What Others Say About Randy Gage and His Business Building & Success Resources

Michael G. DurishI just wanted to thank you for helping me to overcome many fears and obstacles that really held me back from seeing the true miracle of opportunity that network marketing can be for anyone. I have been in several companies and never did anything due to fear of rejection and all the negative people that will never do anything in their lives except complain that life is unfair and it's someone else's fault that their lives are not better. I can now block that out and focus on my dreams and goals.

— Michael G. Durish

The tools I have reviewed so far have really given me insight to my business and have shown me that, while I was going in the wrong direction, I have the power to turn that around!

— V. Shawgo

Randy Gage has given me the structure and system I've been looking for in my business for the past 6 months. I've already seen a change in myself and my organization. THANK YOU RANDY!

— P. Gianfrancesco

I feel that your Randy Gage material has extreme value for anyone wanting to grow a serious network marketing group. It helps you work hard on yourself which is extremely important

— C. Fonder

These products are excellent. I can't get enough hearing and reading the materials!

— S. Harry

I know I will become a Millionaire! I know how to get there now! Plus I will empower others how to do this!

— S. Jessu

Specific simple concepts and ideas and action steps. GOOD helpful material.

— T. Jones

I appreciate your in-depth details on your training. We needed the change from lack consciousness to abundance. This is the training we have been looking for!

— S. Mitchell

I have found in this business we all need all the assistance we can get, but also a bullet system that has been proven many times over.

— R. Secrist

I've listened to your tape a couple of times. Each time I learn more!

— Pat Thatcher-Hill

I loved your program at NSA National Convention in Washington! I attended another session, so I purchased your presentation on audio tape. I have listened to it three times in the last week. Your insights are so practical and useful. You are marketing personified. I finally have "a plan" for internet marketing. I will have a level 2 site by January 1. Thanks for being so giving!

— Catherine Jewell

So, what's it really like to spend one of those nine in the morning 'til midnight weekends locked in a hotel room with Randy Gage? Imagine drinking from a fire hose! Randy is a "Maven," and if he says he's going to "explode the way you think, act and achieve," you can take that to the bank.

— John Milton Fogg

I got involved last January in Network Marketing and love it to bits! Wake up every day with fire in my heart and huge dreams! Thanks for all the wonderful information you pass on to us and hope to meet with you soon!

— Philippa Symes

I am a primary care physician in North Carolina, who like most primary care docs today, struggle daily with managed care and decreasing incomes associated with increasing stress and patient loads. I was looking for that "other income" that I needed. I became involved via a patient with Starlight International on 2/20/01. Indirectly via information supplied I purchased your "How to make $100,000 a year" album and was spellbound. Subsequently this lead me to Recruiting 101, Million Dollar Meetings, Massive Action Marketing and Lifestyle Freedom Pack. I am also using the "Getting Started Packs." I have never been successful in networking before, but as I now know I was not doing it right or in a duplicatable manner. Now, I am excited, in my first 6-8 weeks I have gone to the first level of leadership and placed in the top 20 of 80,000 distributors in group and personal volume as well as sponsoring. Although my numbers are not huge, this is exciting to me as I realized this can and will work with dreams and persistence. I listen to your tapes every where I travel and at home. I look forward to reading the paperback when available. My next purchases will be the power weekend and the MLM war college.

Thanks for being the motivation and support I needed to find my start. I know you probably get 1000's of these replies, but I had to let you know what an influence you have been to me.

— Gary L. Fink, MD

Hi and thanks for a mind blowing power weekend at Plaza hotel in Oslo. Since we last met I have studied your prosperity album. I'm now working my way thru the disciplines. I think this was a missing piece in my life. I now feel that I can nourish my soul in a new way.

— Kjartan Hansen

I love the tape Escape the Rat Race— I listen to the tape everyday and sometimes twice a day.

