Your Role as Teacher

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One of the big breakthroughs I had in Network Marketing was when it realized it wasn’t really a sales business, but a teaching and training one.  I attribute a lot of my success because I didn’t look for salespeople, but people with good teaching skills.

Teachers fill one of the most important roles in our world, as they influence the future generations.  They share the knowledge of textbooks, and mix in their experience and wisdom.

In our business, the principle is similar, but instead of textbooks, we use the system.  We take the things that have been tested and proven in the field, and teach these best practices to the group.  This allows each generation to avoid mistakes and reach success faster.

Teaching is one of the most important functions you will do as a leader.  So work on your teaching skills today!

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15 Comments on “Your Role as Teacher”

  1. i am 100 % with you randy , teaching is so essential in building the business , and had a major role in keeping the system up to whole organization.
    beside all the ethics and the care with pass through teaching
    thanks for this topic and may god bless you randy
    dr samea

  2. Hey Randy!

    Great post…

    It has been said that in this profession, you can be one of two things.
    Cheerleader or Coach.
    Coaching will take you much further, as we all know.
    Teachers really make great network marketers and I look for them as well. Most have evenings off and enjoy helping others learn and grow.
    At the end of the day, what we are really looking for is people with a vision and the ambition to keep it in front of them.
    I try to paint a “picture of possibilities” for everyone that wants to listen.

    Have a great day, and as always, thanks for everything!



  3. Leslie Esperanza Espaillat says:

    We all have the ability to teach. Our everyday life is about teaching. Whether you are a parent, a older/younger sibling, or a friend teaching another friend to ride a bike (you get the idea); we’re all capable of this invaluable natural skill.

    If you are rusty on this art of teaching then there is always self-development material, systems to follow and good mentors available to show you how.

    “Teach to Teach” and become great teachers in MLM and in life. The days of being a salesperson are numbered, and what works is educating your customers/ clients, distributors/ employees and ultimately reaping the rewards.

    Great post Randy!

  4. Puiu V. says:

    RO/EN Google translate.
    Desteapta treaba ai postat astazi.
    La un seminar,un domn in varsta a intrebat cum sa convinga mai multe persoane sa intre in grupul lui..Am auzit cele mai traznite metode de convingere si manipulare din partea unor “mari lideri”
    Mi-au trebuit 3 zile sa descopar ca sunt atatea metode cati oameni exista si ca problema este total falsa.Raspunsul l-ai dat tu acum si adaug prezentarea profesionala la nesfarsit pe toate canalele inclusiv net,fara pic de implicare emotionala MLM/Franciza exista si se pune in aplicare exact asa cum a fost conceputa de profesionisti.Educatia continua si predarea mai departe + cautarea permanenta de lideri alfa,chiar 1/100,duc inevitabil la reusita.
    Am inceput de curand un MLM si iti urmez sfaturile de care am mare nevoie si pentru care iti multumesc
    Puiu V. Rm.Valcea – Romania

  5. Lynda Cromar says:

    I am so glad for this post!
    Even now there is the belief that we have to sell, sell, sell. I see it all over the internet! I wanted to know how to do this better, I looked for teachers…hm go figure!

  6. Troy M. says:

    Thanks Randy for everything you do this is a great post.

  7. Anonymous says:

    this post really helps me!!!.
    thank you

  8. Greetings Randy,

    Yes the need for us to teach should be one of our main focusses. The unfortunate thing many miss this.

    We must remember when we have a new person join our business we must treat them in one regard as one would treat a new student in kindergarden. Most people who have joined our business seeking a way out of their current situation do not know the first thing about what being a business minded individual is. We have been taught since day one how to be an employee of someone else.

    We would certainly not expect a new kindergardener to be able to spell words without first learning the alphabet A – Z.

    It is our opportunity then to teach each new person the A -Z alphabet of our business, for them to have the right tools to have success in this industry.

    If there would be more attention shown with this in mind it is my belief there would be more success stories and less attrition in this industry. I know it works in the building of my organization.

    Great Post and a helpful reminder to everyone the responsibility we have to take someone new and lead them by the hand through each step as we would a new student.

    People helping people, ya got to Love it!

    Be Blessed,


    • Dick Beglinger says:

      Yes, Yes, Yes, I think in a nutshell, Robert has said it all. People watch other people (in network marketing) and the more we commit to them and do everything we can to help them, the sooner they will be succesful. I believe being more selective in our sponsoring and working with the ones who want what we want will dramatically increase our chances of success.

      Thanks Robert for your insight


  9. Lea Sedan says:

    Hey Randy

    The ability to teach others is essential and fundamental in our life.
    For to be a good teacher we need the ability to build relationship
    and good communication.
    Any leader and a parent also who love his children and wants to guide them,
    us able find the best way , how to teach them wat the need to know.

  10. Rachel Henke says:

    Brilliant post and I can’t even debate with you a little! So few get this I think it’s really important you blog about that. I was happy to see that in R Kiyosaki’s new book he says the same thing.

  11. Felix Mack says:

    Great point Randy. As the great Jim Rohn put it “Study, Practice & Teach”. You also learn more by teaching.

  12. […] 6th, 2010 ShareLast post we discussed your role as a teacher.  But never lose sight of the fact that all great […]

  13. […] 6th, 2010 ShareLast post we discussed your role as a teacher.  But never lose sight of the fact that all great […]

  14. Tyson Bruno Chisambo says:

    Hi Gage.
    I would like to thank you for your wonderful work you are doing on network marketing.
    it is true that this business is about sharing a business concept and about duplication and therefore it goes without saying that teaching is important if we need to succeed in this business.
    May the Lord richly bless you.
    Best regards.
    Tyson Bruno Chisambo.

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