What Makes You Great

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So what makes you an MLM Rock Star – a team leader who has active duplication going on, new leaders bubbling up, and group volume that increases?  What makes you great in this business?



More specifically, having the guts to risk rejection or even failure.  Taking a real chance to live your dreams, knowing that it is possible you won’t achieve them.  That takes the kind of determination, guts and courage that few people possess.  But the true leaders in our profession – they possess them.

Let me tell you a story, about a couple of seminal turning points in my career in network marketing.  Two moments in time, when I could turn back, or I could resolve to move forward.  Read them specifically with the intention of the lessons they contain for you.

Turning point number one:  I’m 20-years-old, have just discovered MLM and believe it is the greatest business concept I’ve ever seen.  I scheduled my first home meeting where my upline sponsor is going to present the business opportunity to my friends.  Eighteen people have committed and confirmed they will be there.

Absolutely no one shows up.  No one.

At 7:53 pm on that fateful Tuesday night – I formed a belief.  I formed the belief that of all my friends, family and acquaintances – I was the most ambitious person I knew.

That belief changed everything for me.  It turned me from an automatic dropout, to someone willing to face the fight.  Someone willing to learn the skills, do the work, and become the kind of person who reaches success in our profession.

Turning point number two:  It’s a couple years later.  I’m not rich, I’m not successful, not making big bonus checks.  But I’m in the game.  I sponsor a guy in Indiana and he wants me to fly there and do a kickoff meeting for all his prospects.  The plane ticket, hotel and other expenses are going to be at least $400.  That seems like a huge investment to me at that point in my career, but I made it.  The night before I’m scheduled to fly out, I call him to go over the final details.

He tells me he has a hotel room booked that can hold 200 people.  “Two hundred people,” I practically shriek, “Dude, we need something much smaller.  You want the room to be packed; it creates better energy.”

“Don’t worry,” he replies, “I’ve distributed THOUSANDS of flyers, so I’m sure there will be at least 200, maybe even 300.”

Well I’m no MLM Rock Star at this point, but I did have enough experience to know that you get one prospect show up for every 1,765,455 flyers you distribute.  I tell him to get the hotel to downsize the room, book the smallest one they have.  I ask how many of his friends, neighbors and relatives he’s got coming.  He tells me none.  Says he used to be an MLM junkie and he’s alienated everyone he knows, so he can only do the business with people who don’t know him.  And once again, he enthusiastically mentions just how many flyers he’s been leaving around town.

What would you do?

I don’t know what you would have done.  I just know what I did.  Of course I got on that plane.  (Hope springs eternal in network marketing.)

You know what happened next of course.  No one showed up.  No one.  My guy kept searching the hotel lobby, mumbling about traffic jams and people running late.  By 7:45, it was finally apparent to us that no one was going to come.

So at 7:46 pm on that second fateful Tuesday night – I made a decision.  A decision to do the meeting for him.

I explained that since I was already there, had invested all that money, and he needed to learn the presentation anyway – I would do the entire meeting for him.  Which I did.

He dropped out the next day. 

Doesn’t matter.  Here’s what did matter:  Somehow intuitively I knew that if I didn’t do that meeting – I would never do another.

Fast forward twenty years:  I’ve had a Corvette, NSX, Bentley Continental GT, and seven Vipers as bonus cars.  I’ve earned at least 30 award trips to places like Costa Rica, the great barrier reef, and Hawaii.  About ten million dollars in bonuses.  And some of the dearest friends in my world.  Not too shabby for a dropout who never finished ninth grade.

So I’m very grateful I made the choices I did at those two seminal moments.  But here’s what makes me the most grateful…

Who I had to become, to reach that success. 

Because you can’t build a team without building character.  And one day after years of being a follower – following instructions, following a system, following the leadership – I woke up as a leader.

That’s why I am so passionate about my latest project.  It is the fruition of years of dreaming, planning and work.  The Gage Academy for Network Marketing Leadership.  If you’re a leader in our profession – or aspire to become one – you need to be a member.

Here what becoming a member of the academy will do for you:  you’ll learn new skillsets, deepen your belief, and gain more confidence.  You’ll prospect more and convert more people that you do prospect.  And you’ll be doing it in a way that duplicates.  More importantly, once you get your key people in the academy, you’ll get serious traction duplication-wise, down through your group.

What makes you great? 

The decisions and choices you make when you face those seminal moments.  I’ve just shared the two seminal turning points from my career.  I believe you joining the Academy for Network Marketing Leadership can be that seminal turning point for you.  You can find all the details here: http://www.gagevt.com/

And when we bump into each other two, five or even ten years from now, I look forward to hearing from you, this was the turning point for you!

