What Are You Willing to Give Up Now?

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So a few posts ago I mentioned that the prime time to build the business is the evenings.  And that if you’re serious about doing the business, you’ll be out two to three evenings a week.  Now when I say that, what’s your first reaction?

I know what most people in the herd would say…

They would tell you they’re already working all day, so the evenings are their relaxation time.  And they will likely give you a condescending comment about how they’re such a good parent, they’re home with their kids, such a good husband or wife they’re home with their spouse, or such a devout Christian they’re at church.

Sorry, I’m not buying it.

Because we know what the average person is doing in the evenings is watching five to six hours of television.  And watching reruns of “Friends” during dinner or telling your kid which channel to turn to doesn’t qualify as spending quality time with them in my book.

Now by the way, I’m not against you spending time with your spouse, kids and spiritual home.  I want you to.

But what we’re really talking about here is sacrifice.  Making a conscious decision to get out of balance for a certain period of time, so ultimately you can be free.

And once you’re free, you can spend all the time you want with the people and things that are important to you.  But what are you willing to give up now, to get what you want later?

Please check in below with your thoughts, and I’ll share some more on this in the next post.


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44 Comments on “What Are You Willing to Give Up Now?”

  1. Good morning Randy !
    Thank you for your message this morning.
    Sacrifices are so important !
    We decide to rebuilt one at home, including time for XXXX, time for family…. and stop television, making 4 pbr at the evening.
    As parents, we’ve talked to our children… they are clever and understand us….trust us, for their best future…
    Have a nice, so nice day !
    With my best
    Christine Guedj

  2. UG says:

    I support being in meetings as often as possible. I am in support of making sacrifice now to get what life I really desire tomorrow. But then you must agree with me that we need to do this business from a secure point :we wouldn’t throw caution to the wind. I am just saying that for some women, they just can’t be out there most evenings because of their little ones and because their husbands may not be in the biz with them: home fronts must be well taken care of .
    In a flexible sense, do what works in your environment. If lunch hour meetings work best, JUST DO IT!!!

  3. Yuliya says:

    Good morning Randy !
    Thank you for your message this morning.
    Sacrifices are so important !
    I support being in meetings as often as possible. I am in support of making sacrifice now to get what life I really desire tomorrow.
    With my best

  4. Leigh Townsend says:

    Concerning sacrifice, network marketing is no different that any other business. Those that succeed in any endeavor are always those that are willing to make personal sacrifices – to go the second mile. As they say…there is no free lunch.

  5. lea sedan says:

    Hey Randy ,
    about “What Are You Willing to Give Up Now?”
    For every choice which you make, you have to give up anthe alternative.
    Ihave choose to enter to the mlm busines in my free will, and because of
    this, i do’nt think that i deed any sacrifice.i like to learn about mlm,much more
    than to see in the tv the most popular program which her name is “the big brother”, whic everyony see.
    when someone in the mlm he is free to organize his day, and the time for doing
    his wark. mlm is independent busines, whiout any boss for lelling what you has to do, and in wht time to do it. you can decide for yourself.

    Lea Sedan

  6. Good day Randy!
    ….and thank you so much for your valuable training. Thing’s that you mention are so true if we want to achieve our goals, the sacrifice is necesary to get where we want to go. We want to participate to the Cruise, we want to grow our network and we finally want to Go-Diamond. Diamonds are for ever!
    We are just doing the right things in order to stimulate very drasticly our subconscient in order to transform our dreams in pure reality.
    -read self development books – consume the products – two or three personal presentations a day – + one PBR every single night – and stay connected to the team through Internet, so that the results MUST come alive!
    See you soon in SFO! Cheers!
    Ralfito from Pasto – Colombia

  7. Pete Wehle says:

    Thank You Randy,

    So few people today are talking about sacrifice. They are only willing if it is convenient. You know this to be true. Don’t buy it because I don;t either.

    Pete Wehle

  8. Glen Averill says:

    Dear Randy,
    Thanks for your great teaching. I agree.
    The main question we have about most Network Marketing deals is this, “Why are the products priced so much higher than comparable products in stores?”
    We know that there are some MLM products that have better quality, or proprietary ingredients that warrant a higher price, but not 10-20 times higher.
    Glen Averill

    • Glen,

      I hear this often. No one has ever provided me an example of what you claim. You haven’t provided an example. The products you buy at retail have an original cost of pennies selling for 100’s and sometimes 1000’s more than cost to cover all the middlemen, advertising and transportation. What sells is cheap overpriced close to zero quality goods put together by machines and slaves. The retail cost of mlm products may often be 2 or maybe 3 times higher but what is being sold for 10 or 20x the same thing at a retail store? One reason to participate in mlm is to get the products at wholesale which in my experience is similar to retail but 100x the value. Not once in my life has sears, walmart, target or any other store sent me a check… or a thank you for spending money on overpriced merchandise that usually ends up in a round file a day after the warranty expires.

