Where Posture Comes From

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Last week I told you the story of meeting up with the dragon lady and how I actually look forward to these challenges.  What we’re really talking about here is posture.  

Because posture comes from belief.  From knowing.  And knowing what you know.

It’s conviction.  So how do you get that?  I can only tell you where mine comes from…

My skeptical prospect has doubts. I have knowledge.  He thinks he’s afraid of failure.  I think he’s probably more afraid of success.  He thinks people are trying to cheat him, lie to him, and take advantage of him.  I think people are inherently good and would genuinely like to help others if they could.

He’s going to go to bed knowing it can’t work.  I’m going to bed knowing it’s already worked.  I was the guy who worked for minimum wage, washing plates.  He can’t convince me this doesn’t work any more than he can convince me that Paris Hilton should win the Nobel Peace prize.

He’s going to go to bed broke, frazzled and frustrated.  I’m going to bed rich, peaceful and serene.

Now I know this Diamond lifestyle wasn’t handed to me.  I earned it.  Worked hard for it.  Helped a lot of people to get it.  But that is why I deserve it.  And I know he can deserve it too, if he’s willing to do the work and pay the price I did.

My conviction is stronger than his doubts, my knowledge greater than his theories, my beliefs more powerful than his fears.   And here’s the clincher…

I don’t need him to get it.

I don’t have to sponsor him; he doesn’t have to see it.  He can flat out reject me and everything I offer him, but that’s on him, not me.

I really want him to get this.  I really hope he does.  But if he’s not ready, not at that consciousness yet, I’m still going to love him and let him grow.  I don’t need his approval to validate what I do.

And neither do you…

It’s not your job to sponsor everybody.  It’s only your job to offer it to them.  Then it’s up to them.

When you get to the point where you know you deserve it, when you know you’re doing what it takes, and paying the price, you’ll have the same posture, the same belief, the same conviction I have.  When that happens, you’ll sponsor everyone you’re supposed to.  If they are ambitious, coachable and willing to work, you’ll enroll them. All of them.

You’ll develop a conviction so strong that everyone that is supposed to be in your business will join your business.   Until then, I can only share mine with you, and let you borrow some.

But do me a favor.  Please…

Stop playing small.  Stop buying into the herd mentality.  Stop listening to people who choose to live lives of mediocrity.

Dare to dream.  Step forward with faith.  Stand up and lead.

If you’re still not there yet, get your ass to Mega-MLM with me. Don’t tell me about your money issues, visa problems, babysitter difficulties, pet sitting challenges, or that you promised Bubba to help him move that weekend.

Those are all valid excuses, but they’re not going to get you where you want to be.  So stop looking for them.  Decide you’re going to be there, and the universe will bend to you will.

No one ever has a money problem.  Only an idea problem.  And everything else is just a belief problem.  And the only person that can change that is you.

You are not alone.  There are others that believe as you do.  And we will support you.  I believe in this profession.  I know what it did for me.  I believe in you.  And I know what it can do for you.  Now we just need you to believe in you.


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37 Comments on “Where Posture Comes From”

  1. Thanks Randy,

    I really love reading your essays. What you’ve written here is an elegant summary of my transformation. I mention this to demonstrate to your other readers, that the content is universally true, not unique to Randy Gage… we can (and should) all have it.

    All the best for 2011,


  2. Great post Randy! You are right on the money… as usual! Keep spreading the faith!

  3. Marita says:

    It is realy great! Like rain in desert.

  4. Gina Koinski says:

    Great post. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this. A big ‘ahhhh’ from me Randy!

  5. Won’t make your mega MLM at least not this year. Will see you at the Big Event next week.

  6. Trey says:

    Now that’s passion. Keep up the good work Gage!

  7. Marvin Sykes says:

    Thanks randy. I been following you for sometime and I really love your blog. Thanks for making the decision to build your business. I would not have all this great information..

  8. Marvin Sykes says:

    Thanks randy. I been following you for sometime and I really love your blog. Thanks for making the decision to build your business. I would not have all this great information..


    Marvin Sykes

  9. Getting around others having success at an event will get almost everyone over the line.

    There’s something about the power of belief & imagination that can change anyone into the person they are capable of being.

    Borrow someone else’s belief until you get your own.

    Thanks Randy!

  10. Randy,

    This reminds me of a discussion we had a few years ago about peoples “IQ” level.

    For those who don’t know what that means it means your ” I Quit Level “.

    When that becomes 0 then the lavish abundant lifestyle will your to enjoy as well.

    In other words, “If you consistently do today what others won’t , you can live tomorrow like others can’t”.

    I KNOW that’s true because it happen for me!

    AMEN on the posture brother.

