What It Takes to Make It

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People often ask what it takes to be successful in Network Marketing.  I have a short, simple answer…

All you got.

Fortunately it doesn’t take more than all you got.  But it does take all you got.  In fact, I’ll suggest this business will be the hardest one you’ll ever do, period.

And I’m qualified to make that statement.  I’ve been president of the Chamber of Commerce, worked in the corporate world, run distribution companies, managed medical centers, launched HMO’s, started restaurants & clubs, Internet marketing, information entrepreneur, owned a hairstyling salon, and published a magazine.  I’ve consulted with literally hundreds of other entrepreneurs in all kinds of businesses.  And can assure you, Network Marketing is harder than all of them!


Quite a few reasons.  First, the essence of the business is leadership development.  Not an easy thing to learn. Or teach.  This takes tremendous people skills.

Because of that, MLM requires large amounts of personal growth and self-development.  And working on yourself is tough work!

Other businesses you can get by on just skill, just talent or just money.  Here you need heart.  Guts.  And love.

With Network Marketing, you have to go all in.  You can start it part-time, you can start it with a limited commitment, you can start it not even believing it will work.

But to succeed at it, at some point you’ll have to move from kindergarten to the big leagues.  You’ll have to go from a night or two a week, to four or five nights a week.  You’ll have to commit and you’ll have to develop belief.

Here’s why…

You can’t really get anyone into our business.  It doesn’t work that way.  You can only commit, develop that belief and become so passionate that people want to be a part of what you’re doing.

MLM is like golf.  The only person you compete with is yourself.  The enemy isn’t other companies.  It’s not negative prospects.  And it’s not government regulation, high prices, or backorders.  The real enemy is your doubts and fears.  It’s what’s between your ears.

Most people today doubt their beliefs and believe their doubts.  You have to be different.  And that means daily self-development.  Keeping your dream in front of you.  And making sure your dream is bigger than your fears.

Yeah, you can probably win a free cruise, get a bonus car and rake in some nice bonus checks.  That would probably motivate you to go to a job every day.  That would probably motivate you to do any one of those other businesses I named.  But it’s probably not enough to get you to do Network Marketing.

Because our business is a lot tougher than those.  Our business means contacting prospects, driving to work with long distance lines, and sacrificing lots of pleasures early on for the long term.  It means really getting out of your comfort zone and growing.

So your dream has to be even bigger.  It has to include other people’s dreams.  Taking your eyes off of just yourself and looking how you can contribute in a meaningful way.

It’s going to mean facing rejection and maybe ridicule.  Facing your fears.  Dealing with dropouts and no shows.  Negative publicity, misperceptions, and adversity.

We know every adversity has in it the seeds of a greater opportunity.  But that opportunity is not automatic!  It is there only if you make a conscious choice not to be a victim; a conscious choice to learn the lesson and find a new door to walk through.  And remember, every room has a door.

Network Marketing is HARD.  So why do it?

Because it will be the most rewarding business you ever do in your life.  Yes it can give you those trips, car and bonus checks; it can get you free.  But it also does so much more…

The confidence you develop, the skills you learn, the satisfaction you gain are priceless.  Who you have to become to be successful in our business makes it all worth it.

And the joy that can only come from contribution…

When your new team member calls you screaming with excitement because they’ve sponsored their first person.   The breakthroughs you witness when someone buys their first suit, makes their first presentation, or calls that prospect that scares them beyond measure. When one of your people conquers their fear in any way, it will bring you rewards you can’t get anywhere else.

In our business you reach success by helping other people reach success.  That is what gets you up at 6 am to do self-development, that is what gets you to pick up the phone, that is what keeps you awake driving home at 2 am from a meeting for a new person on your tenth level.

So yeah, it doesn’t take more than you got.  But it does take all you got.  Just know it’s worth it.

