What is Your System?

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You hear me talk about having a duplicable system all the time.  It’s such a vital element for your success that’s it’s worth exploring deeper.  So let me share what I told the attendees who joined me in Las Vegas for the Mega-MLM event…

There are six essential components that make up a duplicable system for your team.  They are:

1)  Mass market prospecting tool.  Your people need a tool they can give a casual acquaintance they may meet in their day-to-day life.  If the candidate is a flight attendant, car rental clerk or someone they may not ever see again otherwise, they need a tool they can give them that will create interest and hopefully a follow up.

I would prefer this be company specific, but it can’t just be a product catalog.  If your company doesn’t have this, then use my Lifestyle Freedom Pack. It’s a generic preview of the business to intrigue people to want to attend a presentation.

2) Standard Presentation.  This doesn’t mean a word-for-word script, but a standard format that everyone follows.  People tell their own stories and jokes, but they should all be following the same basic outline.

3) Presentation tool.  This is a VERY important component because it allows new people to get enrolling quickly.  If they have to learn how to make presentations themselves right away, they’ll get poor results and you’ll have a high dropout rate.  Nothing beats videos for the best duplication.

4) Quantified “Ladder of Escalation.”  Another name for this could be the prospecting pipeline.  Meaning the process that you pull prospects through as they evaluate your business.

I use the term ladder of escalation because I believe you want the process to escalate each step, meaning each step is always a bigger deal for the prospect than the preceding one.  So this needs to be spelled out for each step, the action to take and the marketing materials that accompany each action.

5) Standardized “Fast Start” Training.  Remember that you make or break most new team members in the first two weeks, and the first 48 hours is critical.  You need to get them into action quickly and that action must start to produce some results.

To make that happen effectively, you need a training that helps them through the basic things such as making a list, scheduling their week, doing their first invitations, etc.

If your company or sponsorship line doesn’t have this, I have some wonderful tools for you to use.  They are the “First Steps” booklet, and the “Getting Started,” “Secrets of a Dynamic Day” and “What You Need to Know First” audios.  These are all included in the Fast Track Pack combo. Then supplement them with something that shows new people how to enroll, order products, sign up customers, and work their back office.

6) Standardized Event Structure.  You need that the team follows the same event structure and sequence everywhere.  So make sure there is a standard format for local recruiting meetings and training events.  Then there needs to be destination team events for training.  Most of these are for everyone, but once a year at least you need something just for the top leaders.

The role of these six components is to allow your team to automate and scale up as many processes as possible.  This is vital to create true duplication for the people that do the business in a big way and start out fast.

I can tell you we did some “Hot Seats” on this in Vegas and between those and conversations with attendees, I believe no one there really has this down as airtight as it needs to be.

So it’s really worth some time doing some critical thinking on this with your sponsorship line and/or company, and seeing what you can do to tighten this up.  It will make a huge difference in your enrollments, and thus your duplication.

And as always, if you haven’t reviewed my Duplication Nation album, go through that training, because it will help you greatly in setting up your system.  It’s my complete, generic training on how to construct the system for your organization.

I’m on my way to Thailand, where I have 5,000 people waiting at an event.  I’ll check in on the other side.


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14 Comments on “What is Your System?”

  1. Cynthia says:

    I believe that my company has all of these things in place (it’d better have them! (You’re at the top of my upline!)

  2. DaveM says:

    Toiling with my sponsorship line to implement something that their down line brought to them seems like a fantasy… They rather tell you that your changing the system.
    How then do you proceed?

  3. Very good post Randy

  4. Randy you’ve been modeling this for years with much success.

    I appreciate the early days when you got me to “get it” that this was a formula for success.

    Your resources are great when a company doesn’t have their own resources/tools in place.

    I also like these=> http://dld.bz/Qgze as well for their comprehensiveness & effectiveness.

    Appreciate your leadership Randy.

    – Regards,
    Warren Little

  5. Colin Wingate says:

    I am currently in Thailand. When and where is your live event ??

  6. Vern Otto says:

    I am on the third leadership level with the company I’m with. In South Africa and earning a very good passive income. Will be in the position by the end of this year where I can kick the time trap. Had a lot of co-dependancy in my business in the early stages but through the system I have learnt and duplicated from your teaching Randy I have been able to produce great momentum and more importantly, great leaders. Will have the rock star livestyle. Will definitely be one of the network marketing greats. You don’t know me, but you are my mentor and I appreciate you. Would love to meet you some time in the future.

  7. Merab Muligisa says:

    There is a system in our organisation and your DvDs and Books have been very helpful. Cost of some of the tools and lack of training opportunities are major hinderances. thank you.

  8. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    enjoy in Thailand.
    Ithink i have these components of the duplicable system
    ,When i will be need something more of these,than i will
    buy from your.

  9. amri latief says:

    i belive rendy, as ibelive my k link systm

  10. danilo says:

    Hi Randy

    this is a spectacular post, which has helped me tremendously to put all the pieces of the puzzle together! I can tell you that after I read and listened to Duplication Nation, my organization volume has already increased 30%!

    I absolutely love when you say that the role of these 6 components is to AUTOMATE and SCALE UP as many PROCESSES as possible.

    NOW everything is clear to me!

    Thanks and look forward to get the recordings of your Vegas training in my hands!

  11. Hi Randy,

    I believe that any company system should always begin with Targeted Lead Generation. Without fresh, targeted leads (the RAW MATERIALS of your business) you will fail.

    Take care, Floyd Albarado

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