— Jayson Waits

It's been a few weeks after your visit to our shores(Sydney, Australia), and I just wanted to say thank you for the difference you have made in my life and my husband's life. We were completely inspired to do USANA as well as we can possibly do it. You spoke into our lives, gave us the tools for self belief and I sincerely want to thank you for that. The change in us is amazing, we have grown so much, and are continuing to grab anything we can on self development— we are growing and believing so much more, and have a dedication and belief to do this business, it's just fantastic.

You are and continue to be an inspiration (we wake up to you in the morning, we let you speak into our lives all day). You are a magnificent man and I truly want to thank you for your wisdom and for speaking into our lives and making a difference.

— Helen B.

I'd like to congratulate you on your vision, of "Crafting Your Vision" being the most powerful self development tool ever created , being manifested. It is AWESOME; the most beneficial tape series I've heard in the six years I've been in Networking. Thank You.

— Shad Bruce

What a system! For the first time ever we have had a complete, step-by-step system for building a massive network with walk away residual income, made available to us in your How to Earn 100k tape series & workbook, your gentle but direct approach has given us and our group the most duplicatable system that we could have only dreamed about. It has in the last 9 months allowed us to leverage our time and financial position beyond the moon.

The first steps and leadership strategies that I learnt from the Leadership Training Weekend has seen our downline members grow to an unbelievable level. Randy, you are the man that put "Marketing" back into Network Marketing. The future belongs to those who believe in Their Dreams!

— Rob & Nicky Horkings

We had "tried" a few systems. Didn't complete them, follow them and /or absorb them. They just didn't click. The most successful people we know, who happen to be our upline, said Randy Gage is the Go! So we went. What an inspirational 3 days. Thank you Randy for allowing has to share a part of your time and a lifetime of your experience.

— Linda & John Cargill-Selfe

I have just recently watched my younger brother begin to transform his life through listening to some of your tape lectures. He has recently lent them to me to borrow as I have been running my own business for about a year now and so far it has been quite slow, but now I really feel I can make it work by applying the laws of prosperity to my life.

Thank you once again for your inspiration, and I will definitely purchase these tapes I have on loan right now, because I do believe that they are worth their weight in gold one thousand times over. I am at rock bottom as far as money is concerned right now, but I feel richer and more prosperous than I have ever felt in my life. Almost every moment of the day I am thinking of what can I give, what can I give away to charity, and truly beginning to live the best life any human can live.

I look forward to reading your weekly tips from the e-zine, and in the mean time I will keep applying these new laws to my life, and begin the process of total transformation. I look forward to continuing to share with you the stories of success that are about to begin.

— Dean Rees-Evans

Your 'Prosperity' tape album has changed my life and in doing so has begun to change many others!

— Blair Smith

I just wanted to commend you for being such an outstanding individual. I expect the same from myself in my current networking enterprise I am currently involved with, I want the same prosperity, financial security and time freedom that you have made for yourself, you are a true leader and mentor who through your books and tapes you tell people what they need to succeed and not just what most people want to hear. I visit your website frequently and I am still in the process of purchasing every single tape and book and tool that you have put out and made available through your website etc. You have the best marketing materials and trainings on the planet bar-none! No one else compares!

— Greg Carroll

I had the pleasure of meeting you at the Avillion Hotel in Sydney earlier this year. I wanted to write to you and tell you how much I appreciate your guidance and support by sharing your successful system with us. An investment in your seminar and your tools will be an investment that rewards me and my business partners exponentially! It really was a pleasure meeting you and you are an amazing and inspirational human being. I consider you a fantastic mentor and I look forward to emulating your success in my own businesses.

— Sean B.

Having read your books and listened to your tapes I didn't think I could benefit from hearing you in person. How wrong I was! Last week-end at Southampton was simply superb— not only did I learn a lot but I really felt motivated and am looking forward to Heathrow in March. Very many thanks for the encouragement, and also for your e-zines.

