What Makes a Professional

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We’ve talked a lot in this space about the difference between professionals and amateurs.  Today is a chance to look again at something that makes you a professional in this profession.  (And please stop calling it an industry!)  

Yes I really believe what we do is a profession, like dentists, accountants, and attorneys.  And a big part of being a professional in a profession, is staying abreast of what is going on in the field, updates on laws affecting the business, and “best practices” that are working.  That means always sharpening your saw and developing new skills.

And in Network Marketing, that means a subscription to Networking Times Magazine…

Networking Times is where you’ll find thoughtful stimulating articles, interviews and profiles of top achievers, and helpful resources about our business.  Anyone that considers themselves a business builder should be a subscriber.  And certainly anyone that wants to be a professional!

I make it an integral part of the culture in my organization and I hope you do as well.  If you’re not a subscriber yet, you can do so here:  http://www.networkingtimes.com/link/subscribe/

And I suggest you send out a promo to your whole team sending them here and encouraging them to get a subscription and commit to becoming a professional.  You’ll find you have much stronger retention and more committed team!

By the way, if you’re already a subscriber, can you please check in below and explain why it’s important?  I want people to understand it isn’t about me hounding them, but them really understanding how important this is to their growth and development in the business.


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15 Comments on “What Makes a Professional”

  1. Warren Wong says:


    This (Net Mktg Times) is the highlight of Go Core. This comes from changing ourselves by committing to get better, what better to makes us professional by being on a quest to continue learning. Blogs, Websites, Books, Seminars etc are part of dedicating ourselves to be better, may be a small part but always a little better. The comments, the learning from what is being said all contributes to part of what we always will term as working on the first circle which is YOU or ME.

  2. Lynn Selwa says:

    Imagine listening to a monthly discussion among the top leaders from 10+ MLM companies….their prosperous viewpoints, pride in the MLM profession, and some fantastic ideas for building strong teams.

    Would it be worth $47.77 ?


    This is a fantastic resource for your business. No company names are mentioned. Networking Times motivates me when I’m having a difficult day, gives me ideas for building and rewarding my team, and recommends new book titles for that all-important personal development habit.

    Also, I understand when the IRS is trying to decide whether your activity is a business or a hobby, one of the questions they ask is, are you subscribing to your industry’s professional journal… because that’s what business owners do! (CPAs, your feedback is welcome.)

  3. Troy M. says:

    I think you have to plug your team into Network Time if wll help them build there belief.

  4. Bob McCrindle says:

    Bob Proctor says that if you want to play good golf, don’t play with your friends, but play with the pros.

    Network Times is full of pros giving their good advise freely. That is a chance to play with the pros.

  5. Kerry Daigle says:

    As one of the most misunderstood professions across the world, NETWORK MARKETING TIMES is published to assist you to understand the wide open possibilities of our profession of network marketing. It is a MUST SUBSCRIBE if you choose to be a top producer. Studying (not reading) the material in each issue will dramatically increase your understanding of this profession giving you to confidence to tackle all opposition you encounter.
    Keep Punching!

  6. Yvonne Hudson says:

    I stand corrected, I like the “profession” of Network Marketing and I consider myself a blossoming Network Marketing Professional. Thank you, RG, you’re at it again!

  7. There is always great content here for helping the committed business builder move both them & their business forward consistently.

    As we all should know at this poit a persons business will only grow as fast as they do as a person.

    – Warren Little

  8. Tom Holden says:

    In my hospital work, I had to log in so many hours of continuing education every year to maintain my license, and it was assumed that everyone subscribed to various journals that were part of being a professional.

    Being a Network Marketing Professional (still in training), I have surrounded myself with books, tapes and The Network Marketing Times. It just makes sense.
    Thanks Randy for pointing this out.

  9. Thanks, Randy, for pointing out the value of Networking Times.

    Twelve years ago, when I first got involved in network marketing, the first thing I did was ask my upline for a generic resource that would educate me, in a non-biased and ongoing way, about the how-to’s and benefits of the profession. Back then the journal was called Upline, which eventually evolved into Networking Times.

    Brand new in the business, I subscribed right away, because I thought even if I find just one idea that will help me, it is well worthe $8.00 per issue.

    This morning I received a letter from a Business School professor who teaches economics at Northern Oklahoma College. He is using Networking Times and other tools we make in his classroom.

    We remain committed to teaching networking professionals around the world the skill set and mindset that will help them succeed in our wonderful profession. If anyone would like a 24-H demo subscription to check it out, simply create an account here http://www.networkingtimes.com/catalog/create_account.php and email me at info@networkingtimes.com

    • Kent Mack says:

      Thank you Josephine for the exceptional support and professionalism you and Chris bring to the table! Your commitment to the “professionalization” of Network Marketing is part of the glue that holds us together!

  10. Thanks for correcting me Randy. I often refer to “this industry” or “this business”.
    I will now use “this profession” as you requested.

    I do read the NWMT constantly, just as Kerry said “studying” each issue. I also save each issue and often refer back to certain articles. There is such great content in that magazine! I like the fact that there are real life stories that are not company published and I learn so much each time.

    Great post today!

    Thanks again for your commitment to this profession!



  11. Donna Bradley says:

    Networking Times is the BEST!! Great articles, insight, training and inspiration from great leaders and professionals of our industry!!

    A MUST for anyone who is serious about their business!

  12. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    Of cours what we do is a profession , and we need to develop news skills.
    Network Marketing, is about marketing , which it’s mean, building a business,
    for to supply the right products to the right people.When anyone wants to the best marketings , he has to investigate, for to know what people want and need,want kind of product wiil do for some kind of people.
    For to be a professional marketer we have to better our communication abilities, to get self development, and more other skills.

  13. i think that being a pro is not an option but a Necessity if you want to make money and be free in MLM , this is not like any other business were you can goof off and stil make money.
    in MLM you need to go pro or go home.

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