Why You Have to Build Wide

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Almost everyone I counsel with has the same problem.  They’re chasing after the same few team members trying to manage their way to being rich.  But they haven’t sponsored enough people personally.  

They sponsor one or two people they believe have so much potential, they just keep pestering those two, wondering when they will make them rich.  And sadly, you often end up scaring them away.  The people feel so much pressure to perform, it drives them out of the business.

If you sponsor more people, you can relax and not be so intense with each of them.  Whereas if you jut have one or two, you put too much pressure on them.  Here’s the other issue…

If they know that they are your only real growing leg (and they always know), they can’t really edify you.  You lose respect in their eyes and you won’t really be an effective sponsor.

You need to be working with at least four growing legs.  Now how do you know if you have four growing legs?  If you have to ask, you don’t have them!

BTW, by growing lines, I simply mean personal enrollees that are building.  If you’re in a binary or other plan that stacks people below others, don’t let that distract you.  It’s not about placement, but whether you have people you have brought into the business that are growing.

Next post we’ll look deeper at the reasons you must go wide.  Until then, please share any thoughts you have on this.


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28 Comments on “Why You Have to Build Wide”

  1. Yendi says:

    “If you’re in a binary or other plan that stacks people below others, don’t let that distract you. It’s not about placement, but whether you have people you have brought into the business that are growing.”

    WOW – eye opening… Being in a binary sometimes you loose sight of this…

  2. Enrique says:

    I am in binary also.
    Thanks Randy

  3. Rachel Henke says:

    Well that’s spot on. I think the problem is in the expectations people have. We show them testimonials of people earning $40k per month in their first year (on our presentations) and then we wonder why they EXPECT so much from sponsoring a few and feel like failures when they get little cheques or can’t get the hang of it!

    • Rachel I can’t agree with you more. We need to spend more time talking about and helping people make a extra $500 to $1000 a month that will change there life through that we will help them make the $40,000 a month. They will also stay in longer if there making money and know you care. Thanks Rachel. PS nice website

    • Anonymous says:

      I agree so much with both of you. I’m fairly new in my NM business. Everytime I watch our business presentation, I get a knot in my stomach when these people talk about their first checks being $2,500 etc. Of course I want that, who wouldn’t but it does put so much pressure on a newbie that for me it makes me almost want to quit from the anxiety. But I’m still here and I’m going to keep learning how to build this business.

      • Those of us that are multiple six figure earners in this business didn’t start out that way.

        In fact one of the only difference in us & others is that we’ve persevered thru our mistakes & heard more no’s.

        Learn to master the basics & execute them consistently the Fruit or profitable results WILL come .

        Hope this helps.

        – Warren Little

      • Brenda says:

        I agree on that one

    • I appreciate your points & they are well taken however, in my opinion there is nothing wrong with showing substantial checks . . . my leaders & I do it all the time but,

      We also are VERY clear on what the activities are that will deliver those results printed on our business reports.

      It’s like this.

      When you can get up close & personal with highly successful mentors who have become what you are committed to becoming it’s just a matter of modeling the behavior consistently & the fruits or reward will be similar.

      – Warren Little

  4. Gina says:

    I know too many who train on the ‘just get two’ principle. You need to grow & expand. Not everyone is cut out for this type of business, and we can’t recruit 1 or 2 and hope to drive those couple to make the ‘big money’ for you. If you keep just recruiting 1 or 2, only to keep replacing them, what’s your business going to look like? Zip, zilch, nada! Growing wide is like putting money away in savings – it’s always there when you need it, and it keeps building interest!

    • Randy & I have always agreed that 2 -3 new people into an effective prospecting pipeline or funnel a day will bring prosperity your way in this business.

      Also, with the right system/program your retention #’s will be 95 -98%.

      – Warren Little

  5. Steven S. Hanks, MB, RMT says:

    Stacking is great, but i tend to be the one doing the stacking and truly believed at one point that if i just kept “filling the spots”, SOMEONE would start to do the same…. We are re-establishing a culture within our group and now everyone is on the same page…They still have to do their part to make all of this work….

