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Last post we discussed your role as a teacher.  But never lose sight of the fact that all great teachers were first great students.  And still are…

Great teachers never stop learning.  And in Network Marketing, we do that with audios, videos, books, events, and counseling.

Are you spending daily time in self-development, taking advantage of the wealth of wisdom in audios, videos and books?   Are you attending all the functions you qualify for, learning from the leaders in your organization?

Are you counseling with someone upline every month?  Here’s a fascinating thing…

Eighty percent of the people assigned to counsel with me don’t submit a form every month.  You know why that is?

Because they don’t want to hear what I’m going to tell them.  They know they haven’t done their assignments from the last session, haven’t make any contacts, done presentations or attended events.

They want a teacher that will tell them only what they want to hear:  That it isn’t their fault why they’re not more successful.  They want a teacher that tells them people are too conservative where they live, they don’t have enough money, the economy is at fault or any one of hundreds of other possible excuses.

As a teacher, I respect them too much to sell them such bullshit.  I can only look myself in the mirror if I tell them the truth.  And that’s the kind of teachers I want for myself.

So what about you?  What kind of teachers are you learning from?


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19 Comments on “Your Other Role”

  1. John Lowery says:

    Great Post! Once a month. I may need to try that one.

  2. Spot on randy!

    Since joining this profession 3 and a half years ago I have read close to 40 books and listened to countless hours of cd’s in order to improve myself and become the leader that LEADS! I continue to read, (just ordered 2 more books yesterday) and my car is a “rolling university” since I turned off the radio and keep a stack of self improvement cd’s next to me on the seat.

    I truly believe that leading by example is the ONLY way! Good or bad your T.E.A.M. will do what you do…at least the ones who really want to improve their lives will.

    Being “coachable” is one of the most important attributes to have because this is not your average career we’re talking about. I like to think that I am in Network Marketing College and constantly taking new courses.

    At the end of the day, it is the people that really love what they do that will succeed at this.

    I’m all in!


  3. you are totally right Randy , being tough most of the time may get the result we are looking for but with tres-pass before (getting your student aggrement) to push therm little further.
    thanks Randy

    Dr Abdulsamea

  4. Bill Gluth says:

    Randy, this is GREAT point. It brought up a big point, front and center. That point is that I’ve not allowed myself the benefit of having a teacher in network marketing, which means that perhaps I have not made the FULL commitment to my network business.

    Your post was very helpful to me personally and when I do have a teacher I won’t be looking for bullshit – I’ll be looking for the facts that’s keeping me from being all I can be in networking marketing.

    Great advice, Randy, thank you for sharing it.

    Bill Gluth

  5. This was a really good post. It’s true that we need a teacher that will tell us the truth. After getting involved in networking I also read probably 100 books and listened to tons of CDs but I still could not get the nerve to go out there and talk to people everyday. It wasn’t until I found an accountability partner that this started to turn around for me.

  6. Great Post Randy,

    This is how I teach, coach and mentor.

    Each person needs to hear the truth with no sugar coating.

    May not be popular but like you indicated, I have to be able to look in the mirror.

    The TRUTH will always set you free — sooner or later

    Teachers must be REAL.

    Be Blessed,


  7. Charlie says:

    Right on…Too many people are still looking for a free ride and want to shift blame for failure anywhere but where it belongs…with them.


  8. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy,

    Everyone who wants to be updated and best qualified has to study all the time.There are many innovaions and inventions every time ,in all the aspects of life and professions, and we need to follow them.
    A teacher who wants to teach others has to study and be updated all his life,non stop A.teacher who isn’t a good student, when he tach is like that,”The blind leading the blind”
    In every organization there are some from the team that don’t like to learn and work,because they are lazy and they “want a teacher that will tell them only what they want to hear”,meaning a teacher who give them good excuset that it isn’t their fault,Iam a teacher who prefer to tell the true,to reflect the reality exactly how it is,
    and to teach the ones who wants to learn and to leave the ones who don’t.
    “You cannot make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear’ You cannot change a person’s real character.

  9. Belinda says:

    I just love your “no holds barred” posts! This industry is a continual learning environment. I love to read so I have no problems at all keeping myself educated in this way.
    I have talked myself out of approaching people because I have already had some of these “excuses” in my mind BEFORE getting the excuse from the people themselves.
    I love reading your posts….keep em coming!

  10. Tanya Mosunova says:

    Hi, Randy! I am learning from Jesus, from Randy Gage, Barack Obama, at Carnegie, in Roerich, the Rebel Brown, Lisa Jimenez, Napoleon Hill.

  11. Leslie Esperanza Espaillat says:

    Hi Randy, I like teachers who tell me like it is (BLUNT!). Also, guide me to take the right ACTION and inspire me to duplicate success into my life. I have been fortunate to have good teachers/ mentors, and that includes you, too.

    When I was young I was told I was stupid and had this thing called ‘dyslexia.’ I have read 2,3,4 books a month since then. Today I study self-development/ business/ holistic material with the best of the best. I am a life-long learner.

    Randy, I love your work! Your blogs give me a safe place to write my thoughts.
    Thank you.

  12. great teachers all ways use a bit of tough love – its a must to keep people on track.

  13. Pauly D says:

    Great Post

  14. Felma Ong says:

    In this profession it is really important to choose your mentor/teacher. I will only listen from people who have done the business, who have built an organization, and up to now they are still active in the business. there’s a lot of people out there who claims that they are the “gurus” but they have been retired many years back.
    some of them are just observers, have been in the business for one year or more and they have guts to present themselves as the “authority”. Just be careful. That’s why I choose to listen to you Randy because of your wealth of experiences and you have what it takes to be a Leader in this field. More power. Hope I can attend one of your trainings in the future.

  15. This is a tremendous expose on the realness needed to both be an effective teacher & what one should look for in a teacher.

    Awesome post Randy.

    – Warren Little

  16. David says:

    Listening to Jim Rohn audios, he keeps you entertained, but he has an amazing way of giving to you straight.

  17. dawn aronoff says:

    Oh, I like people to be nice to me, and like to believe I am a nice person. When I fall off track, my sponsor is not “nice” to me. He calls it like it is and holds me accountable for my actions or lack thereof. It took me a little while to get that sponsoring someone and investing in their success is not about being “nice”. It is about helping a person define their reality and being real with them.
    Your blog is a must read!

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