  9. Enrique says:

    Hi Randy:

    I don’t watch TV anymore and for the past 4 days I haven’t read the newspaper. I have cut my time in the internet to one hour.
    It seems like is a sacrifice because everyone is on a trace:go to work,socialized, and die.
    I am glad I broke from that conditioning but it has been a long struggle dealing with unworthingness issues and “trying to belong.”
    For me that’s the main trance. The body runs on three drives:survival,social and sexual. The social drive is about wanting the group and rejecting as a survival strategy. Safety in the herd even though the herd if jumping off the cliff like the wilderbees in the Singaretee river.

  10. Jim Sereney says:

    Well said Randy!

    I think sacrifice is a part of growth, whether we want to believe it or not.

    I mean, think about it. Probably everything big you’ve accomplished in your life has had some form of sacrifice associated with it.

    When you met your spouse, you sacrificed time with your friends or maybe some hobbies.

    When you got the car or house you wanted , you sacrificed spending money on other things in order to save up.

    Everything worth having comes with a sacrifice. If you’re not willing to sacrifice a little, then you probably won’t achieve your goals.

  11. Sacrifice and ‘suffering’ are connected. I have noticed how often people compare their life to their neighbors, family and friends. The Xyz’s don’t do that and they have…… The Abc’s do it like this and they have….. When I was a kid, younger than 10, I spoke similar statements to be asked; “If everyone was jumping off a bridge would you too?” It happened so often I discovered that the herd was not the place for me if I wanted what I wanted. I had to ‘suffer’ being different, appearing odd at times and finding my own way. I think most people are afraid of suffering, being different, not jumping off the bridge compared to ‘everyone’ else. The Law of Association is at work here. Who you associate with limits or empowers you. I am for brief suffering and being empowered instead of a miserable level of limited comfort acceptable to the herd.

  12. Ellis Hubbard says:

    Been in living rooms late all week RG, and will NOT stop … it has created some tension in the household but I stay steadfast and bringing cash and checks to the wifey from product sales and bonus checks does ease some of the tension – I’m just being REAL with you!!!

  13. Preach it Randy! As Jim Rohn said “Network marketing is a simple business, made up of simple steps. But what’s easy to do…. is also easy NOT to do.”

    The champions consistently do the things that others wont do, so that they can enjoy a lifestyle that others only dream about.

    Keep learning and growing! David

  14. Douglas says:


    I believe you can combine family time and home based business time in the evening.

    Give your kids small tasks appropriate to their age. Even if you have to make something up, such as have little Johnny color a poster with your product on it.

    As your kids and business grow you will grow closer being involved in each others lives.


  15. Mary Jo says:

    Hi Randy,
    I do agree with you on the choices – not necessarily sacrifices – we make to go after the brass ring. It is not just a matter of turning off the TV, however. The issue is deeper, I find.

    Here is what I have encountered multiple times: Someone joins a NM Company, their spouse/Sig Other does not. The new MLMer begins to take the steps to build their business, leaving the spouse/SO alone on the sofa, watching CSI. Within 30 days the Spouse/SO notices the absence of a nearby warm body, and complains. This is the first and only attention the spouse/SO has paid to the new MLMer in eons and the flattery is intoxicating, so the business is put aside for “together time”.

    Gag me!

  16. David Ian says:

    Yes, sacrifice is required in any business venture. Just ask anyone who started a company, read what they write, they all gave up plenty of sleep to to achieve success. The most important thing to do is that the time you sacrifice are 60 second minutes. Don’t set aside time and waste it. Otherwise you can ruin relationships. People need to see that you are using the time productively. Also, make sure it is consistent. 30 focused minutes are more productive then 1 hour broken into 2 30 minute parts.


  17. Veronika says:

    Perhaps I am not an average person, I watch TV for about an hour and in that time I manage to do something for my other business or make cloth for kids.
    I need to spend at least some time with kids, so 3 evenings are not possible for me.

  18. Edward says:

    I totally agree with you Randy about Sacrifice. In Network Marketing the reward for sacrifice is so huge. Trading your time now for future freedom is something that I look forward to. I agree that you have to put yourself out of balance and your comfort zone in order to grow and move ahead. It will all be worth it in the end. The best thing that has helped me out in this is creating a plan of action to be executed to achieve my goals and share it with my family. When we are all on board with it, then we understand up front what the sacrifices will be and can work together in supporting each other in them. Thanks again Randy for the great things you share with us all.

    God Bless,

  19. Jack says:

    Hello Randy:

    I tend to agree with Glenn above who made the comment about products from network marketing costing more than they should. Actually, I agree to a point.

    Randy, when you look at a compensation plan and see how many times a person can get paid based on the size of their downline for a single sale, it’s obvious that the products are overpriced to support that system. Additonally, when you look at the size of the bonus pools and bonus checks that network marketing companies pay out, it’s again obvious that the products are priced much higher than if they were sold commercially. While you make sense about products being sold at Target, etc having a huge mark-up, that doesn’t neccessarilly mean that mlm should follow the same footprint. Wouldn’t it be great if mlm sold their products at a discount making it more acceptable for consumers to purchase products from mlm and removing the overpriced taboo from our industry.

