You Always Pay

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So what’s your next major event coming up?  Have you got your tickets already or have you made your excuses?

I know: money is tight, need time off from work, have to get a sitter, you got into the business to make money, not spend it.

But here’s what you have to know…

Everybody pays for the major events.  Either you invest in attending and get the benefits it brings.  You learn new skills, gain confidence and develop deeper belief, all of which translates into moving your business forward.  Or else you don’t attend, and you pay for that forever, by the new people and new volume you’ve never get.

So either way you pay.  You get to choose which one.


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14 Comments on “You Always Pay”

  1. Randy Gage says:

    P.S. For all you Empire Avenue guys, if this blog is helpful to you, please endorse it there. Got to the connections tab on my profile:
    Go the blog (near the bottom) listing, it will highlight and one of the
    two options is “endorse.” Click it. Then I owe you a hug!


  2. Dr says:

    Dear Randy

    i have a deep bleive in you and what you say , but so far consiring big event , i truely had enough of it , and i like to biuld my biz not depending on them coz i am no so exhaused by them from the last 5 years , i went to large event and it nearly cost me over 15000 us dollars and i dont like to wast more
    thank you for your newsletter , hope to ee you in person
    you really changed my life


  3. Dr says:

    Dear Randy

    i have a deep believe in you and what you say , but so far concerning big event , i truly had enough of it , and i like to build my biz not depending on them coz i am no so exhausted by them from the last 5 years , i went to large event and it nearly cost me over 15000 us dollars and i dont like to wast more
    thank you for your newsletter , hope to see you in person
    you really changed my life


    • Randy Gage says:

      You pay one way or the other!


      • Dr says:

        you are right , but its so painfull, and it tear me up
        can you suggest something for me , i feel no control over myself
        thank you

        • Dr says:

          Dear Randy

          Sorry for the past not positive review from me, all that made feel obligated to search around for this matter concerning big events and i found a saying from a big name it the industry and he said something close to this

          if we take a bath today that doesn’t mean we dont need another one tomorrow .

          so as i think we need hundreds and hundreds events to attend and thank you for this article it really made a twist in my thinking , and hopefully it will turn around also on my actions

          thank you

  4. Greetings Randy,

    You are correct that some how some way each person in this industry pays.

    Yes we all are attracted to this industry because of the great potential it can bring to make some extra income OR replace a current job income if worked the correct way.

    Most people look at the cost of a training to be an expense instead of a crucial investment towards their success. I have seen all to often people that go to the events as they should but then never follow through with implementing what they learned in order to build their business. That is a Huge Cost and a missed opportunity.

    I always ask a question such as: Do you want to make money and be successful? If they answer Yes, I then ask, Are you sure? Again if they answer Yes I follow with – Then you must learn to do the things you don’t feel like doing because you need to it and then follow through to do the work necessary to make your business become successful.

    How can you EVER expect your team to go to training’s if you do not attend yourself? You certainly can not ask them to go if you make excuses why you aren’t going. YOU will NEVER become successful without you and your whole team and their whole team and their whole team etc. doing what needs to be done to build the right way.

    No Training, No books, No Cd’s, No videos you ever buy will make you successful if you if you do nothing more than attend, read, listen to or watch them.

    You must DO the DOING.

    Having a 100 dollar bill in your pocket or buried in your back yard does you no good.

    Taking the 100 dollar bill and investing it somewhere that pays you interest on it makes it grow and become more valuable.

    The same as investing in a training and then putting it to use, will return more than you ever put in.

    It is all about the RETURN on investment.

    Not attending and implementing what is learned is like holding onto a winning raffle ticket and never turning it in to receive the prize. It doesn’t mean there is no value it just means you have not utilized the value it can deliver.

    Be Blessed,

    Robert “Buck” Buchholz

  5. wencel says:

    I can fully agree with “Buck”, every body is fully responsible which decision will take and which way will pay , and investment is equal to result .

    Thanks Randy


  6. André says:

    Hey Randy,

    Yes, I allready bought my ticket for the MLM-event in Houston, october.
    I come all the way from Belgium to listen and learn from you all.
    So make it a mega event !!
    Thanks so much for all the great words you share !

    André Vanhecke

  7. Jack LaCava says:

    This is one area I can’t completely agree with you. Yes we pay one way or another but the company always wins. People do have legitimate reasons for not attending a conference – mostly the cost. You can change that around and call it an investment but let’s be honest – it’s the cost of the ticket, airfare, hotel, food, etc. I have a friend who recently joined a card company that wants $300. for a conference ticket. He is not going because he is just starting out and the cost is prohibitive. Why don’t companies cut newcomers a break for their first conference? You and I both know that once a distributor attends one, they most likely will be hooked and the company – as I said earlier – will win. As far as losing out by not attending – you lose out on the “emotional buzz” by not being there but any good upline will have a conference wrap-up meeting or conference call so all will not be lost. — JL

    • Randy Gage says:

      All will not be lost, true. But you can never convey what happens with a conference wrap up. Never. It’s about developing skills, gaining confidence and building belief. And you have to be there for that.


      • Jack LaCava says:

        Yes, you miss out on the “excitement” of being at conference. The reality is that it’s more of a party. If we can’t build skills like gaining confidence and building belief outside of conference then the Rock Stars like you would never be able to sell books, DVD’s, etc.

        I would also point out that if attending conference is so critical then the specific companies should make it more affordable.

        Thanks for all your articles, blogs, books, events and teaching at the Mastermind.


  8. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy

    Your articles, blogs are excellents.Iwish i could be attendant in your events,
    but i live far away from the USA.

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