So find someone you respect and make them a promise that you will do what it takes to win.  Ask them to hold you accountable.  Then make yourself the same promise.  After that, make a public declaration below in the comments.  Are you up for that?

Then tweet this post, “like” it on Facebook, blog it, or email a link to everyone on your team.  Bookmark this and come back to it whenever the seed of doubt creeps in.

Start EVERY day with positive self-development.  Don’t answer your phone, answer the door, or leave the house until your consciousness is vibrating at thermonuclear level.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are worthy.

Then go out and be amazing!


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90 Comments on “What It Takes to Make It”

  1. Randy you always have a way with the right post at the right time. This really caught my eye.
    But to succeed at it, at some point you’ll have to move from kindergarten to the big leagues. You’ll have to go from a night or two a week, to four or five nights a week. You’ll have to commit and you’ll have to develop belief.

    This was a post I just put on my blog.

    What’s the difference between the $1000 a year earner and the 100k a year earner and the 100k a month earner? SKILLS.
    It’s all about skills

    The great thing about skills is they can be learned. Network marketing is not about talent. I have seen a lot of very talented people never make a dime in MLM. I have seen a lot of committed people make very little money. At least committed people will stay actively doing something until they figure it out or get lucky. And yes luck has a lot to do with it, but you make your luck with activity.
    Have you heard the saying “potential minus commitment equals nothing”

    Skills are what holds most back from really making this thing pop. To be the best baseball player you must practice. Practice the wrong skills and you are still a bad ball player with bad skills. Skills are what separates the major league player from the AA or the AAA players.

    If you focused learning the art of prospecting and practiced every day, do you think you could become a master prospector?

    If you practiced the art of asking questions do you think you could become a master comunicater?

    If you combine the commitment to learn the skills you need to build a large network marketing business and your commitment to do the activity needed. You will be making the 100K a year then a month and maybe even a week.

    Practice does not make perfect. Practice makes you better. Practice the SKILLS and I will see you at the TOP.

  2. Natalie says:


    I love you. I appreciate you. I adore you.

    You say: “So find someone you respect and make them a promise that you will do what it takes to win. Ask them to hold you accountable. Then make yourself the same promise. After that, make a public declaration below in the comments. Are you up for that?”

    I respect YOU. Randy, I will do what it takes to win.

    Will you please hold me accountable?

    Natalie, I promise to do what it takes to win. You hear that?!

    Everyone reading – and those angels, fairies, gnomes, and past dead heros of MLM looking upon us and cheering us all of from other realms – to you all: I declare I shall do what it takes to win.


  3. If EVERY single Network Marketer read this article first thing in the morning for the next 90 days, we would totally change the world. What a powerful message.

    Thank you Mr. Gage!

  4. Randy,

    The frankness & transparency of this post will be a blessing to all of those in our industry . . .especially those who need to “really” understand just what our business is.

    This post reminds me of the overall content theme in Robert Kiyosaki’s awesome book, “The Business School For People Who Like Helping People…The 8 Hidden Benefits of Network Marketing Other Than The Money”.

    Along with several of your books & others my leaders & I ALWAYS recommend or INSIST new people read that book.

    We do that because in plain language , like this post , it encapsulates who you become in this industry is one of the greatest benefits .

    – Warren Little

  5. Gary Hasson says:

    Telling it like it is!

    When we inform people what it takes to be successful in our profession (as Randy did here in the eloquent way that only he can) people tend to not quit when they encounter their first challenges, and encounter they will! They also won’t blame you and they won’t blame the profession on their lack of instant success. Establish realistic expectations up front as outlined here by Mr. Gage, and get after it.

    Keep up the great work my friend!

  6. Jim Sereney says:

    Wow!! Incredible message….probably the best post I’ve read of yours!
    I WILL do do what it takes. Thank you for continuing to inspire and motivate.
    You’re the best, man!!

  7. Ronald Cheek says:

    Well said Randy, well said!

  8. Carol Barrett says:

    Wow — great post Randy.