— June Gibb

I just completed the prosperity tape series and thoroughly enjoyed every minute! I can see how I will benefit immediately from all that I have learned... as well as how much more I want to learn!
In closing, you speak about living these concepts, these laws... manifesting them to share them with others. I am compelled to share the actual tapes with others who may not see the value of purchasing them from you and who I know could benefit greatly. Thanks so much for sharing your experience and insights in such an available discussion. You have a wonderful gift of making complex thoughts understandable and actionable! Best regards for your continued prosperity.

— Susan Seddon

I've been in the network marketing industry for a couple years now. On my way to a company event a friend of mine had your "Escape the Rat Race" cassette. We listened to it three times! While listening to it, I felt you were telling my personal story. Coming from the restaurant industry, unhappy, overworked, not getting ahead is my story!

— Ken Forgue III

I heard you on the Mike Litman radio show. Man, you have some great information to share. Your advice was right on! After hearing the show, I visited your website and read your article on internet marketing. more good stuff, signed up for your newsletter, and will probably order your tape program. Anyway, thanks again for the great advice. Especially about tithing and meditating to the alpha state and only thinking positively, not negatively, to reprogram the subconscious mind.

— Greg

As always your email has left me on my toes. I just finished your prosperity series and I will not allow your words to hit the ground. I have put the laws into work for me and I'm already seeing results!! I "payed it forward" in a parking garage the other day and it made my day, and probably the other guys too! It's amazing how a small little circulation of prosperity can have such a magnified impact on your spirit!!

— Will Allen

My wife and I are learning much about ourselves, with your prosperity tapes. I like the fact that you incorporate the teaching of the bible to gain prosperity, wealth and happiness. I have just recently turn toward "god" thanks to a friends help at work. We are definitely gaining momentum thanks to your tapes. We want to thank you. You have/are helping us out much more than you can ever imagine.

— John & Denise Abplanalp

I am thankful to have received this email from you today to lead into the New Year. I have evaluated my goals but have never been consistent with them, mainly due to fear I am sure. This letter has been a true joy to me, I have printed it in order to periodically view it to stay focused. Thanks for your continued support to all Network Marketers, and for taking the time to intrigue us all.

— Erva Macauley

I have just been sponsored in Unicity Network MLM. I have "How To Build A Multi-Level Money Machine". I am inspired and focused to be successful in achieving my dreams and secure the freedom which I am entitled to. Thank you Randy Gage.

— Renga

I have been listening to your tapes (I love the Crafting Your Vision set the best). My vision of setting up an Australian charity to help people understand their true potential and assist them in creating and nurturing a vision for the future, to enable them to live a well balanced life, is starting to eventuate.

— Dr. Prasantha

Firstly I must thank you for your book, 'How To Build A Multi-Level Money Machine' and tape set 'How To Earn At Least $100,000 a Year in Network Marketing'. Your book, with the help of others in your field, have made me more aware about taking control of my life, and developing it into something special, and now I want to take things further.

— Adam Thwaites

I was at the Dallas training for Herbalife. I just wanted to let you know, you were the most inspirational speaker I have ever seen. I have only been in network marketing for about 9 months now, but really plugged in about 5 months ago and moving pretty fast. I thank you for giving me a clarity and much more powerful focus. You have definitely made a positive impact on my life.

— Josh

I think if I didn't believe in God, I would definitely have Randy Gage as my God! He was awesome and I hope that he comes back every year so that I may just have one more inch of his knowledge and experience. I'm only 22, so what Randy did for me was change the direction in my life from thinking 'I might be able to do it', to 'I have no doubt in my mind I can do it!'...

— Victoria Wrote

I am an associate of Usana in New Zealand and for the last few months have been using your MLM training system. Our team over here have found it to be excellent and I followed on from this to listen to your tapes on prosperity.

