Scratch-N-Dent Specials

Dear Valued Customer,

Occasionally we have products that have minor cosmetic blemishes due to shipping. Rather than throw these items away, since the content is still perfect, we are offering them to you on an "as-is" deep discounted price. We do not accept returns on products purchased from this page unless the content is bad due to manufacturing defects. For example, if one of your audios doesn't play we'll gladly replace it immediately.

Minor cosmetic blemishes may consist of a small cracked in the vinyl tape-album cover, bent pages of a workbook, or a customer return. Ordering from this page can save you a lot of money, and you still get every ounce of valuable content from the training resource.

Please check back to this page regularly as the products listed here will change. Contact us if you have any specific questions about these items. Enjoy!

Prime Concepts Group

Check back often as this page changes frequently!

Scratch-N-Dent Specials

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