  9. David Frey says:

    Now this is a freak’in awesome post Randy.

    If any of us has an MLM business that isn’t meeting our expectations or going the way we’d like it, the fault (or responsibility) lies with US and no one or nothing else.

  10. Nam says:

    It’s on now!

  11. Jose Lopez says:

    I do!

  12. C.S. Hughes says:

    Randy, you gotta be one of the most legit dudes in network marketing! I love how you just flat out tell the truth. So many people want to sugar coat what it takes to make it big in the mlm profession. So many leaders sugar coat the truth which results in even more people becoming disillusioned about the business. I’ve made millions of dollars over the last 11 years in mlm. Yes you can get your feet wet 10-15 hours a week and make some money, but if our peeps want to go big, your article is what the doctor ordered. Great work! C.S. Hughes

  13. Dawn says:

    Randy – this is probably the most honest, and yet inspiring article on network marketing I’ve ever come across. Thank you!

  14. Randy, you are such an inspiration! I love that you always say exactly the right thing at exactly the right time for me.

    I will give it everything I’ve got and I will not stop until I have achieved everything I’ve ever dreamed of!

    Thank you so much Randy!

    Much love,

    David Haines

  15. Jaffers says:

    Really? This is the biggest load of empty motivation I’ve ever seen.

    Get out, work hard – yes, but do it in an industry you can actually advance and make money in.

    • Randy Gage says:

      Okay I’ll assume you didn’t do your self-development this morning!


    • see that’s exactly what Randy and everyone else is talking about. They blame it on the industry not the persons lack of drive to be a better person. I meet people all the time with all the talent in the world but just think there all that and a bag of chips but that’s there biggest problem. Jaffers I’m not saying directly at you. I don’t know you. It’s the attitude your post has that just proves Randys point.

      Have a Blessed day Jaffers

      • Andrea says:

        Jaffers…I’m just curious why on earth you’re reading Randy Gage blogs if you have that attitude about MLM…are we on candid camera? :)

    • Neil W. McFadden says:

      I’ll answer this ‘properly’ for RG and the rest that don’t know what to say to that… “You’re a f*cking loser. Good luck.”

      Randy my man,

      You ARE an inspirational FORCE. DoLife!

  16. Rose Mis says:

    Randy … thank you for this brilliant, inspirational post. It is one of the est that I have read in a long time!!

    I learn more about myself and who I must become EVERY day thanks to network marketing. The “who I used to be” surely doesn’t look like the “who I am today”. And sometimes going through that is just so messy … but so worth it.

    I will definitely take on a daily accountability call with my partner. Will be GREAT for both of us !!

    YOU are appreciated !!


  17. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,
    You rmessage in this post is inspiring.To get the succes you have
    to put in all you got,and much,much more. To use all the abilities
    you will aquire,you have to get self divelopmentall the time.
    “Success is attract to the man you become”.Jim Rohn.
    Somebody said “Belief, Enthusiasm, Posture – When I have all three, nothing stops me.

  18. Karina says:

    Dear Randy! Love you for what you do and share with us and there is no other word to express the feelings when you touch me with your posts, speeches, video, training or personal meetings (once in Moscow :)

    I’ve read your post today morning and postponed all my things today to translate your words into russian language to share it with all my russian speakers colleagues. For I believe, not share this post with anyone w know is equal to stealing it from thier lives!

    Love ya, my dear sponsor Randy!

  19. Jon Smith says:

    Early Sunday morning here. What an inspiring blog post to start the day!
    Great to see you here in the UK last monday night. Thank you .
    Jon and Belinda

  20. Jack Bastide says:

    But Randy this just sounds so Hard

    My Sponsor said all I had to do was sign up with the Big
    Package and go on Auto-ship

    You mean there’s more to it? :)


  21. Warren Wong says:


    What a powerful topic! The way you put it strives right up exactly and sums what we should always be doing. Practice and be better. Face up to ourselves. The basic and also the essence of it, personal growth and self development. Commit, Do, Believe.

