What Will Cause You to Give Up?

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No one really fails in Network Marketing.  They simply give up.  And if you quit, you can’t win.  So what about you?

What’s the last straw for you?  The thing that would cause you to quit?

Because your brother-in-law tells you it won’t work?  Because one of your people drops out?   Because one of your leaders goes to another company?  Someone ridicules you?  What would cause you to give up?

Or will you never give up until you win?   This may be the most important question you ever ask – and answer – for yourself.


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42 Comments on “What Will Cause You to Give Up?”

  1. Reuben says:

    Quiting is not an option! We may need to regroup our forces, and make some adjustments. But, there is no place to quit.

  2. Good Morning Randy!!

    Since joining this profession I have enjoyed every minute! It’s not always fun, but it is always worth it!

    I love the life style and the people. My biggest question is, “Why aren’t more people doing this?” I truly feel that it is a result of ignorance. We are all ignorant about something, so we continue to educate and help those that deserve it.

    Only a loser would consider quitting as an opportunity!!

    Thanks again!



  3. I am somewhat amazed at how much ignorance about network marketing there is out there. A lot of people quit because they get frustrated from expected results. They need to build rapport with the right people and expose them to the opportunity, and let go of expectations.

    Robbie Johnson

  4. Enrique says:

    I have been reading biographies of some billionaries:Bill Gates,Michae Dell,
    Warren Buffett and the latest T.Boone Pickens. There are different avenues to provide services and make money.

  5. The biggest cause for quitting is pausing to play.

  6. .Quitting is not the problem. When I quit smoking the first time I made a real mess. So much so that three people paid for a year’s supply of cigarettes if I would just return to smoking. After a long period of studying me the smoker versus non smokers I became one of those and quit instantly, easily and no one was offended. Fact is most people didn’t even notice I didn’t smoke any more.

    I will not quit network marketing. It is far too much fun to consider any other alternative. However I have quit companies and a few have quit their entire organization including me. Once you find the one you can commit to the entire journey something shifts. It doesn’t make sense to anyone who hasn’t had the insight. Sticking it out as long as what occurs matches expectations is the norm for everyone. Once this ‘honeymoon’ period ends many people will continue to operate until their list of upsets reaches some “I have had it” number. This justifies your decision to walk and makes a mess of whatever you were doing.

    Once you discover that the list is built in, comes with the package called human, you have choices; deal with the occurring [personal growth], ignore it [nearly impossible unless you choose insanity] or be at the effect of it. Quitting is not an option can be the mantra in all three places. The last two make you and most of those around you miserable.

  7. Ronald Cheek says:

    Keep trying UNTIL you make, never give up, a baby never gives up trying to walk! They keep trying until they do it.

    That’s they way we should be in network marketing, keep going until you make it!

  8. Janet Hosmer says:

    Failure is NOT an option! I know that patience is my lesson this time around…. so patient I will be…. and will keep doing what I’m doing!

  9. Wafa says:

    It is the will and the desire within that keeps us standing to the end till we reach success and get what we want. No matter what others say or do, If the desire is strong enough, only then we’ll beat all obstacles and stand proud with our victory. To share love and care for others is another major reason to let us carry on because we care for our beloved ones.

  10. Ace Duce says:

    Hi All,

    I notice that the faces and names have changed on this little self promotion site since I left my last note, a few months ago, advising no sorry shocking everyone that I wanted to quit MLM!

    “YES I said QUIT MLM” And YES I’ve done it, I’m FREE!!!

    And no self deluded devotee will convince me that I’m worse for having QUIT since I’ve made more money in other ventures in the few moths since I QUIT MLM then I did in years of wasting my time with this con. Yes I said “CON”

    I only have two regrets. 1) That I allowed myself to get sucked into the MLM con and 2) that it’s taken me years to get out!

    I know that I’d be wasting my time in telling you that you should quit and why, so I wont.

    But know this! That little voice inside that keeps nagging at you, that faint feeling of doubt, listen to it. It’s your subconcious telling you something. QUIT!

    Good Luck with it!
    Ace Duce

    • aigars says:

      tell me something about mlm and why do You spend so much time in it

    • Randy Gage says:

      I didn’t quit MLM and that’s why I’m “FREE!”

      But it’s certainly not for everyone and I’m happy you found success in something that suits you.


    • aigars says:

      tell me something about mlm and why do You spend so much time in it AND HOW MUCH TIME DID You spend

      • Most people spend more time on a job than they do in mlm. They work 40 years and most of the time they don’t have enough to retire on so they are forced to “live” off of social security or other program.

        Do you realize that people who stick around Network Marketing and don’t switch from company to company tend to make more in their MLM business than they would at a crappy job working for someone else, have more fun and live longer?

        Robbie Johnson

  11. David Gelkin says:

    Einstein is quoted as being the person that officially said “Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

    If your doing an action, and your not seeing the results your wanting. Then are you insane by not quitting and doing something else to get you to were you want to be?

