Organization Counseling Report

Monthly Counseling Forms

Organization Counseling ReportThe real goal and the main benefit of counseling is it shows you where you should be working in the group and who your potential leaders are.

Two of the most important variables you should be concerned with are the number of lines with a leader and the total number of leaders in the organization.

These are the two most critical statistics that determine all future growth. You could have a line with fifteen people in it, but if none of them are leaders — within three months, the line will probably have diminished to one or two people.

You can have another line with only two people in it, but if they're both leaders, in a month or two, that line will probably have twenty or thirty people in it, and a strong foundation of developing leaders. Leaders produce leaders.

Counseling is a case of collecting and analyzing the relevant data such as rank, number of distributors in their group, number of lines, average volume, and other variables.