– RG


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30 Comments on “What Makes You Great”

  1. Faouzi Daghistani says:

    Randy, nothing inspires me more than reading about MLM legends going through the tough times and finding a way to break through.
    The rewards, as you have made clear, are well worth it. Thanks for sharing this powerful message…ready to roll with the Academy!

  2. ROBERTO says:

    Excelente Randy!
    Listo para llevar mi negocio al siguiente nivel!

  3. Thanks Randy — love those real breakthrough moments when you can “see through the brick” … no matter what! … even when it rained in NYC the night of my launch event 26 years ago and only my best friend showed up & signed up … it was a pivotal moment of YES! Taught me to work towards many more of those … as it only takes one at a time to change EVERYTHING! Rocking Gage Academy and recommend it to all of my team members!! Big Hugs!!

  4. I don’t believe you thought is was possible your dreams wouldn’t be fulfilled. Nope, I don’t believe it.

  5. Tom Root says:

    Those stories and a LOT more are part of the inspiration, information and experience that Randy brings to teaching the skills of network marketing in his great new teaching tool — Gage Academy!! We’re moving forward!! Thanks, Randy!!

  6. Odeyemi Adebisi says:

    I’d love to join the academy and learn all about the skills but the fee is large. That would be the response from 87% of those that need the skills here even I, and those that have the resources see us as nothing but dreamers so getting sponsorship is another task but in my case I hope I get it done asap God willing. I never believed in mlm coupled with my mum’s experience but it’s time to set a record. I need the gut and all it takes.

  7. RG ~ THANKYOU, thankyou, thankyou for this blogpost.

    You are blessed and highly favored by God & mankind ~

    (a great quote from The Great Kate McVeigh)

    I truely believe it!

  8. Kanuda J. Paul says:

    Great! I will take time to share with my leaders about this.

    • Nona says:

      It’s always a pleasure to hear from someone with exsietepr.

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  9. One of the turning points in my life was when I joined network marketing! And I’m really happy for that :)
    I think, that turning points are like opportunities, which are happening quite often. The question is do we see and recognize them? Or do we just go through blindly..?

  10. stanley fidelis says:

    hi! I love MLM and i am new in it, but i am ready to put all it takes to successful. Thanks for your inspirations, they are are realy keeping me strong. I wish i can enroll for the course, may be soooooooon.

  11. Wow, that’s really great!

    I love the part when Randy gives the presentation for one guy and he dropped out the next day.

    He also made that experience!

    But here’s the challenge:

    I am about ten years in Network Marketing not really making money – Randy only five years.

    Does that mean I can earn twice as much as Randy did after twenty years?

  12. Oluchi Ogbobuike says:

    This is a beautiful piece. Strong motivation for me and a lot of people, I presume.

  13. ganesh says:


  14. Cory says:

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  15. Ruth says:

    I’m a web developer and been in network marketing now since 2004 and recognise at least 80% of these blogs, think your about right with this. We have been creating some cool network building tools for network marketing, all free for your team to use but what we would appreciate is if you could share our crowd funding page with your community as we want to get a mobile app version created in time for summer! Thanks, Ruth

  16. Vaidhegi Patel says:

    Regardless of the encounters you confront in life, the most profitable lesson is your capacity to keep love in your heart and to fortify your confidence. Thanks for sharing..keep posting…

  17. William says:

    Great job Randy, so you are perfect in your field now.
    Let me introduce you to a person having story similar to yours.
    “Elijah Ogutu” is network marketing coach in network marketing industry, earning money and helping others to live better life.

  18. William says:

    These kind of stories inspired me… hard and smart work leads towards success in each field.

  19. True inspiration Randy ,, just when frustration sets in, here’s more valid proof rust giving up is not an option

  20. Mello Geoffrey Karamagi says:

    RG thank you very much for the work and contributions you have made to this great profession. All I can say is Gage academy is one and the only learning platform that has great values where one can trust to get real information about this profession, I completed and passed all the four levels, now I’m putting them into practice and results are very positive . Am recommending it to my team Members. Gage long live and be Blessed forever. You are my inspiration in this profession.

  21. Wow wow wow!
    I was really impressed.
    I’ve been in this industry for four years and I’ve read a lot of MLM posts and messages.
    But what I’ve learnt from this post is extra ordinary.

    I think if I’m able to put this into practice, then my life will be change for ever.
    Thanks to you, Mr Randy.

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