  6. I here it all the time. ” how do you get your people to do something?” I always tell them Lead by example. I here “If I could just find one person that would do something”. I ask Is your sponsor still saying the same thing? Great stuff Randy

  7. Dennis says:

    tI have the belief, the ability to retail but not the recruiting ability. With these blogs and the Eric Worre programs I am slowly getting it. Keep it coming Randy. I need to sort through larger numbers. Thank you for you coaching.

  8. Joseph Tu says:

    I’ve been in this business now for 3 years. Full time for almost 2 years now. Formerly from the Corporate World of Finance and Accounting. You are spot on Randy. These happened to me as well but I realised this mistake recently. As Leaders, we need to keep sponsoring personally in addition to training our leaders on every aspects of the business. Sponsoring personally keeps us in the game and not become out of touch. This way, we can understand the hardships that new people goes through. In addition, it builds momentum as every leaders will duplicate us and keep on sponsoring personally as well. For those in binary, we should personally sponsor by building our reentry as soon as possible. Regards Randy

  9. Ronald Cheek says:

    Like the great Jim Rohn once said, “some will do 30%, some 60% and some 100%. Train and personally work with the 20% who will do the 100%. The rest, work and train with them at training events and meetings” <– para-phrasing :)

    If someone is just willing to make an extra $500/mo help them do that by getting them to there goal. Let them do their 30%, 60% – or 10% !

    Then keep finding and working with the 20% who want the 100%. Become that leader yourself that they can look to for support and you both get to your goals.

    Great points Randy as always — 100%

  10. Cliff Boxer says:

    We all seem to have a power leg vs. the rest, but if you have only one leg you are not working. If you are not working you can not succeed.

  11. Ok for wide however, it’s the old Chess match principle or matching effort with effort.

    Developing the skillsets to work with people that are growing & implementing the right money actions consistently at different speeds is well worth the effort to learn.

    – Warren Little

  12. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy Gage,

    Making money on line it take a lot of work, and hard work, diligence
    and persistence . Some people thinks that it is a way of overnight becoming wealthy
    If you want a prosperous and effective organization, you have to help more and to
    dedicate More time for training in those who are more motivated, potentiated
    More diligent and laborious from the others.
    Those who are not willing to duplicate the system and dedicate time and endeavor
    To get their success, when they want to go away, let them go.

  13. I think you’re right most people feel so depressed that sometimes it can play against but we must also recognize that the pressure is good when it stays balanced not comfortable or if members want?

  14. Cliff Boxer says:

    Heres the other part, your business is either growing or your business is dying. There is no in between. I had to learn that lesson. You must be present. Its not an interest bearing savings account, Its people, and 95% of them need to be led by your vision and your example. Gina, If you don’t allready your org. will be strong. 4-growing legs and you are starting to smile a little.

  15. Guy Janssens says:

    I absolutely agree to build wide. BUT once you have entered someone in the business, it’s really important to listen to his goals and expectations. Than you need help hem to give him a suitable plan of action and daily methode of operations schedual. You work together with this person to develop his downline. Once he can do this himself, you let him go and counsel him once a week, later once a month. That’s the only way to learn him independancy and leadership. I think everybody in NWM needs leaders right? After this you can start introducing new first lines and select them who is a potential leader and repeat the whole process. Parttime I started up 2 firstlines leaders a month. Fulltime I start up 3-4 firstline leaders a month and work together with them till they are independant and repeat the whole process of duplication. That’s how I’m doing the business. Success to everybody here. Best regards from a guy in Belgium.

  16. […] Last post I suggested that you need to have at least four growing lines.  Here’s why… […]

  17. Biju says:

    I am doing NWM for the last 4years. yes, it’s great.!

  18. I have spoken with many high income earners in this industry and without exception they all have less than 10 personals that are building the business.
    This keeps me motivated to keep looking for the right people and then to help them do the same.
    Love your blog Randy and all you do for this business!
    Thanks also to everyone else here for your thoughts.

    Best regards,

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