    I’m in network marketing myself, in Gages team way-way-way down the food chain. But to me some people should not be in this business. Quitting IS an option for these people, and its the correct choice for them. Not everyone is a good match for this industry, vis-a-vis this industry is not a good match for everyone on the planet.

    The dictionary definition of opportunity “Fit or convenient time; a time or place favourable for executing a purpose; a suitable combination of conditions; suitable occasion; chance.” No where in the definition does it state you can’t quit.

    And finally !! As a business man in the traditional sense, I always enter a venture with an idea of my exit strategy. If you don’t know where your going, how do you know when you got there, or if your off-course from reaching your goal?

  12. Payton says:

    One day I’ll die. Then I suppose I’ll be done. But just building, not collecting money!

  13. Nam says:

    Network Marketing for life. The best profession on earth when you learn how to do it right.

  14. David Houk says:

    David Gelkin has it right – the idea quitting is always bad – is an idea that ought to be quit.
    Edison and his invention of the light bulb is always used as an example of not quitting which may be true but it is a great example of quitting what doesn’t work. If he( really his staff) finally got it right on the 10,000 try they quit 9,999 tries that
    didn’t work. They never insisted a certain way had to work in- spite of the evidence.
    So in a way Edison was a huge quitter.
    If your in a company where the product doesn’t work, or is truly not a value at it’s price, or the pay structure turns out to be unprofitable or the leaders are unscrupulous of course you should quit that company Many cos and leaders use the “never,never quit” as a way to manipulate people to do things they shouldn’t be doing.

    • You are absolutely right , MANY times people are the right jockey on the wrong horse in our profession.

      Most novices to our profession don’t know the right questions to ask to determine what a solid residual income business model really looks like .

      Their ignorance is what gets exploited by the hype of most MLM companies.

      – Warren Little

  15. If you have a dream and a vision within you that drives you in MLM. If it’s a burning in your heart. Just know you have within you everything needed to fulfill that dream. Gods visions always become reality. He may need to find a new dreamer but the dream will come to past. You must be tenacious about your dream. Remember if you don’t fill the dream God will find another dreamer. If you have the dream you have the ability. Take action. Have faith that it’s your vision inspired by God so you have everything needed to accomplish it. Take the action and it will come to past. As long as you don’t QUIT or if you never take the Action needed to WIN. Take a step and the next piece will come in place.

  16. Gina Koinski says:

    Never quitting. I’ve lost connections with friends over my choice, but that’s fine. My family thinks I’m silly. That’s fine too. My husband doesn’t see it (yet) as a ‘real career’ – but he will. If I quit the business, I’m in essence quitting on ME. That won’t happen either!

    • Ace Duce says:

      NO!!! WRONG!!!

      Quitting MLM “DOES NOT” equate to quitting on YOU!

      That in “essence” is the MLM Con!

      Seperate quitting MLM from quitting on YOU.

      NEVER quit on YOU!!!.

      “QUIT MLM” they are seperate! Don’t fall for the CON!

      But look at MLM as seperate from YOU! Look at it as a stand alone proposition!

      Does an idea where most strugle and even the “verry few” that are making money out of it (never as much as the fake photos sugest) make sense!

      What ever your answer to that question is, never equate quiting an idea with quiting on you. You can take that one to the bank. I DID.

      I wont waste my time with the other self deluders but I had to answer this one because it is so important.

      QUIT MLM! Never QUIT on YOU!

      Hope you can see the difference sooner rather then latter!

      Good Luck!
      Ace Duce

      • Victor Ordu says:

        I don’t know about anyone else here, but I’m not comfortable with your posts, because you fail to answer the question. So, what actually made you quit?

        That many people and a few work is a normal, though unfortunate reality of life, and is not exclusive to MLM. I’m pretty sure that not everyone in your line of business is as wildly successful as you are. Or are they?

        I am a Network Marketer, and I build my business part-time. I do business in other industries including healthcare, oil & gas and real estate. I don’t make all my money from MLM, but there’s a lot I can gain from it, that can’t be obtained in my other ventures. I accept the uniqueness of every industry, knowing that there’s success as well as failure, verity as well as deception, in all sectors of any free economy.

    • That is awesome. Sounds like you are plugged into the right people, and have what it takes to stick with your decision. Unfortunately people loose sight of why they were starting in the first place and give up on their dreams or settle for less.

      Go Gina!

      Robbie Johnson

  17. Lene Hansen says:

    Dear Mr. Randy Gage!
    I’m so exited. I think things is now starting to go right for me. I have NEVER met so generous and caring people as is Networkmarketing. I did not even know, that that kind of people existed – that is you, Eric Worre, Art Jonak and Katie Freeling and a lot more I do not remember all the names. Katie just sent me an e-mail offering to me to promote myself on her blog – isn’t that something?
    I’m really working on getting my mindset right, follow Eric Worres webinar – amazing – read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, bought ypur books and some DVD’s, reading Accept Your Abundance! You see – just getting started, and so many positive things is comming my way – so quitting is OUT OF THE QUESTION! Right now I feel that the only reason that would make me quit is if I die, and that is out of the question too – do not have time for that. :-)
    Can’t thank you enough for what you are doing – means a lot to me.
    With respect

  18. Jack says:

    Managing your own business isn’t for eveyone whether it’s MLM or whatever. There are MLM companies that get in their own way laying down anal rules for their distributors to follow that stunt the distributor’s growth or a compensation plan that makes it difficult to earn a significant income.