    Thank you Mr Gage.

  22. Randy – this is fantastic, already re-posted it. Beautifully written and right on the money. I wish more people had the balls to really empower people to understand what kind of work is involved in our industry.

    We need to prepare people for reality as opposed to this sort of crap – 1) Buy this 2) We’ll do all the work for you 3) You get paid – seriously! I honestly can’t believe people still are drawn to that sort of marketing…but they are.

    Thanks for keeping it real…for playing big…and for continuously giving it “all YOU got!”

    Game on!

  23. Douglas says:


    Finally, finally someone who is big-no huge in the industry has laid it out in no uncertain terms

    “In fact, I’ll suggest this business will be the hardest one you’ll ever do, period.”

    Other may have said it but I have never seen it laid out simple honest.

    The golf analogy was excellent. You owning a hair salon cracked me up.

    “Come to my hair salon and have hair like me”


  24. Larry Bowditch says:

    Thanks Randy… inspiring post, filled with truths.
    I commit to me to give all I’ve got to create the life I want for me and my family.
    I commit to lead in a way that others desire to follow and to help them get their wants also.
    Thanks for sharing what it takes to win big. I will pass it on to others.


  25. Kevin Grover says:

    Hi Randy,

    The plain truth about the network marketing business you so eloquently laid out in this post reflects my own belief, and includes much of what I actually discuss with potential prospects, as I want them to realize the amount of commitment involved when going after any dream, not just a big check in MLM. I prefer to be honest and up front about it, albeit in a way that they can relate to, and if they don’t come on board at first, they don’t. I’ll just touch base with them periodically in the future…

    However, I’d like to comment on one thing you mentioned and that’s “getting out of your comfort zone”.

    I think when a person is confronted with having to ‘get out of their comfort zone’ to get what they want, i.e., a big check, I think their ego and their subconscious team up to form an “excuse factory” to short circuit their ability to do just that: Get out and go after it.

    Perhaps if we taught people how to “expand their comfort zone, and take it with them”, by educating people about in our business about who, how, when and where this industry started (so few who work in this business actually know it), to give just one example, might be a better way to go about it…

    It’s a fascinating story of American capitalism, it led to the use of pay plans and products millions and millions of people use everyday both inside and especially outside of MLM and I really think it would increase the mojo and confidence of newer people in the business when encountering objections or even ridicule.

    Another thing I think would help ‘expand your comfort zone’ is coaching people on how to refine their own desire and life experience into a compelling story to tell others. The biggest checks often go to the most compelling storytellers in this business, and encouraging new recruits to develop and refine their own story of why they’re doing this business is something they can get really passionate about. It’s about their life and their struggles and their journey to success and freedom and nobody can take it away or call it a ‘scam”.

    Again, expanding their comfort zone and taking it with them… Fire up their confidence and passion in themselves to eliminate the fear of what this business is really about. Taking responsibility for your own destiny and reaping the rewards of your own hard work.

  26. John Fogg says:

    I can not think of another “Network Marketer” I ALWAYS read. Certainly glad I “got” this one. Love it (literally) when your keyboard is connected directly to your heartdrive.

    Thanks RG.
    Appreciate you.

  27. Paula says:

    I echo what’s been said RG OMG Jack you crack me up !!! I am my own auto ship. I call me the Good Ship Lollypop. The power of MLM is we are investing in ourselves. We become brilliant. Great post YOU ROCK !!

    Have a blessed day :)

  28. Ivan Sisco says:

    Amazing Post! Thanks Randy… All I can give is All I can give.. :)

  29. Marina Rudenko says:

    Great post, Randy. Love it!

  30. Raghu V says:

    Mr. Randy,

    Fantastic! With my limited experience in MLM, I can say this blog speaks absolute truth about the fascinating opportunity called Network Marketing.

