randy. The journey is where the fun is. Jeff Olson wrote; Embrace living outside your comfort zone, in order to attain a life that is genuinely comfortable. It is in the struggle where the insights are, where the puzzle falls into place, where the dreams that keep you awake at night are born.

    I did a mountaineering course in Outward Bound. After learning the basic skill sets instead of climbing to the top and belaying back down, we were given the experience of jumping off first to the bottom of a very large pit called the Lake Superior shore. The only way out was to climb back up. It was backwards from the roller coaster life where you first make the long trek to the top to effortlessly return to the beginning with exhilaration.

    The story of Sisyphus started with rolling the boulder to the top followed by following it unchained to the bottom to start all over. IF you are only about the comfortable part you will never discover it but perhaps once. ‘Living outside your comfort zone to be genuinely comfortable’ is learning to find exhilaration in being uncomfortable. [Stop listening to your monkey or lizard brain or learn to keep it asleep doing something it likes while you jump off the cliff and figure out how to fly on the way down.]

  19. Mike says:


    Part of me agrees and part of me disagrees. If you have ben struggling and not progressing it also may mean that you are ‘attracting” failure unconsciously.

    Nothing wrong with struggle but self sabotage there is.

  20. Lynda Cromar says:

    I don’t think anything of true value has come easy to me. I have learned to focus on what I want vs what I don’t want. Its better than it used to be.

    For me I have always believed in the idea of network marketing. It was the J>O>B> that always felt foreign to me :)

    As I have grown and gotten better at the skill-set I have found that I can see things in a totally different light.

    Now instead of dreading a challenge, I look at it and say come on, I’m ready. When I conquer it, I look at it and say now what did I learn from that, and how can I use it to get better!

  21. Reuben says:

    I struggled a long time with self confidence. I had no problem believing others could be successful in a networking business. But, when it came to me doing it…that was a different story. Yet, deep down inside, I knew this was what I wanted.

    I tried and failed, I tried and failed, I tried and failed. But, each time I would get a little closer. I’m sure I will try and fail many more times, but, I’ll never quit trying.

  22. David G says:


    First I want to say thank you for today’s and yesterday’s blogs. They have spurred much thought in my mind partly because I like many others did quit Network Marketing more than once. I came back at the reference of friends, I stayed from MLM blogs.

    Let’s cut the chase. Nothing in life that is worth having is easy. Look at those who win the Lottery. Those who have paid the price and didn’t need to win remain wealthy for years the lottery never changed anything. On the other hand, those who had not paid the “price” of challenges were not “worthy” of the wealth and thus within five years in most cases were worst off than before they won the lottery.

    It was said, (I do not remember the source) Divide the wealth up among the world and in five years those which hold it now will hold it again. They are the ones who have paid the price to know how to make it work thus, are deserving of such wealth.. Look at what happens when someone becomes an overnight success and wealthy beyond their “dreams”, they wind up in drugs, alcohol, or some other negative thing and their life is soon in shambles again.

    The old saying, “If it is worth having it is worth working for.” is still true. Besides, if it was easy and anyone could do it there would be no value in doing it or doing the task which others will not do. In no other industry does the words, “I will do today what others won’t, so I can do tomorrow what others can’t.” been more true.

    Yes, some people give up before they are convinced they can’t have their dreams and they continue to follow Network Marketing Blogs, even if it is to make others miserable and try to steal their dreams. Everyone, every industry, every success has it’s Naysayers.


  23. Gina Koinski says:

    If it was an easy profession, everyone would be working it. I am happy to be selective in who I work with. Not everyone who wants to be in business with me, will be someone who will make it a career. I work hard, and I will work with those who aren’t afraid of working hard to!

  24. Dara Kang says:

    Jim Rohn asked the question – “If you found a Congressional Medal of Honour, would you wear it?”.

    All good things have to be earned, but if you’re going to work hard anyway – you may as well work hard at something that actually has the potential of giving you what you want.

    Peace RG.

  25. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,
    Iam struggling, becausewe can better everything, every
    achievement,to learn more skills and to aquere more ebilities.

    sometimes we have ups and downs in businiess and life,
    and we need to struggle for to overcome the downs and go on.

  26. AdvoCare says:

    Great discussion Randy! Life has a way of testing us to see if we will pay the price for our goals and dreams.

    If we continue to learn and grow through the challenges, it refines us and makes us shine, so that we attract others.

    All the Diamonds in this industry shine brightly now and we hold them is such high regard, that we don’t think that we can ever be like them.

    But we forget that when they started in network marketing, most of them were just lumps of coal who struggled during their first few years. But they pressed on toward their goals and dreams, and paid the price to become better every day. And the accumulative weight of their efforts is now paying huge dividends.

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