— Lee

Randy Gage's "101 Keys To Your Prosperity" breaks down everything you need to know to increase your prosperity— from someone who has actually done what they're teaching. Best of all it is presented in a way that isn't loaded down with a lot of excess fluff! This book is packed from the first page to the last with ideas that you can begin applying immediately.

— Josh Hinds

First he was an avid student of the simple Truths. Then he became a Master of them. Now he is a Mentor Extraordinaire. Any definition of prosperous living would have to include the name of Randy Gage. His 101 Keys to Your Prosperity should be required reading for a high school diploma and is a must-read (and re-read) for anyone who seeks happiness and abundance.

— Vic Johnson

Randy has brilliantly combined ancient wisdom, new-age thought, and real-world experience in this powerful book. It feels like I've been handed a professional scalpel to surgically cut away every piece of lack and limitation I have.

— Lisa Jimenez, M.Ed.

Randy Gage is an incredibly powerful teacher. His message is given in simple terms that anyone can begin to apply. He leaves his audiences with the desire to immediately begin action to bring about results.

— Cheli Cerra, M.Ed.

Prosperity Mind! is the only book on how to create true happiness and abundance in your life you'll ever need. Read it until you understand, apply it until you have everything your heart desires!. Yes, it's really that good!

— Michael Clouse

Your Prosperity Series is really opening my eyes. I feel like Keanu Reeves going through the process of de-Matrix'ing. I started my own spiritual quest in 1984 and became a teacher of unconditional love in 1999, evolving that to the passion to educate people how critical it is they love themselves. All the while, I never realized how deep my own lack consciousness was... until I started really getting into your Accept Your Abundance book.

A few days ago I felt like the veils of lack were being lifted, like when Keanu discovered the true nature of reality, and yesterday I realized that I had made the shift, as though critical mass had been reached in my de-programming. I am most grateful to you for honoring your purpose and allowing for this gift to change my life in ways I may not yet even imagine!

— Dan Klatt

As I was re-reading your book, Prosperity Mind, like a ton of bricks, it hit me why I have not been successful in business. I have a great marriage of 27 years, 2 great girls, strong spiritual life, good friends, but always struggled in business. Yesterday, as I was reading, the onion skin pulled back and I was able to see my core values and belief system, at least part of it. I believe that all good things come from God and that all bad things in my life I am responsible for. In other words, I am NOT responsible for the good in my business, or said another way, I am incapable of doing successful things. What an eye opener. As the truth hit me, I was shocked, but excited, because that meant that I can now start changing my belief system, and the results will change. I am on a quest. It is obvious that I need a coach or accountability group, but I thought I would let you know that after years of cycling and recycling, the truth is beginning to surface. And the truth will set you free. Thanks for being there.

— Frank Morgan

I listened to you speak recently at the Liberty League event in Anaheim, and I wanted to share something with you because it is huge for me. Unbelievable actually. That was truly a Super Saturday for me because you helped me to realize for the first time in my 40 years, that I have been walking around with a lack mentality or a poverty consciousness. I have known for many years about the power of programming the subconscious, but as I look back I suppose I was never really able to evaluate my starting point accurately to know what was holding me back, and therefore what to concentrate on going forward. Your example about the Titanic really got to me cause that was my all time favourite movie, and yes I did have a copy on VHS too.

After being struck with this revelation, I searched through my recent history to find example after example of events and ideas, words and actions that supported this very fact. And then I read two of your books on the plane coming home which also confirmed to me what I have been doing to myself all these years. I am amazed that I never saw it. I had no idea.

My friends and family have since acknowledged it too now that I have shared my new awareness with them. It looks like I was the only one who didn't know. I still can't believe it. It's such a subtle process. It's kinda scary to know that I had been doing this and didn't realize it but more than that it's wonderful to finally be aware, and know that I have the power to change it. My life of abundance starts right now. Thank you for your commitment to spread this knowledge of abundance everywhere you go. You have helped me to evolve to a whole new level of being. I'm so excited.

— Al Bennett

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