  31. Jamie says:

    Thank you for always giving all you’ve got so selflessly.

    I promise, rocksta – I’ll always give all I’ve got.

    You’re priceless, i love you, and it’s an honor to be in your team.


  32. Maggie Lancy says:

    This is so true Randy.

    If you just understand this then you will have created a residual income for your future.
    Stay Patient and do what it takes!

  33. This is a fabulous article! I have been involved with network marketing businesses for more than 15 years, and I am JUST starting to get it now.

    I think some MLM company executives should read this article. There are many that promote the message of “recruiting” or “sponsoring” in all the wrong way. Then, by the time it reaches a new recruit it’s no where near the positive message it should be.

    While there will always be some negativity around MLM, network marketing and direct sales, there is no stopping those that really get it. It can be a wonderful vehicle for success, far beyond the monetary. Just as you said.

    This is going in my permanent file. Thanks again!

  34. LADANISA says:


  35. Rachel Henke says:

    Now that is honest and amazing. All of those things that are so hard when things are not going well but are so brilliant when they are going right are the reason why I don’t quit. And I have come close a few times.

    There’s no business like this one and it’s addictive for anyone who’s committed to greatness and to shaking others up so they can reach for it too.

    Have a fabulous Sunday Randy

  36. Gina says:

    This was a great post. I’m definitely bookmarking this one and sharing with a few folks. Awesome! Thanks Randy!

  37. mansure says:

    thank u
    it was full of energy I love it.
    thanks :X

  38. This is a fantastic post! Very inspiring, and just what I needed to start the week on a high. Thanks Randy. I know I have what it takes and I’ll give it everything.


  39. Diana Lewis says:

    Extraordinary post Randy! This is why people listen to you, because you tell it like it is. Success takes time, dedication, hard work, commitment, investing and believing in yourself…….and yes, it is worth it.

  40. Outch Randy!!!
    That probably hurted a lot in many readers. But your statement is so true.
    Network marketing is so simple, but so tought at same time.
    To succed you really have to give yourself 100% or you are out.
    Thanks for hit so strongly :-)

    Tiago C. Simões

  41. I extremely lOve the way you look at NM!
    Your blogs,books & thoughts are quite motivating for networkers around the universe!
    ThnX a loooot!

  42. I second the motion with Faouzi D.: If EVERY single Network Marketer read this article first thing in the morning for the next 90 days, we would totally change the world. What a powerful message.
    And Diana L.: Extraordinary post Randy! This is why people listen to you, because you tell it like it is. Success takes time, dedication, hard work, commitment, investing and believing in yourself…….and yes, it is worth it.

  43. Ellis Hubbard says:

    I will do whatever it takes to get my freedom done and that of as many people as I can free too!

  44. Dan says:

    Nice post and you are right about network marketing being one of the hardest businesses in the world to start because most of the control is in other’s hands it seems.

  45. Michael Head says:

    Awsome post.

    As Paul Harvey would have said “And now for the rest of the story” and Randy you told us the “rest of the story” and the truth is the truth and will always be the truth.

    Thanks for speaking the truth.


  46. This a been the weekend of transparency with regard to what it really takes to make this business work. I am grateful to belong to a PROFESSION which has wonderful guides & mentors who gain such pleasure from sharing their vast & considerable experience. Thank you Randy.

    I Will Until!

  47. Whoa… that sounds AWFUL!

    I mean, if that’s the truth, and there really is no “residual”, and you can go “Walk the beaches of the world”, then what the hell are we doing this for?

    I’m NOT in this to give my whole life to it- I got in to earn an income that I could WALK AWAY FROM…. maybe that’s why my results aren’t where I want them.

    Seems to me that would be a TERRIBLE recruiting message!

    Am I the only one who feels this way, or the only one willing to say it?

    • And by the way, it was a wonderfully written piece!!!!!

