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For your next Convention or major conference, bring in the most dynamic and exciting speaker in Network Marketing. Randy Gage is consistently rated the number one trainer in the world year after year, by the distributors in the field. His books and learning resources have sold tens of millions of copies, and been translated into more than 25 languages. Randy was selected as one of the "Who's Hot!" 25 speakers worldwide by Speaker magazine, and selected as the #1 trainer in the world on  He is also the author of the New York Times bestseller, Risky Is the New Safe. His inspirational message is exactly what your people need to get past fear and into action.

Instead of a one-time feel-good speech, your people will learn exciting and proven techniques to grow their business faster. You’ll see the results in recruiting, sales, and rank advancements long after the event is over. Your people will be motivated, but more importantly, they’ll learn exactly how to be successful in the business.

Randy doesn’t give book reports or relay theories. He reveals the exact strategies he used personally to build a network of 200,000 plus members and earn millions of dollars in commissions. This is the real stuff your people need to break through to the highest levels of success.

Randy GageRandy does thorough pre-event research and will customize the program for your company, products, and culture. Your people receive a program that’s fast-paced, fun, and packed with usable information on how to achieve more.

Bring Randy in for the opening keynote and kick off your conference with an explosion. Or have him as your closing keynoter and send your people out of the hall energized into action. Randy also offers full-day workshops, packed with nuts and bolts training. Either way, your conference will be more successful, and you’ll look like a hero. Randy is often booked years in advance, so lock in your dates early. Here are the programs available...

Keynote Speeches:

Making the First Circle Work

The real secret of duplication isn’t trying to manage your people. It’s leading them by example – or what Randy would call, “making the first circle work.” The circle that says “you’ in it. This program covers the nine things your people can control to create true duplication in their business.

Randy will show your team members how to work with the things that they control, and use them to influence the whole team. They'll learn how to create a culture that builds higher volume, increases enrollments, and fosters duplication.

Based on his new book of the same title, this session will show your team the true science of duplication. It’s the perfect opening keynote for your event!

Turning Hope into Belief

Hope is what gets people into the business, but belief is what keeps them in the business. So how do you turn hope into belief?

That's the topic of this powerful program, helping your team develop that unshakable faith that keeps them in the business long enough to experience success.

In this intense, information-dense session they will learn the seven strategies for creating belief in the team. A great keynote to close your event. This program includes how to find leaders in depth, "taproot" growth, work the domino strategy, get people to take ownership of their business, rotate the training pattern, and getting their group into massive action!

All You Got

This inspirational session works great to open or close your event. It will challenge your people to greatness. They’ll be captivated as Randy reveals how he survived getting shot at point blank range and left for dead.

Conventions halls of thousands, who only minutes before were standing and cheering wildly - are reduced to absolute silence as he shares how the power of a dream helped him overcome almost certain death. Your team will discover how to feed their own dreams in a way that will empower them to daily action.

Your people will discover the real enemy holding them back from success, learn how to transform adversity into opportunity, and what it actually takes to make it in the business. They’ll stop accepting excuses and start taking responsibility for their own success. They’ll learn that success takes all they’ve got, but all they’ve got is enough.

All keynote programs are available from 60 to 90 minutes based upon your needs, and titles can be adjusted to match the theme of your event.


The Science of Duplication

Creating true duplication is a predictable and proven process when you know how to apply the foundational elements of team building. In this intense workshop your people will learn exactly how to:

  • Practice a simple, but profound formula that lies at the very foundation of massive duplication;
  • Meet new people consistently;
  • Effectively work a candidate list;
  • Develop a compelling invitation;
  • Follow up more successfully; and,
  • Create a culture of consistent rank advancement in their group.

When you need more recruiting and building in depth, this is the program to book.

How to Become an “MLM Rock Star”

Based on his bestselling training album of the same name, this workshop will show your people how to avoid becoming a “grinder,” and instead become a true MLM Rock Star.

In this powerful program your people will learn:

  • The seven areas where creating culture is critical to their group—and how to build it;
  • How to work with team members from different lines to produce stronger group synergy;
  • What to do when a leader unplugs from the group and goes renegade;
  • Strategies for building belief in the team; and
  • Leadership development strategies that create a new generation of rising stars every few months;

Randy has arguably created more MLM Millionaires and Multi-Millionaires than anyone alive. In this powerful workshop he lays bare his exact methods he used for his own record-setting growth.

The workshops run 8 hours with morning, afternoon and lunch breaks, and can be titled to match the theme of your event.

Investment Schedule:

Keynote Speech — US$35,000 (North America), US$40,000 (Overseas)
Half-day Workshop — US$45,000 (North America), US$60,000 (Overseas)
Full-day Workshop — US$75,000 (North America), US$95,000 (Overseas)

Virtual Programs:

If you have a limited budget, Mr. Gage can deliver your programs through Skype or streaming Internet, for one half of the live fee, plus a small cost for the technology.


The Greatest Networkers in the WorldBecause Randy has to change itineraries frequently, booking requires a full-fare, refundable First Class airfare. If we can combine the travel to or from another event, we will prorate the costs for you. In addition you provide accommodations, transfer, and meals.


You may record Randy’s presentation on audio or video for internal use in your organization at no charge. However if the recording is to be sold, there is an additional charge of 50% of the speaking fee for audio recordings and 75% of the speaking fee for video recordings.

Consulting services – upon request

To check Randy's date availability, contact Lornette Browne online or
call her at +1 (305) 573-2994.