Why You're DUMB, SICK & BROKE…


Shocking. Controversial. Brilliant.

Why You're Dumb, Sick, and Broke by Randy GageMLM Multi-Millionaire Randy Gage goes mainstream with the first-ever book geared to the general public that shows them why the corporate world, traditional businesses, and the Rat Race will keep them dumb, sick, and broke.

More importantly, Gage devotes an entire chapter to the power of leverage and specifically recommends Network Marketing as the fastest way to create wealth.

Like the Rich Dad, Poor Dad series, this book is a powerful, totally generic 3rd-party credibility tool to edify the industry and grow your business.

Get five copies and lend them around to your most skeptical prospects. And be sure to get your own team members reading this book to create strong success habits, build the belief, and their business!


Why You're DUMB, SICK & BROKE… by Randy Gage

Hardcover, 208 page. (Regularly $24.95 Save $5)
ISBN: 0470049316 (published by John Wiley & Sons, New York)

Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke by Randy Gage

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"Why You're DUMB, SICK & BROKEā€¦"

Cynthia Kersey

"Randy Gage's thought-provoking style pulls together timeless principles of wealth and success, with the practical application of how to make it work today."

— Cynthia Kersey
Author of Unstoppable and Unstoppable Women

Larry Winget

"No one knows what rags-to-riches means more than Prosperity Guru Randy Gage. He is living proof that you can go from broke and bankrupt to becoming a multi-millionaire. I admire his story, appreciate his no nonsense approach and know that anyone who heeds his advice will end up happier, more successful and with more money. This is simply a great book! Damn, I wish I had written it."

— Larry Winget
Author of #1 National Bestseller
Shut Up, Stop Whining & Get a Life

Joe Vitale

"The most hard-hitting, eye-opening, and money-producing book I have ever seen. Randy speaks from the gut and opens the heart. He's honest, practical and inspiring. You'd be into self-sabotage to pass this one up."

— Dr. Joe Vitale
Author, The Attractor Factor

Steve Siebold

"Love or hate him, Randy Gage is one of the few writers left in America with the guts to take a stand and challenge his readers to really think. Put on your critical thinking hat, buckle up, and pack a lunch. This book is going to take you for the intellectual ride of your life!"

— Steve Siebold
Author, 177 Mental Toughness Secrets of the World Class

John Milton Fogg

"I admire a terrific writer. I admire a writer who has something important to say. I admire a writer whose book actually helps me learn how to become happier and more successful. I admire Randy Gage for doing all those things with this book. So will you."

— John Milton Fogg
Author, The Greatest Networker in the World

Richard Bliss Brooke

"Why You're Dumb, Sick, and Broke will resonate with you deep into your soul. It will rock your world of status quo beliefs. If you dare to read it more than once, it is guaranteed to reinvent your world into anything you want."

— Richard Bliss Brooke
Author,  Mach II with your Hair on Fire

Art Jonak

"Vintage Gage. Brilliant, but brash. Insightful, and in-your-face. Thought-provoking, and threatening. A real-world look at what  keeps you broke, and a road map on how to get rich. Packed with insights on how you manifest a life of health, happiness and prosperity."

— Art Jonak

Why You're DUMB, SICK & BROKE… by Randy Gage

Hardcover, 208 page. (Regularly $24.95 Save $5)
ISBN: 0470049316 (published by John Wiley & Sons, New York)

Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke by Randy Gage

Book review by Ford Saeks

This new book from prosperity guru Randy Gage is shocking, controversial and will certainly shake up your beliefs about money, success and happiness. It's also flat-out brilliant.

Gage opens with a look at "memes" which are mind viruses you get in your subconscious mind, that you don't even know are there. Gage takes on everything that can hold you back, and nothing is sacred. He reveals the insidious programming from advertising, general media, organized religion, and the government. From the late Pope John Paul II to popular movies, from fundamentalist preachers to politicians, Gage holds nothing back.

Further chapters are on how to overcome "herd" thinking, eliminate limiting beliefs, and develop the millionaire mindset. My favorite is the chapter on how to live your life by the universal laws of prosperity.

You may not agree with everything he says, but he will definitely get you to do some critical thinking. He makes a strong case for his points with example after example, and you'll frequently find yourself nodding along. His analogy of what would happen if castaways on an island developed a government should be required reading anyone serious about success.

The book is written in a friendly conversational style, but Gage isn't afraid to get in your face either. This is much more than a fun, entertaining read. It definitely is a guidebook for manifesting health, happiness and prosperity.

Why You're DUMB, SICK & BROKE… by Randy Gage

Hardcover, 208 page. (Regularly $24.95 Save $5)
ISBN: 0470049316 (published by John Wiley & Sons, New York)

Why You're Dumb, Sick & Broke by Randy Gage