    I’ve been in our industry 5 years and as much as I love it, that is a sore spot with many educated consumers. JL

  20. Ross Parker says:

    Excellent points Randy. I think that “my relaxation time” thing is just another excuse. When you have to start a business – especially if you are working full time and can only do it part time – there has to be some sacrifice. You must MAKE the time and that usually means giving something up or changing a habit or two.

  21. Jack LaCava says:

    Randy, I have to agree with Glen to a point concerning the high cost of network marketing products. When you look at how many times a distributor gets paid from his/her downline – depending on the plan – for a single sale, it is obvious that the products are priced too high. Additionally, when you look at the size of bonus checks and bonus pools that companies offer, well that is funded from the profits which come from the price points of those products.

    Yes, you make a good point about Target, etc. but that doesn’t mean mlm should follow in the same footprint as the greedy retailers. Wouldn’t it be great if mlm priced their products/services less expensively and remove that taboo from our industry. I don’t recall if you covered this subject in your Manifesto but it is an issue and a sore spot for many educated consumers.

    I’ve been in nm for over 5 years and love it. I didn’t get to where I’m at by not sacrificing along the way. JL

    • Randy Gage says:

      Have you ever seen how many levels get paid in the old broken down model of retail? Manufacturer, wholesaler, rack jobber, distributor, warehouses, truckers, retail store. That’s why a box of cereal that has a cost of 30 cents sells for $3 or $4.


      • Jack LaCava says:

        Exactly my point Randy. It’s a similar situation with networking marketing and all the levels that get paid. That’s why a bottle of vitamins that costs $1.00 ends up costing the consumer $40.00. We have a similar broken down model!

        Who will be the first network marketing company that decides to update their business model and reduce costs/payouts and stop offering overpriced product? Distributors would still make a substantial amount of money.

  22. Brian Dudley says:

    I love that you call it the way it is. People make time for what is important to them. Break down a 168 hour week.

    168 hrs
    Sleeping 8 hrs x 7days = 56hrs (bal 112 hrs)
    JOB 5 x 10 hrs = 50 hrs (bal 62 hrs) put 10hrs to consider commutes etc

    20 hours a week in your Network Marketing Business part-time still leaves you 42 hours a week to have for personal time.

    It is how you allocate the 62 hours after sleeping and Job that makes the difference.

  23. Daniela Orrico says:

    Thank you Randy for your post.
    I’m single and I’m not sons, then I’ve more time for my business.
    I don’t like to watch the TV.
    I work in my business not only in the evening, but also in the morning
    and some time in the night (I search people on facebook or in the
    I continue at to study english and after I want to work with you around
    the world.
    I like to travel and I like to stay on the stage.
    I hope soon.
    Thank you for your advisers in the event to Rome, very importants.
    Thank you for all.

  24. Randy,

    What you taught me years ago in a little Ft Lauderdale meeting continues to drive my ever growing business model… “if you do today what others won’t you’ll live tomorrow like others can’t”

    Oh yeah doing this has enabled me to escape the rat race , live a dream lifestyle & help lots of others do the same.

    Warren Little

  25. Ronald Cheek says:

    No Sacrifice, No Victory…….when everyone else is playing, you are working, so later when everyone else is working you are playing, on the beaches of the world.

  26. Earl Warren says:

    In todays world one does’nt get something for nothing. We have to make some sacrifice in order to be financially free. Using some evenings to do meetings and other activities is definitely necessary forthose who would want such freedom.Thanks for this very important reminder Randy.

  27. Claudia says:

    Dear Randy,

    I love to receive your mails and read your blog! Just recently I’ve got some of your book from the series about prosperity, and been thinking A LOT about your teachings, specially about paying the price….

    I’ve been thinking, that I’ve worked as an employee for too many years, and all those extra hours, extra meetings, extra efford, courses, etc. have been a VERY HIGH price that I’ve already payed and have got any or very little reward.

    I see that now I have a choice! and I can start moving the universe by taking one dicision… I can keep on paying this endless price at my job (where my paycheck never changes) or keep paying the new price I’m paying in my mlm business. So far, I’ve received a much bigger reward for it!!! and I feel I have the control I do pay more – I do get more.

    I trully believe and appreciate your teachings, and I’m absolutely willing to pay this price, as you say: value for value, it’s not expected to be easy.

    Thank you so much for taking some time and share your toughts and experiences, I really love them and have been trying to follow, and some things have started to change :)

    All my respect

  28. […] fbShare = {url: 'http://www.networkmarketingtimes.com/blog/freedom-is-never-free/',size:'large'} So last post I said that if you’re serious about doing the business, you’ll be out doing the business two to […]

  29. Jack says:

    Business is about investments – not about sacrifices.
    You decide IF – and then – how to invest your time and energy.
    Invest them wisely and your business will grow.

  30. Margaret Hockaday says:

    That is so true, most people would tell anything they think you want to hear. They can find time for inane things except for what matters the most. To many make excuses and I tell them that they are blocking themselves. Put things in prospective and you will see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  31. Mike says:


    I’m very interested in what you have to say. I am new to NM, but have been online marketing for 10 years. Signed up with a good NM company, but need guidance on getting leads and prospecting. I’m not the most social guy around, and with NM having such a negative stigma, it’s hard to take the ‘no’s’.



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