    • Natalie says:

      No – you’re the only one who doesn’t get what he’s saying dear Bones!!!

      He’s saying to get to the BIG rockstar status – you gotta give all you’ve got at the beginning.

      You give half-hearted, every now and then spurt at the beginning, you’ll get a half hearted every now and then spurt of residual income.

      You give all you’ve got and get to earning that financial freedom fully, boldly amazingly – then it’s with you for life, coconut money…

      You can’t walk away each day from it, expecting walk away money. If you go in with entiltement, expecting residual without thinking you actually ahve to lift a finger, then it won’t rise to meet you. Without that commitment, I’m guessing it’d never work!

      It’s a 2-6 year plan – will you give it that?

    • Randy Gage says:

      There is residual in this Bones. But it takes the original work to make that happen.


  48. BR says:

    So much of what I have read here is true. It takes a long time to develop skills especially communication skills. Without being a good listener you will never be a good communicator. Inserting the right questions at the right time and not getting others to feel pressured is key to great communication. If you can’t get people to feel comfortable with you the chance of them joining what you are offering is zero. When communication is done properly you will know if you even want your prospect to join you. It takes a good person to say “I don’t think what I have is a good fit for you”.

    They are checking you out and you should also be sure you have a teachable person that will follow your advice (I’m assuming you know what you are doing) If a prospect feels you have their interest at heart and you do not come across as a pushy car salesman they are most likely going to listen with open ears. Talking only about business is not smart. Trying to find out your prospects wants and needs without sounding like you are prying into the personal business is more than a skill. When you have a caring personality if will come across to all your prospects.

    Your challenge should you accept this assignment is teaching others this or finding the rare person that has already developed this truly caring personality.

    You may not know this but there is something that is much harder than network marketing. Maybe some day we can meet and I will prove it to you.

  49. Sonny says:


    Great post! You touched on the heart of the matter for this business. I just got off the phone with a friend who sounded a bit down and she informed that she was layed off from her job. I shared with her the benefits of network marketing and the opportunity she has to accomplish her own dreams. Her toned changed and she got re-energized, it was such a great feeling just getting off the phone knowing that i’ve inspired someone to embark on a journey that would last forever. Thanks for adding value to us all.


  50. This post is so touched! I love you, Randy. Thank you so much.
    Yes, I commit to become a Diamond and I commit to help my people make their dreams come true!

  51. Noah says:

    Thank you for creating the context of leadership development as our main focus in the business. Thank you for helping me choose to be IN the business!

  52. Nancy says:

    Clear, cut truth!! No bones about it…it is difficult…but without drive and determination, it just wont happen!! I have heard over and over again from my upline… you have to get it deep in your heart…for that is where the motivation comes from…and if this were a get-rich-quick scheme…well you know….thanks for the encouragment!


  53. Tom Doiron says:


    You have been a mentor of mine since 1996. We were photographed together at one of your events in Atlanta in 1997.

    I have read and listened to your stuff for all these years. I don’t know what inspired you to write this piece, but I believe it is your best yet.

    Thanks very much and your are an awesome wordsmith.

    Wishing You Plenty To Live,
    Tom Doiron

  54. Nadiminti says:

    •Yes, Mr RG, I realized after following the system my upline advised, that it is not sufficient to gain knowledge of the Business. I need to have Guts to Call the people who are not easy and to face possible rejections. This is a must to develop Confidance the business demands from us to become Leaders. More than that, the real Committment to do the Business is vital to Help others . From Heart. – Your Message is Very true. I Am Committed to Do it. Its my promise to my Uplines and to The Network Marketing Industry which is Changing the Human relationships to the Universal Fraternity. Thanks. Nadiminti

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  57. suzanne hng says:

    YES! and it is now application time after all the priceless keys Randy.

    A million thanks Randy

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    I frankly learned about much of this, but however, I still believed it had been beneficial. Nice work!

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