    Warren Little

  11. Dennis says:

    Your best advise to date

  12. Ivan Sisco says:

    Thanks for always Believing in me… :)

  13. Keep spreading the inspiration Randy.

    Great point about prospects validating recruiters. I held this blockage for a while but when I released it I felt deserving…and the universe naturally mirrored my mental state.

    When you believe you are deserving of MLM success, you only sponsor people who are matches for you. You won’t feel the need to chase prospects. You won’t feel the need to hit certain numbers. You won’t feel any needs at all: you simply feel calm, confident and assured that each person you sign up was meant to be on your team and every other person was simply not a match for you at this time.

    Thanks for sharing with us Randy.


  14. Greetings Randy,

    Short, to the point, dead on bulls-eye!

    I Concur.

    Be Blessed,


  15. Pieter says:

    Well said, Randy! It links so well with “The cost of not having a dream.”

    Thanks and be blessed.


  16. Danilo says:

    Awesome post Randy! Greetings from Europe

    PS: are you planning to do a (generic) MLM traninig anytime soon in Europe?

  17. Aigars says:

    Nice words !

    I am wondering…Why there is just a few coments on this great speech.

    Are ewerybody so bussy doing business ?

    Or not comenting because agree to ewery word and have no questions ?

    Thank You , Randy !

    P.S. Randy ! Do You like to wash dishes by hands time to time ?

  18. Mike says:


    I think posture comes from understanding the message you have for these people. The message for me is “are you looking for change”. If not then next.
    A lot of people I meet in the MLM industry think they have to sell the opportunity to prospects (and prospects expect this) but for me that is putting the cart before the horse. If you talk about their need for change first, to qualify them, you have a better chance of getting a positive decision. Be confident, you are just fishing for the right ones.

  19. Lene Hansen says:

    OH MY GOD! You just made me cry. Are you for real? Never met anyone as caring as you. THANK YOU! I was just about to cansel my ticket to the event in Valencia, because my computer broke down, and I have to invest in a new computer, and I cannot afford both. After reading this, I simply could not cansel. Got to make it to do both. After making this decision, I had a talk with my customer, and he gave me some advice, after consulting his computerguy, and that solved the problem with my computer temporarily, so it’s working again. I still have to invest in a new computer, but it does not have to be right now.
    Thank you again for your care.

  20. Santa Liepina says:

    Awesome post!

    For one more time you inspire me.

    Thanks for sharing with us Randy.


  21. Douglas says:


    Printing it out posting it so I can read it everyday!



  22. Aigars says:

    Long live EGYPT !!!

    Give us more bricks….!!!

    Thank You ,Randy ! (again)

    P.S. Nothing likes to be rich more than poverty ….

  23. Ellis Hubbard says:

    God I needed this today Randy!!! Reposting some of your wording on my FB page today just to motivate me!!
    I believe in me and have that conviction to stand up and find the people who believe in themselves, are ambitious, coachable and willing to go to work for this prize of true time and financial freedom!

  24. Tomoe Cooper says:

    Hi Randy-san
    I love this post… and I have a question. When in your MLM career did you get that ultimate belief in yourself that you can do it?

    I ask because throughout these years you have built an incredible business as well as built a strong prosperity mindset that you worked on for years so right now there is no doubt in you that no one can tear down your belief. But I wouldn’t think that was the case when you first got started in MLM, like anyone else… perhaps you even had to work harder on yourself than others because of all the challenges you had until you were 30 when you decided to change your life.

    When was that turning point for you to get that concrete belief in you in the early years in MLM? Was there such a tipping point and if so, do you remember and care to share?

  25. Randy Gage says:

    Thanks all for commenting, but more importantly, getting the message and take action. More than 15 of you registered for Mega MLM yesterday, the most we’ve ever had in one day. So glad to see you guys stepping up and making the commitment. Anyone else on the fence, the early bird price is still good through the 15th.


  26. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by Tia Dillard, Linda El-Miligy, douglas miller, Matt Shorty Wells, Nam Do and others. Nam Do said: "He’s going to go to bed broke, frazzled and frustrated. I’m going to bed rich, peaceful and serene." – @Randy_Gage http://su.pr/2tkimY […]

  27. Angela says:

    Great post Randy I needed a jolt of lightening from you Thanks Hope to attend
    your million dollar training in March because it be great for my birthday!

  28. Vicky says:

    Well said Randy! The part about excuses is so true.
    Its is important to remember that signing up only will not bring in the money.
    Its the hard work that will.

  29. Sonny Carter says:

    Great post Randy, you got my juices flowing on this one.

  30. Rich says:

    Tightly focused article like a Tom Brady pass. Touchdown.

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