    I was with a previous MLM before my current one and the reason I quit was my upline. The area was managed by a self serving “woman” who hand selected her favorites to work with and could care less about everyone else. The point came when I had enough of her antics and walked away. I learned that being successful in this industry is completely up to me. I can not and do not depend on any of my upline.

    Unfortunaltely you never really know your upline until after you join, never know how much support who are going to get until you join, never know how many events will really be held in your area until you join, never know how much work is involved until you join. Not having any real barrier of entry, joing an opportunity can be risky but for the 2% who make it big, it can be worth it.

  19. Sucheta says:

    I’m really working on getting my mindset right, follow Eric Worres webinar – amazing – read Jonathan Livingston Seagull, bought ypur books and some DVD’s, reading Accept Your Abundance! You see – just getting started, and so many positive things is comming my way – so quitting is OUT OF THE QUESTION! Right now I feel that the only reason that would make me quit is if I die, and that is out of the question too – do not have time for that. :-)

  20. Glad someone taught me that years ago because that revelation has allowed me to help dozens of people all over the world to escape the rat race & experience . .

    Working when they want , where they want & with whom they want.

    It’s an incredible lifestyle.

    – Warren Little

  21. When one is able to find a simple business model , with superior, high quality , all natural green MUST HAVE consumable products that the 80%’ers can successfully do then you have a winner.

    Most newbies to our business get caught up in the hype most companies throw out like candy & don’t know what questions to ask to properly evaluate a opportunity.


    -Warren Little

  22. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy ,

    “Where there’s a will there’s a way”.
    The last straw that broke the camel’s back,didn’t break my back, because i am not going to leave.

  23. Tanya Mosunova says:

    Randy! We are your team! We will never give up!

  24. […] 21st, 2010 ShareA great response to yesterday’s post on what would make you quit. Obviously some very determined […]

  25. rene says:

    As someone who used to be deadset against MLM (due to some idiots that saw me as a big fish they wanted to haul in to their MLM business) I am now an avid fan of MLM. I actually know exactly when I am going to quit MLM: The day I DIE. I love it and every single thing the succesfull networkmarketeers say about it is true. It is the stories that some amatuers and some people outside the industry tell you that are the lies.

  26. Godwin Nekus says:

    Randy, can’t find what will cause me to give up networkmarketing.

  27. Eric Janssen says:

    i would quit if i wouldnt like what i am doing anymore… or when i find something more fun and fulfilling

    everybody should!

  28. Mike Cook says:

    So you are an Internet Marketer, on the next frontier. You join a company, get a replicated website and then start doing everything you know to drive traffic to it…and it’s not working.

    Link exchanges and safe-lists are great for getting tons of weak traffic…traffic that does nothing for putting money into your pocket. HANG IN THERE!

    So you try a little social networking…articles, blogs, face-booking, linkedIn, youtube, and twitter only to find out that it’s going to take forever to get quality traffic to your website again. Why? Because most of us don’t have a clue what to write, and if your lucky enough to find the right words using this websites Copywriting Forum, you have to learn and work each of the different social networking systems. How can you make any money in this business…you start doubting if you can make it at all. HANG IN THERE!

    Although you are learning tons and producing a lot of work, you are still not making the money you thought. HANG IN THERE!

    You may not know it, but you are a special bread of new entrepreneurs that are changing the Internet as most people know it. You are an Internet Entrepreneur! If you use your internet marketing skills the next couple of years and continue to embrace the smart ideas that pop-up you will be very successful. Did you notice I said, “the next couple of years?”

    I want to ask you some special questions about the company you currently market. Do they have a duplicatable system or are they leaving it up to you to figure one out? Are they training the new people who choose to work with you or are you? Do they offer full time support or to put it simply, can you call anyone, anytime to get answers to your questions? Or, how about this, do you even have a company to market? I found many internet marketers are looking for good companies to use their skills to make money on the Internet. Is this you?

    Look, if you are mixed up and don’t really know what to do because there is too much to choose or you have tried almost everything only to find it’s not working for you, your not alone. If you are spending too much of your precious time trying to figure it all out STOP! Your not working smart and you won’t make any money. If you want to succeed in any business especially MLM, you must be spending time on things that make you money not cost you money. Take a step back, evaluate your options, and create a plan of attack or find someone that has a simple plan that you can just step into.

    In service to you,
    Mike Cook
    The Mandura System

  29. I opine that to receive the personal loans from banks you ought to present a great reason. But, one time I have received a sba loan, just because I wanted to buy a bike.

  30. Jim says:

    Get a real job.
    MLM’s are for lazy people.
    It gets mixed up with religion most of the time.
    No one ever makes any money.
    Quit bothering your friends and family with your snake oils.

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