What Is Really Hard?

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So I was doing trainings all through South America last week.  I was discussing what percentage of people actually do something in the business.  I mentioned that in the last six years I had sponsored almost 200 people.

You could see the looks on many of the people’s faces.  That thought that was amazing.  That thought that was hard.

200 people divided by 72 months.  That’s not hard.  I work at home in my underwear!  Travel the world First Class, and stay in luxury hotels.  Get to spend my days helping people reach their potential and live their dreams.

You want to know what’s hard?

Doing your job.

Many of you reading this are construction workers, fast food employees, doctors, attorneys, truck drivers, flight attendants, retail clerks, and on and on.   When I’m on stage and you’re thinking about how hard what I have done is – I’m thinking how glad I am I don’t have to do your job!

Just some food for thought…


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22 Comments on “What Is Really Hard?”

  1. Bruce Cleek says:

    You got that right Randy! Hard to believe people are so job-minded that they won’t even entertain the thought of being their own boss and have control over their own destiny! Keep up the good work!


  2. Todd Young says:

    YAAAAAHOOOO!!!!!!!!!!! and “HEAR HEAR” “I love waking up in the morning, standing on my balcony with my hot tea in hand (In my underwear) and waving to everyone going to work. Man, I would HATE doing that. You know, confined to a box all day being told what to do with no end in sight..now THAT IS HARD! What I do for a living is “A Dream come true”! NO JOB. NO BOSS. NOBODY TELLING ME WHAT TO DO WITH FEAR OF LOSING MY LIVELIHOOD. ONLY 2 weeks a year vacation??? Are you kidding me?? I vacation 80 hours a week. Every week…and take time off to go places every now and again too with my wife and family. CASH FLOW!! (Residual Income for you job people) weather I take off to see family or weather I”m traveling somewhere working with my team. It’s not how much money you make while you’re working. It’s how much money you’re making while you’re not working! That’s true residual income! That’s FREEDOM! Thanks to America and “The Free Enterprise System”!! and of course, RG!

  3. Dave Pyke says:

    What is really hard? Working 40 hours a week for 40 years, paying back thousands in student loans, years of frustration about having enough to pay the bills, while never having that family vacation you always dreamed of.

    All because of a misconception about what a home business is. Is it just me or do all these people have the word “ignorant” tattooed on their forehead?

    Love ya Randy!

  4. Rhema Flowers says:

    Ouch! That hurts. It’s true, but it hurts nonetheless! Thanks for the insight!

    Hahaha! : )

  5. rene says:

    Exactly what I have been saying to some people that told me that to reach the top you had to work hard. I told them that in my previous job I worked hard (with 4 people carying 16 tons of gravel 20 metres up the stairs in 4 hours is hard work) but that you couldn’t call MLM hard work. Long hours sipping coffee and telling the same story ten times a day is something nobody can call hard work. ;-0

  6. Tim Berry says:

    What else is hard…

    When you come from a job or corporate environment where you had set hours and when you were off, you were really off, and then you transition into network marketing where you can work it 24/7 and have to make sacrifices you aren’t necessarily used to making.

    I laugh at people claiming to live the dream just because they are a “network marketer.” The title does not suddenly make your life easier. In fact, if you ever want your life to become easier and reap the rewards, you are going to have to buckle down and work harder, mentally & emotionally, than you ever have before.

    You will have to miss birthdays, anniversaries, school plays, graduations, weddings, funerals, and much more if you truly want to be a professional that reaches success in this space. You won’t have to miss all of these things, but there will be times, and those decisions will be tough.

    A week-long trip flying around South America speaking, even if it was in First Class, would be hard on my family.

    I have been fortunate to have a little success in network marketing. When people ask me how hard I have to work, I tell them I am working harder than I ever have before but that I love it and would rather be doing this kind of work than any work I know. My friends and family know I am much happier here than when I was practicing medicine.

    Too often, people join and start living the dream before the dream is really available to them. I did that in the beginning, but that catches up on you fast.

    My advise – work faster, work harder, work smarter, and work more than you ever have before. If you love it, it won’t seem like work.

  7. Marita says:


  8. Magomed says:

    I love network marketing, I love freedom

  9. Jack says:

    If you don’t love what you do, it doesn’t matter what the job is — it going to be hard. Yes, even network marketing.

  10. Awesome, (nothing more to say, except I’m going to use this in my business meeting tonight)

  11. Jirina says:

    Dear Randy,

    I think it is very hard to get the “top “, because before you get there, you can not always choose the people with whom you work.
    When you’re on “top” professionals around you, you can rely on them

    I’ve registered 2 months ago. Sponsor three weeks I’ve seen the other 4 will not see him again, because it makes the final examination and defense in college.
    The team I was “not fit” for them because I’m probably too old – or have high demands on good manners – I do not know.
    For me right now are the hardest to absorb everything about XXXXXl, you translate your book How To Build a Multi-Level Money Machine, change my thinking and save up the money to Salt Lake City.
    Also I work at home in your underwear too – but that’s all for now, what to do with you in common.
    Sorry – that was a joke.


  12. Tony Scarcia says:

    Great point Randy. It’s not hard at all, if one does the work. I think it’s the delayed gratification that people some struggle with, as in “why can’t I have what he has right now”. Great post.

  13. Rodney Wren says:

    It’s so TRUE! Working a job is much harder and working towards your dreams.

  14. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,
    You are the boss of yourself and you life.When someone live his dream in the reality life become meaningful.Nothing is more hard than to work for anathe boss and to make him reach.

  15. Kayla says:

    I think the question here is boxers or briefs? ;)

  16. Monica says:

    I totally loved when you said that, you are sooooo right, I am one of the few who is willing to do the right things now to be able to enjoy myself and my family very soon.
    Thank you Randy, you rock!!

  17. Yohan says:

    Hey randy,

    That’s true, I am also in Network Marketing and it’s great working this way. Actually, you don’t have to hassle the person to come and buy the product but only show him all the great changes it will make in their lives and the opportunity which is brought forward to them. Sometimes when you try to convince someone too much, they start thinking, wow wow, there’s something wrong in that. The best is to let the person inquire after we’ve spoken so that things get to progress on this person as well. let them do their own research and show them how they can also make money the same way we do :) If someone’s not interested, let them, they’ll come afterwards when seeing that others are getting into this opportunity and enjoying it fully.


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